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  1. Maybe the other was a no name and it was better to try to damage DD reputation. I wouldn’t be surprised.
  2. I was being a wise guy. Did you see the Pennsylvania snow shoveling shooting video a couple of years ago? Woman was hit a few times and still alive.
  3. https://chicago.suntimes.com/2022/7/4/23194354/highland-park-fourth-july-parade-gunfire Highland Park is an affluent, low crime suburb of Chicago. 22 year old suspect in custody. Allegedly fired high power rifle from a roof top. I’m guessing this will be front and center in MSM. Although I haven’t read what weapon was used, if it was an “assault rifle” it will add to the drama. I’m guessing that Chicago has already had 50 + people shot this weekend not including this incident. Of course no one cares about the dozens shot on a weekly basis and there is no call to stop the violence. I’m not belittling the incident or making light of the victims. The hypocrisy of the MSM and politicians amazes me. Ditto for BLM. They don’t seem to care that a dozen or so are killed every weekend and 30 or 40 wounded. The weapons used aren’t even mentioned.
  4. You can put fish back in the water after you catch them. Catch and release. I know a lot of fisherman who practice that and only keep what they eat or not keep any at all. I’ve thrown back more fish than I’ve kept.
  5. All men are created equal, except those who have a different viewpoint and beliefs than we do. Or belong to an opposing political party. Kinda like free speech, we’re all for it when we agree with it and against it when it differen from what we think.
  6. Every deer hunter I know takes the meat. Anecdotal, but I would guess that the majority does.
  7. 67% hit rate is a high hit percentage in this situation. Almost unbelievable compared to many police shootings.
  8. Do you think that would be the case considering the rising demand from China and other countries? Do you think the American oil companies would flood the market with oil to drive prices down? I don’t. Corporate greed.
  9. Exactly. So why do people think if we produced more oil the price would drop? It will be sold to the highest bidder.
  10. Shutting down the pipeline was a poor decision. We should have been energy independent a couple of decades ago. Remember the oil embargoes back in the 70’s? That’s when we should have started to plan for energy independence. And we still haven’t. Too much money to be made. Alternative energy sources will get a huge boost when the last drop of oil is pulled from the ground. Oil companies could care less about us, it’s all about the profits. Why would they sell oil for $75 barrel when they can get $150? Oil is the life blood of the developed world. And a lot of it comes from “enemy” sources.
  11. I’d like to know how the people sitting at home are surviving. The extra $600 a week unemployment benefit ended in July of 2020. That was 2 years ago. The extra $300 ended in September of 2021. No one out of work since 2020 or 2021 can still be collecting unemployment. I’d be curious to know how many people lost their jobs because of vaccine mandates. Obviously just about everything is affected by the cost of fuel. And here in New England, a lot of homes are heated by oil. Heating oil prices are currently about $3 gallon higher than they were 2 years ago. Another big hit to the paycheck.
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