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  1. Tampa has a couple of good receivers and a decent offensive line. He’s on a mission to prove something.
  2. The Bucs allowed Winston to go to free agency. No one was biting too hard on Brady because they figured they were being played against the Pats. This morning Brady made it blatantly clear his Pats career is over.
  3. Probably $60 million or so guaranteed. Depends on how the deal is structured.
  4. He’ll sign with Tampa Bay or the Chargers tomorrow. Salary in the range of $30 million per year, 2-3 year deal.
  5. It sucks. I wish him well, but things rarely go well when a superstar moves on after so many years.
  6. You guys are all worried about Corona Virus and Brady’s 20 year career in New England comes to an end. He’s off to greener pastures. Nine Super Bowl appearances, 6 wins. Football here just won’t be the same. We all know it’s been coming, but it’s for real now. Thanks for the entertainment and thrills. It was a hellava run. Best of luck to you on your new team.
  7. Gun and ammo sales are through the roof here. Everyplace wiped out in a few days. Online sources are overwhelmed. You wouldn’t believe Bass Pro and a few of the larger shops.
  8. I’m not the least bit surprised she didn’t win here. I still can’t believe people here voted for her over Scott Brown. Glad she’s out. She’s a Second Amendment hater.
  9. Even us liberal commies here in Mass don’t like her.
  10. He mixed up his wife and sister? I didn’t know he was from down South.
  11. Biden is so good that Obama didn’t endorse him. Nice vote of confidence from your former boss.
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