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  1. I just find out my parents applications are in two different centers, one in California and the other in Texas.
  2. Along with my parents I -130, I have attached my Naturalization Certificate, US passport, my Birth Certificate along with English translation, my marriage certificate( to reflect the name changed), my parents marriage certificate along with English translation and my father's previous divorce decree.
  3. I am not sure if it's generic message or has something to do with the Service Center. Potomac current processing time is 10-13 months.
  4. Filed for both parents 03/12/22, both applications are in Potomac Service Center. Same day got notification applications are actively reviewed.
  5. From my experience i would not suggest rescheduling interview or oath. I had my interview 06/22 and i could have taken the oath the same day, however i am traveling in July and getting passport in such a short time is almost impossible . The officer suggested to leave the oath for after i come back from my trip. I saw him writing with red pen, oath ceremony after July 22nd. Happy with big relief that i could still travel, went home. Next day i got an email, Oath ceremony scheduled for July 7th 🤦‍♀️. I called Uscis to see what my options would be, so either i had to attend the ceremony on the 7th or reschedule. At that point i decided to keep the oath on the 7nd. As of my trip, i was so lucky to find out about Passport agency where u can get a Urgent passport if u are traveling within 72 hours. I was able to get appointment in Philadelphia. So long story short, i am taking the oath on the 7th, and on the 9th go to get my passport. Has been a very stressful week. They can't tell u when the new interview will be scheduled, all they say is, when it comes available. I know someone who applied back in January 2020, interview was scheduled for June 2020, however due to Covid, they cancelled the interview. He is still waiting interview to be rescheduled.
  6. I applied under the 3 year rule, the officer asked only for the interview letter, my DL and my green card, nothing else. I brought the original documents with me. Bring IRS transcript just in case.
  7. I got approved. I could have taken the oath today, however since I am traveling and won't be able the get the passport on time, the officer suggested to take the oath when I come back. The interview was super easy, the officer was very friendly. Got the first 6 questions right. The reading sentence was " Who lives in the White House?" And I had to write The President lives in the White House. Good luck to everyone!
  8. As far as I know they still do it, as long as your office offers same day oath. Also morning interviews have higher chance of getting it done same day.
  9. Honestly it doesn't have to be the same day. I have a trip from July 15-22. Any day before would work for me. When I made plans for the trip, I got a ticket with option to change the date( in case the interview or the oath is scheduled around that time). However with the airlines starting canceling flights, I got an email,the flight was no longer available. So I had to change the date, and they would let me do it 7 days before or after the original date. So now I can't make another change🙄 If I get approve today, I will explain the situation and ask if there is any way to have it done before the trip. I really don't like to go through rescheduling, I know will take a long time.
  10. Thank you , same to you! I will keep u updated. What time is your interview?
  11. Same, interview scheduled for June 22nd, estimated time is 13 months.
  12. Just got an email, interview scheduled for June 22nd 🤗
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