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  1. Yeah I think we might just go go i130 after we meet. Thanks all for the advices, really appreciate it. Also should we do anything about our ongoing k1 i129 process or just let it be . @Mike E @Crazy Cat
  2. Appreciate the comment, well I think if we get marriage certificate and apply for i-130 they would only ask for additional evidence after 10-12 months of the processing time when our turn comes and by that time we would have enough proof to send right ?
  3. Hey All, Thinking about maybe to go through with marrying using the Utah remote service, and apply directly after with the i130 with the same evidence we provided for the K1, I have visited my fiance once in their country and planning to visit more time in the next months, should we go through with it and provide same proof for k1, pictures together, gifts, chat logs..etc ? thank you
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