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  1. I don't think a thread for the May 2022 I-130 filers has been started so I wanted to take the initiative and be able to talk to people in the same boat as me! Feel free to remove if there is already a thread for this! My current timeline: Date Filed: May 9th, 2022 NOA1: May 13th, 2022 Good luck to all of you
  2. My Wife (American Citizen) and I (Canadian Citizen) are beginning the process of filing 1-130A. My question revolves around providing information from my OPT and time in the United States from 2014-2019. I attended school on an F-1 Visa (Massachusetts) for 4 years and then received work authorization through OPT from November 2018 - July 2019. I exited the country on time and have been living in Toronto since. On I-130A they ask for a USCIS Online Account Number (if any) or Alien Registration Number (A-Number) (if any). Are these applicable to me still, even though my OPT had expired back in 2019? If they are, how can I find this information as I don't have it readily available? Any insight to others who have gone through a similar situation would be great.
  3. Hello! I filed an 1-130 for my husband and I was trying to find some information online regarding military records for Korean men for the CR-1/IR-1 visa. Does anyone know more about this? Do they just check that the Korean husband has completed their service? My husband actually received a medical exemption and completed his service, so I am curious how this affects our case. If anyone can help me and provide more information that would be great! Thank you!
  4. I received an RFE and I've been trying to fix it, but every time I go on the CEAC website to upload my files, it logs me out immediately with the prompt "Application Error" listed. Seeing as the phone number has been deactivated, I am not sure how to fix this. I have already sent an inquiry but I do not want to have to wait an additional few weeks or months on top of the already lengthy review time. Anybody know how to contact some sort of technical support to fix this? Thanks for any help or pointers, I would really appreciate it.
  5. Hello, I had submitted my I-130 for my wife who is overseas in Pakistan and I am from the US and I am a US Citizen. I had submitted the case last year with an official receipt date of June 21, 2021. And the only update i got after that was on October 21 2021 that my case was being actively reviewed, and nothing since, it has now been over a year since the case was received, so I am just curious. The case is at the Potomac service center, and I have seen people who had sent their case after mine getting approvals from the same center and so i'm just trying to see if this is normal, i can't submit an inquiry until October but i just wanted to get some insight, should i be doing anything right now or just wait it out?
  6. Hi everyone! I have a question - in case if a person goes through their visa interview BEFORE their scheduled medical appointment (I know in many countries doctors' offices are booked out months in advance), does the embassy keep your passport from the date of the interview until they receive your medical results? Or do you get your passport back and then mail it in additionally so they can put a visa in it, once the visa ahs been approved after medical? Thanks!
  7. Hi guys, My fiance and I are so confused and would really appreciate some advise. We are original K-1 filers, planning on revoking our i-129f and filing the Cr-1. Because of our personal situations, it would be hard to get married in my fiance's home country. And obviously, it would be a bad idea for him to come visit the US on his tourist visa and us getting married then. We don't have the time to wait out the 90 day rule, and I don't want to be walking on thin ice. We are considering going through Utah, which some sources say is considered as good as an in-person marriage and some sources say we still need to "consummate" the marriage after. It would be hard for me to go visit him at this point to do that. We could wait for a better time. I'm asking if it would be okay for him to come visit on his tourist visa for the purpose of consummating the marriage, or if he will be turned away. He has sufficient ties to his home country via family, school and work. And I don't foresee this being a problem since traditionally married people with pending Cr-1's are allowed to visit the US on tourist visas. I just want to cover all my basis so I'm asking you guys for your thoughts. Thank you so much for reading.
