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  1. I think if he does decide to run again he will get the nomination. And I’m guessing no one else would come close to beating him.
  2. Good find! Unbelievable comment by the chairwoman that children may be watching the meeting.
  3. Finally a President who isn’t afraid to let people know where he stands. He tells it like it is. No need to be politically correct or be afraid to tell the truth. Greatest President in my lifetime. Oh wait, that was Trump. Never mind.
  4. Discussion of anything sex related here would be a no no. We don’t want anyone to get offended.
  5. Not too lively? There’s more activity in a morgue. Hard to believe how far things have fallen. It used to be hopping here. It’s too bad. Good to see you post.
  6. They sound like strong people. May God be with them and protect them.
  7. And while we’re on the jobs subject, up here in the Northeast, we have a worker shortage, not a job shortage. We have too many jobs available and no one to fill them. Literally every business is looking for help.
  8. I don’t buy the job claims since Covid. It’s people going back to work. 25,000,000+ were out of work at the height of Covid. 15,000,000 went back to work while Trump was in office, he didn’t create the jobs as he claimed either.
  9. Honestly, I don’t know much about him or his ideals. I’ll do a little research and let you know what I think.
  10. How’ve you been? Long time no read.
  11. Sad but true, IMHO. The Democrats don’t have a viable candidate, including Biden and Harris. And Trump’s presence will prevent a good Republican candidate from getting nominated.
  12. I think he could win over Biden or Harris. But Trump will probably run and that ends any other Republican candidates chances.
  13. No doubt, but at this stage of the game I’d rather have good leadership skills. He seems to be level headed and even tempered.
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