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  1. Thank you! Let me know WHEN you get the good news! Praying for you tonight
  2. Changed to issued (but under AP) on Tuesday. Today changed to issued (in final processing). Exciting news but waiting for the best - printed and on its way! how about for you?
  3. IR1 visa - here’s my timeline interview: March 17, 2021 refused: March 17 Ready: April 27 Issued: May 18 here’s the catch - the ISSUED also says it’s still under AP. The consulate emailed me May 17 and says I’m out of AP. What in the world? Has anyone else had to this?
  4. The consulate emailed me this morning. I quote - Good morning, We have completed the administrative processing in your case. A Consular officer will review your visa application as we will provide an update on your case as soon as the review is complete. ————— not sure what this even means right now. Status is still at ready and date hasn’t changed from May 3
  5. Just got this email from the consulate in Montréal. Has any been through a similar experience? interview: March 17.2021 status changed from REFUSED to READY on April 27 Email to say AP is complete: May 17 just wondering if anyone has insight/a time line of a similar experience! My case has also not been updated past May 3 so I don’t understand how they just finished it without opening it.
  6. Mine: March 17: refused March 29: consulate emailed and said I’m in AP, still refused. updated a few more times as refused (don’t have the dates) April 27: ready May 3: ready Have you emailed the consulate at all?
  7. I’m still on ready. It’s good that you’ve heard that you’re in AP and don’t actually need another interview!
  8. I’m going through basically the same thing. Mine changed from refused to ready a week ago. Let me know if you get any updates! my interview was March 17
  9. Hi, I had my interview in Montreal for 1R1 March 17, 2021. I was issued a 221g refusal until I could send in police check. my status changed from ‘refused’ to ‘ready’ on April 27. I have no idea what this means. The officer who conducted my interview said he didn’t see why I shouldn’t get my green card. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Do I really need another interview or does this mean they have received all my documents? The date changed to today May 3 but it still says ready. So confused and worried!
  10. Thanks! That was super helpful. So you just uploaded your fingerprints online? I sent mine in to the address they had online. I wonder if that will also delay my process. They gave me zero instruction on how to send my criminal check in so I did what I thought best.
  11. Thank you! 6 weeks is the general time frame that I’m hearing. Pretty difficult to sit and wait!
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