  8. I did not see a new thread yet for November 2019, so I guess I will start it! 😁 I actually have NOT filed my I-130 yet 😩 but I am committed to doing so by November 15, 2019! That is my personal deadline! We have been married almost a year and due to some laziness on both our parts we haven't moved on this but we have made so much progress with it now it makes sense NOT to put it off any longer. So WELCOME all other Nov 2019 brethren! I need your support to get this DONE! 🖐️
  9. Hello, I was wondering if Direct Consular Filing is available in Morocco? I am a US citizen, newly wedded with my Moroccan husband residing in Casablanca, currently undergoing the process of obtaining carte sejour. I intend to live in Morocco with my husband until a green card is issued. How do I go about the process for filing a DCF? How do I go about filing petitions outside of the US? Thank you for your time, Salima
  10. Hello everyone! My husband (the petitioner) was about to submit all of our documents for the CR-1 application a bit ago and than we had a bit of a personal delay. He will now be sending it out within a few days and as we are reviewing everything we have noticed a few things on the forms that we are unsure of and would love some advice! 1. For the form I-130 in regards to address history, my husband has lived at the same house for his whole life except for September 2017- April 2018 when he came to Canada to attend university with me than moved back home to the house he has resided at since birth. Since you have to provide address history for the past five years (since may 2017) and my husband moved to Canada in September 2017, should he list the address in Canada and than add the USA address (which was already provided as his physical address in parts 10a-10i) in additional information on the last page with the dates being from his birth to the day he moved to Canada? 2.For the form I-130 in regards to employer history, my husband has worked for the same company since 2018 but started with a different occupation title than what he holds now. Should he list the same company under employer 1 and 2 with separate dates and occupation titles or just consolidate it under employer 1 and list both occupation titles and just have the date he first started with the company? 3. For the form I-130A in regards to address history, I lived at my home until September 2017 and than moved away to University until April 2018 and than moved back to the house I lived at previously. Do I have to list all the addresses including: my address now (house #2) , the house I lived in prior (house #1), my address at university and than the house #1 again? Since it has to be for the past five years (may 2017) and I lived in house #1 until September 2017 than moved away and than moved back, I'm so confused about this. To try and simplify these are the dates: House #2: September 26th 2018- Present House #1: April 30th, 2018- September 26th, 2018 University: September 3rd, 2017- April 30th, 2018 House #1: July 15th, 2015- September 3rd, 2017 I hope any of that makes sense, I had a hard time explaining all of that so it's probably somewhat confusing.
  11. Hello everyone, I am trying to connect with fellow members who have applied for CR1 and have been transferred from Baghdad to Abu Dhabi, my case was documentary qualified in july 2020 but my case is still at NVC, while reading posts on here I have found out that many applications have been scheduled for interviews that were DQ'ed after my case but it seems all these applications were not transferred to Abu Dhabi like mine. I just need to know if that is normal for transferred applications and if I need to take action, it has been almost 2 years since I sent my i-30 (priority date oct 2019) and its getting really hard to wait and my wife has been crazy lonely in Baghdad, just looking for some hope on this site. good luck everyone
  12. Good morning/afternoon fam. I was living in Ukraine before and due to the ongoing war, I came back to my home country (Nigeria). This morning, we got a notice from the NVC about a change of Interview location to Frankfurt in Germany. Does anyone have any idea why they did this and how I can go to Germany for an interview without being a resident there. Thanks!
  13. My husband is getting ready to send in our I-130 package and before he does I wanted to post on here with a little table of contents to see if there’s anything we are missing/should omit? I-130 Application Payment via Check (1 page) Form G-1145: e-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance (1 page) Cover Letter (1 page) Form I-130: Petition for Alien Relative (12 pages) Form I-130A: Supplemental Information about Beneficiary (6 pages) Petitioner Proof of US Citizenship (10 pages) Copy of All Pages of US Passport Copy of US Birth Certificate Copy of Original Marriage Certificate (1 page) Two Passport Style Photos of Petitioner Proof of Bonafide Marriage Photographs Throughout the Years 2014-2022 (34 pages) Love Letters/Letters From Family (11 pages) Flights (Boarding Passes, Passport Stamps, Receipts, Email Confirmations) (26 pages) In here we also included a letter explaining why my husband fly’s into Detroit instead of Canada (I live near the border of Detroit so it is easier and cheaper for us to fly to/from Detroit and cross the land border into Canada). The letter also explains the lack of our passport stamps since the land border patrol officers rarely stamped our passports at the land border. Hotel Booking Confirmations, Airbnb Receipts, and Rental Car Reservations (11 pages) Gift Order Confirmations and Receipts (11 pages) Documents Regarding Our Attendance at University Together (12 pages) In this section is just documents showing my husbands approval for his Canadian student visa and other documents showing we attended university together in Canada for 2 years Statements Showing Money Transfers Between Each Other Through E-Transfer and PayPal (2 pages) Documentation of Joint Finances (3 pages) So this section is tricky because we have just recently added each other to our bank accounts so in this section we included proof that we are on each others bank accounts and a letter about the lack of financial statements due to the fact that we just recently added eachother (not sure if I should just omit this part of the application because we don’t have statements to submit) Also shows proof of me on his family's phone plan We do not have much “financial commingling” so I am worried about this part of the application Letter Regarding our Elopement and Supporting Documents (6 pages) This section includes a letter on why we chose to elope with only witnesses present Thank You Letter (1 page) Should we be including text logs/FaceTime logs/affidavits of support or anything else? Is there anything we should do about the joint finances part of the application? Thanks in advance for your advice!
