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  1. Also how was his English level at that time ? Thanks about this suggestion, but we really have no choice except waiting and see how this might go. Was your spouse working at that time and is he having a good education level and did he have any passport stamps to other countries etc or anything that would remove suspicion that he is not after GC ? It would very help me to learn from your experience, what happened at the interview day and did you have proper evidence ?
  2. Thanks about this suggestion, but we really have no choice except waiting and see how this might go. Was your spouse working at that time and is he having a good education level and did he have any passport stamps to other countries etc or anything that would remove suspicion that he is not after GC ?
  3. Okay, sounds good, I will avoid doing that then. Thanks for the advice, you don't know how much this really helps.
  4. Also thanks a lot for all the information, yes we both checked the rapid visa application thoughtfully to avoid any mistakes, and we are glad also rapid visa staff were able to help us clear some mistakes, which was really good and helpful. Thanks a lot, I really appreciated your feedback, I also know a lot about her so I won't be having any hesitation to answer the officer's questions.
  5. No, I know for a fact that that's not the case, thank you for heads-up just in case it was the case. @Jeanne Adil waiting for your feedback on this.
  6. Currently since the day we met each other its been 6 years now, we have been in a relationship for two years and this is going to be the third year now... She got the courage to come visit me as I tried to go visit her two times during the first two years in relationship and I got my tourist visa denied by Casablanca Embassy and then she decided to come visit me and we spent two weeks together and had many pictures together and traveled bunch of cities in Morocco while I was driving, I took care of most of the planning and reservations... Keep in mind that we have been sending each other a lot of gifts during these two years 2020-2022 and I have been able to speak to her mother via chat and I was able to take her name to the top of mount Toubkal and send her pictures of that to show her how much I love her... anyway after her visit last year, we decided for K1 later on. Filing the i129f, we did use Rapid Visa to avoid any administrative error and we made sure to include as many pictures we have had and gifts we sent each other and invoices, ticket flights, reservations, passport stamps, marriage support letters from her friend, mother, and same for me, from my friends, mother and sister, all of this was notarized from her part and my part including translation, and we included a story letter that explains how we met and how it was frustrating my visa got denied two times to go see her and then she decided to come see me etc and how we really want to be together and are planning to get married as soon as we can in the U.S.... Present: we are planning 3 future visit before the K1 Interview, next summer July she will be able to come and I want to do a traditional engagement party, not wedding(many people I heard they really advice this from Visa Morocco Facebook group as it helps show that the fiance got to know the family etc, she was able to meet my family before but it was unfortunate we forgot to take pictures for some reason as we were enjoying the moment) after that we will spend another 12 days together in some city to enjoy each other's company.... then after she leaves, we plan to go to turkey together by September and spend a week there, and after that happens we also plan for her to come to Morocco during the day of the interview to see if they would allow her and if not, I will ask for her Passport to take with me to show to the officer that she came here to support me during this. what red flags do u have? There isn't any red flag according to our knowledge, we both want this and we both agreed about it / I am not seeking her for papers, I was planning to go to Canada before meeting her but I couldn't help but decide I want to be with her and do what I was planning to do in life but with her company... Age difference? 9 yrs difference education difference? For me, I am already working as an IT Engineer and have 4 years work experience, my education level is Master's degree in Computer Science + Bachelor degree in English Studies. religious difference? I am not religious and more as an Agnostic believer and more spiritual, she is also spiritual and does not affiliate with any particular religion. Yes friend, this is exactly why we are not trying to do CR1 + my american fiance will have hard time trying to get around it since she only has limited vacation only after summer and works 12 hours a day and don't have much time for herself let alone trying to deal with this.
  7. She is 35 now and I am 26... We plan to gather more proof and get her to be with me at the time of interview and she can give me her passport to take inside to let them know that she is also outside with me currently waiting on results too..
  8. There is no way.... U.S embassy will grant me a tourist Visa since I'm from Casablanca that easily, I already tried two times past two years and got denied altought I have been working for two years and have enough money in my bank account etc...
  9. ... Its done I guess, since we cannot try again with and waste another 16 months of waiting for the process again... it would be wise to do the CR1 now, but we cannot, my fiance rarely have off time to do Moroccan marriage process, and online marriage utah proxy marriage might look like scam and we don't want to risk that... duo to her personal reasons I can't mention here, its really hard for her to do the CR1 process as it is hard complicated and it asks a lot from one person and she works 12 hours a day, and can get vacation only after june... so we really don't have a choice except try to do the K1... to avoid CR1 from ruining our relationship because of the sick process and the time it takes and we can't do it the traditional way as it is another pain and utah one seems risky... so we stick with K1 for her mental health and our relationship.
  10. Hello all, Hope you are all doing okay. Here is the situation: My fiance an American lady, we have been able to meet one time last year and we applied for K1 and since we are afraid that we didn't front load the i129f application with enough proof it might get rejected, so we are planning that she will come to Morocco again this summer to meet and be together for 2 weeks and have a traditional morocco ceremony, because the Moroccan embassy familiar that it is important for us to do that and it is not regarded as actual marriage, and we plan to go to turkey later on this year, so we will have plenty of evidence to provide later on too. My question is, is it possible to take my fiance with me to the Casablanca embassy, because we really love each other and we don't want this to be rejected and we cannot do the IR1 visa because of some personal reasons, so maybe her being there with me it would help to show the agent that we really care for each other and establish that it is a bonavida relationship, and at least it would make them check the new evidence we have, since I know the casablanca embassy sometimes they don't care to check for evidence and might reject you. We applied using RapidVisa, so we are sure that all documents were organized and handled properly before submission. Any advice to make this a smooth process, we would appreciate it. Thank you.
  11. Can we Apply for I-130 before consummating marriage online and upload supporting documents later after maybe 5 months proofing that we have consummated our marriage, this is to avoid wasting more months ?
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