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  1. TSA agents never pat a person down with enough force to hurt either a testicle nor a #######, regardless of the sex of the agent or of the recipient. It's not like they are trying to cop a feel of some stranger's privates (gross!). This is nothing more than a viral drama-seeking ploy.
  2. Before you buy a pinto, make sure you are up to speed on their exploding gas tanks.
  3. Fact for you. Not for everyone. I have put them in and had them go bad within weeks, as well as months and even a year or two. YMMV
  4. I'm about ready to just drive straight into the left ditch and quit fighting like others have done. To resist and remain free seems to be madness.
  5. I think you may suffer from CRS. My LEDs may last a LITTLE longer than conventional, but not enough to be noteworthy. Just my personal experience. Fact.
  6. I haven't had an LED bulb last more than 3 years so far. That's roughly half of the promised lifespan. And if I try to go longer, I end up fighting with my thermostat which gets locked up by old LEDs.
  7. Manhattan DA Deletes 'Meet Our Team' Webpage The official Manhattan District Attorney website has conspicuously removed its "Meet Our Team" webpage as the complaints of prosecutorial conflict of interest reached a crescendo. Multiple reports noted the "Page not found" message as former President Donald Trump was headed to the Manhattan County Courthouse on Tuesday, when he was indicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records. https://www.newsmax.com/draft-stories/manhattan-da-alvinbragg/2023/04/05/id/1115179/
  8. It served it's intended purpose already. What have ye heard on the news lately about the boxes and boxes of Brandon't classified docs?
  9. Looks like liberals were helped to another victory thanks to the smurfs. https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/politics/2023/04/04/wisconsin-supreme-court-election-results-2023-janet-protasiewicz-daniel-kelly/70052928007/
  10. Possibly a push to keep more energy "in the grid", since "experts" are now advising people to NOT charge their EVs at home overnight because it is drawing too much power and causing rates to go up (takes more coal and oil to charge more and more EVs). If only this phenomenon could have been predicted...
  11. LEDs interfere with a lot of things, particularly as they age and begin to flicker, but it's still undetectable to the naked eye. My digital thermostat falls prey to this, and then I have to figure out which & how many LED ceiling lights need to be replace for my thermostat to work properly again. PITA
  12. Not that I can see. Both generate heat, but I think LEDs are cooler overall. And come in a variety of intensities and whiteness. My previous truck had LED low beams and regular high beams and fog lights. Now all forward lights are LED, but I think all marker and tail lights are regular? Seems odd that they would mix-n-match.
  13. I know nothing about this new Chicago mayor, but someone on another forum labeled it as "Chicago Fires Mussolini - Hires Hitler " https://www.foxnews.com/politics/brandon-johnson-wins-chicago-mayoral-contest-replacing-former-mayor-lori-lightfoot
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