  14. Hi guys! So my husband is filing the I-130 for me, he is the US Citizen and I am Canadian. After we got married I changed my last name to my married name. I got my driver's license and health card and debit/credit cards changed. I have yet to change my passport because I am anticipating a trip soon and will need it. I have a few questions regarding this name change: 1. Do I (the beneficiary) need to submit a scan of my passport in the I-130 application? If I do, can we submit the application under my married name but my passport in my maiden name? (The reason I wouldn't want to submit the passport with my new name is because it will put off submitting the application until I get my passport which can take awhile because I will be using it in April and won't be able to change it until May and than will have to wait for it to come in) 2. What would be examples of documents I can submit to prove proof of my legal name change?
  15. My husband (the applicant) had his IR1 interview in Mumbai and received a 221g letter asking for submission of additional documents to prove that I intend to reestablish domicile in the US. (I have been living in India for a few years.) We live in New Delhi and planned to drop the documents and passport, as requested in the 221g letter there. However when we make an appointment with the VAC on US Travel Docs, we have to select a date for the appointment and the location by default is Mumbai. We are confused. Do we drop the documents (and passport?) in Delhi? Do we need to travel with them to Mumbai again? What is a "Follow Up Appointment" and do we need to submit additional documents there or to a drop box anywhere beforehand? I've seen a few queries like this here. Would appreciate any help.
  16. Hello! Does anyone know if we need a to file a new affidavit of support before we go to us embassy interview next month. I filed my affidavit of support last year 4/27/2021 for my husband that is in DR. We did have a lawyer that was helping us and today she told me we do need a new one but then 2 other lawyers told me I don’t that the one that was filed in the beginning is fine. I also was reading online that you do not need a new one but i just want to make sure. thank you
  17. Hello. I have already filed my I-130 and I did not submit any pictures, or proof of marriage other than the required documents. My lawyer said I would not need to show my pictures, and other proof of marriage until my husband has his actual interview. Is this correct?
  18. Hello, Me and my husband have started looking into the requirements to submit the I-130 form. In order to submit it we need to provide proof of a bonafide marriage. We have been unable to create a joint bank account or add me as an authorized user on his accounts because I do not have a SSN. Is there any way to get around this or prove the marriage bonafide in a different way?
  19. Hi yall. I got an RFE (Request for Evidence) for my I-130 petition for my CR-1 yesterday in the mail. I am a little confused what they exactly want. I gave them a call but the woman on the phone said she can't see the exact details and she recommended to browse some groups online or call my nearest Embassy... so here I am! My husband is Swedish and I am American. They said they received the English translation of a personbevis (extract of the population register) which is the evidence I provided for us being married and living together, birth of our child, etc. They said they need a copy of the original Swedish language extract and then also an English translated copy with it. It doesn't say that it has to be a cetfified translator exactly, but it says someone who is competent to translate. I am wondering if sending the personbevis/extract of the population register which is signed and stamped by the tax agency/authority in English and Swedish is enough? The stamp and signature basically states it is the proper and true document, so I would think it means the English translation is correct. Has anyone had this issue? Did you just send that document? The other option would be to get the whole document translated by an authorized translator, but it would say the same exact information... Though the letter doesn't exactly say that a certified translator is needed. Anyway, thank you for your help!
