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  1. My wife and I have been debating this point and I'd love some input to minimize potential issues. We have an attorney but feel that the advice given so far has delayed our case and think this may be an area of bad advice... Background: At the NVC stage I had submitted a letter explaining I was a student with no income last year and did not file a return but included evidence of current salary (started job January 2023 (qualifying income)). Due to no prior tax filing, the joint sponsor is my father who had tax extensions until October and does not utilize W2s or 1099s (partner in a partnership). My mother does not work and did not sign any forms although they file taxes jointly. Basically, our attorney directed us to submit letters and schedules each time DQ asked for w2/1099 forms so we have a fairly cluttered and confusing income/tax submission... even the 2022 income on my joint sponsor's 864 is different than what is on his actual 1040 since the lawyer used business schedule forms to extrapolate projected income. We were DQ'ed from NVC in August but received a notice at the same time (screenshot attached) stating our reported income is insufficient.🫠 After that we submitted the newly acquired 1040 for 2022 on behalf of my joint sponsor which still shows "Submitted" on CEAS since mid-September. I am afraid that my mother not being on these financial forms at all, my joint sponsor's original 864 with incorrect income remaining on file, and tons of schedules& miscellaneous tax filing forms now on CEAC for my joint sponsor that we will encounter problems at the interview. Our immigration attorney stated that by submitting my joint sponsor's final 1040 after being DQ'ed that we effectively corrected the i864 form. We were never advised on using tax transcripts which would have greatly simplified these issues. Specific Questions: In your experience/opinion... 1). If total income was corrected post-DQ but before receiving an interview date should my joint sponsor resubmit a new Form i864 at this point? 2). Being DQ'ed already, should we submit a 864a for my mother (joint sponsor's spouse filing jointly) at this point to be safe? 3). Would requesting and uploading 3 years tax transcripts from the IRS likely save us headache later or add more problems at this point? We are afraid that having been DQ'ed and waiting for an interview date +2 months that adding too much or new critical documents would slow our case or mess up our case from being scheduled. I asked our attorney about adding these documents/corrections and got a simple "no need" answer.. my gut is telling me different. Any thoughts?
  2. Hello all, My spouse is scheduled to enter stateside shortly after obtaining her CR-1 visa. However, due to my upcoming move, she will be arriving at a new address (same state - NJ) and I was wondering what is the best way to document the same with the USCIS? I have used my current address across all forms and have requested the SSN, GC to be sent to my current address as well. I want to make sure the SSN and the GC dont get delayed due to this impending change. I read somewhere that a change can be requested at the port of entry (POE). Is that accurate? If yes, what additional details will I need to provide to the immigration officer? If no, do I have to submit an AR-11? Any other options that I need to consider? TIA for your timely assistance.
  3. Hi All, I was just reviewing my USCIS portal and realized that I submitted two versions of the I-130A form. All the information is the same in both, except the last page (additional information) of one has first and last name printed out, per instructions and the other copy does not have the name typed out there. Is this an issue? Will my case still be okay?
  4. I don't think a thread for the May 2022 I-130 filers has been started so I wanted to take the initiative and be able to talk to people in the same boat as me! Feel free to remove if there is already a thread for this! My current timeline: Date Filed: May 9th, 2022 NOA1: May 13th, 2022 Good luck to all of you
  5. I received a DQ. However, my household members' I-864a's and proof of relationship to sponsor are still just "submitted" rather than "accepted". Everything else including W-2 and Tax transcripts was accepted. What does this mean? Is it a glitch on NVC's side or should i be concerned?
  6. Hey everyone, me (Czech) and my partner (US born citizen) were aiming to file for K-1 sometime between this June and July this year, but after reading through a number of threads here, it seems CR-1 will be the sensible choice. We will have been together for a year by the end of July/beginning of August and I already visited them earlier this year on ESTA (stayed 80 days). Reading through the forums here, I'm becoming convinced we should have just winged it and done a round trip to Vegas, lol. My partner is visiting me in December, so the next idea is to get married then, but here's the one argument for K-1 - making the wait "shorter" by about 5-6 months by filling the I-129F now instead of getting married in December and filling the I-130 afterwards . Third option is the Utah online marriage thing, I only learnt about it today - is it actually possible to apply for a CR-1 after an online marriage, considering my partner would be connecting from the US and I from Czechia? Evidence wise, my visit to the States earlier this year and my partner's visit to the Czech Republic this December sounds okay enough? Thanks in advance and I'm sorry if the same questions have been answered elsewhere already, I tried to read through a bunch, but didn't quite find the reassurance.