  20. Hello All, I wanted to ask this question in this forum. Hopefully someone can help. My boyfriend who is a Spanish citizen is planning on visiting the USA on his ESTA this April. He has permission to enter the USA, visa-free and stay for a total of 90 days. We are planning on him proposing to me and then doing a civil marriage while he is here. What should his response be if the border agent asks what his intentions/purpose of traveling will be? I don’t want them to deny his entry in any way or think he’ll be staying here illegally without going through the proper channels to live and work in the USA legally first. Please advise. Thank you.
  21. Hello there. I need your candid opinion on this please. I' m a Nigerian and got married to a US citizen but I'm currently in Ukraine and due to the unrest and uncertainty of war with Russia, all US consular services in Ukraine have been shot down. I have until August as a legal resident in Ukraine and our Cr1 (Marriage visa) is at the NVC level, meaning that, getting an interview date is the next thing. My questions are: 1. Do you think transferring my case to the US Embassy in Nigeria is a great option considering how overwhelming the backlog is over there? 2. Do you think remaining in Ukraine makes any sense as to not knowing when consular services would resume? 3. Do you think transferring my case to an African country where US consular services are faster is a great deal? If yes, please advise on which African country. I really hope I get a helpful response and please I'll highly appreciate your suggestions. Thanks!
  22. Hi fam. I'm enquiring if it's advisable to transfer our Cr-1 visa to the Lagos consulate considering the fact that US consular services have been closed down where I'm currently living. Please does anyone have any useful information as to how fast/slow Lagos embassy processes immigrant visas at the moment? Thanks!
  23. Hi everyone! I’ve been lurking here for a while and reading information. My husband and I will file for the CR-1 via consular processing later this year. (We have not filed anything yet and don’t plan to until maybe this summer) However, he is going to visit the US with me in March. I’m actually moving back to the US from South Korea and he’s helping me, but he will be visiting for a month on his ESTA and then returning home. I know he should bring a letter from his boss, proof of temporary travelers insurance, phone bills, bank statements and what not proving ties to South Korea. My question is, has anyone with a Korean spouse experienced issues at the border? He is going to bring his credit and debit cards instead of carrying cash as well because he can use it at international atms. I know they may check how much money he has, so bank statements would help with this. thank you for your help in advance!
  24. Hello, I (USA) am now living in Italy with my wife (IT), and are trying to figure out the best way to get her a CR-1 Visa. We hoped to apply DCF (after I complete, or at least obtain a receipt of a Permesso di Soggiorno in progress), but learned that the Naples consulate is still not processing (without extreme circumstances, which I doubt we would qualify for) since 2020. So, if we submit our I-130 online now, would we be able to later switch to the Naples consulate if it opens up? Other than a much longer wait time, how much of a problem is trying to complete the visa process overseas anyway? My parents have no problem with me claiming their home is my permanent residence, or forwarding me mail, if it matters.
  25. Hi all, I have another complex question for you... If my (Indian) fiancé and I decided to go the route of K1 visa, keep in mind he has a stable employment in India, would he be able to leave US after we marry under the K1 visa (so that he can return to work) and then we file for a CR1 after? I know that in order for him to file the adjustment of status he has to remain in the US but we are trying to figure out how to navigate this without him having to quit his job for the duration of time it takes for these processes to complete. The intent is that when he returns to the US, he will be transferring his job from the Chennai office to the US office (we work for a global company, and met/committed while he was still here in the US on F1). Have any of you heard of anyone trying this before? Is this something that would raise red flags? We know that it may take more time but at the this point, the only reason we are looking adopt this option is because of the time and difficulties it takes to get married under the Special Marriage Act in India and complications/inconsistencies therein. It would be difficult for me to reside in India for more than a month due to my own obligations here in the US. Granted, if I have to then we'll just have to work something out...but it is not ideal. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
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