  7. Theoretically the goal is to get processing times back down to historical norms by September this year, with I-130s being back down to the far more reasonable level of 6 months. But honestly, how successful has it been? Processing times seem to keep going up, not down. Any thoughts on what their efforts are, and if anyone knows what they've tried that's worked and what hasn't?
  8. Hello! I filed an 1-130 for my husband and I was trying to find some information online regarding military records for Korean men for the CR-1/IR-1 visa. Does anyone know more about this? Do they just check that the Korean husband has completed their service? My husband actually received a medical exemption and completed his service, so I am curious how this affects our case. If anyone can help me and provide more information that would be great! Thank you!
  9. Hi! My husband and I are looking at the CR-1 process and there might be a huge obstacle for us. As I understand, it is required to provide police clearance certificates from the countries where I resided before. In my case, I need to get a certificate from China and Cambodia as I spent over a year in both of these countries within the past five years . Generally speaking, it is nearly impossible to get these certificates since I do not reside in these countries anymore. These countries' embassies do not provide this document. In case with China, even if I go there, which would be a huge additional expense to the process that's already costly, there is a big chance that I won't be able to get the certificate. I might be able to find an agency that can get me the certificate from Cambodia but it would take months. The question is: What if I am unable to provide police clearance certificate from the countries where I lived in the past five years? Would it mean that there is no way that I can apply for a Green Card through the consular process? Maybe someone on this forum had a similar problem. Any advice or suggestion is highly appreciated.
  10. My I-130 CR-1 for my husband was approved. I know I should be expecting a letter from the NVC soon. What other documents should we be getting ready? How do the interview and the medical inspection work? He is from Sweden.
  11. Hi everyone. I have a question regarding a CR-1 visa. I am a US citizen petitioning my wife which lives in the Philippines. She has never had a passport but is currently perusing one. My question is does she need to have it in hand before we can file or do we need to wait until she has it in hand? The i-130 ask for the spouse's passport and travel document numbers. Is it ok to leave blank for now?
  12. I am marrying a US citizen and I am a Canadian citizen. My worry is I had gotten a public intoxication and trespassing ticket in 2021 (I accidentally walked in to the wrong house and fell asleep - very embarrassing) there were no aggravating factors the cops took me to the drunk tank and I woke up the next day and went home. In Canada these are considered provincial offences and are not criminal in nature, they are just administrative and carry no jail time - just need to pay a ticket. When I do a background check there is no record or anything, and it shows up clear as this is not a criminal record at all. Will I be able to get my marriage based green card still?
  13. Hey All, Thinking about maybe to go through with marrying using the Utah remote service, and apply directly after with the i130 with the same evidence we provided for the K1, I have visited my fiance once in their country and planning to visit more time in the next months, should we go through with it and provide same proof for k1, pictures together, gifts, chat logs..etc ? thank you
  14. Hello, I have been lurking in these forums/website for the past month to get direction on how to proceed with immigration visas. It's comforting to know people have gone through this (and currently going through) process and sharing their experiences and assisting people. I am planning to go through the CR-1 spouse visa route (recently did the Utah marriage). I plan on visiting my spouse in a few weeks (to satisfy the "consummation" requirement) and then apply for the CR-1 visa thereafter. I have a few clarifying questions... One of the documents listed for the I-130 form that may be required (one of the if applicable documents) is a passport photo. I went through the I-130 form, but I could not find where that may be applicable. Do I need one for my foreign spouse? (I would make them when I visit her later this month). For the bona fide marriage requirement, I plan to provide the following: visa stamp (when I visit), lodging receipt (plan to register both our names on the reservation), affidavit from the witnesses from the Utah Remote wedding, and some photos together. Are there any other forms of evidence I should consider providing as I visit her later this month? Thank you!
  15. Hello, hoping some of you can provide me some insight on a question I have. My girlfriend (thailand, non citizen) and myself (USC) are planning on getting married sometime this year and filing an I-130 to start the process of moving her to the USA. Originally, we are planning on getting married this April in Thailand (I will be visiting her). She is planning to visit the United States this June for family wedding/visit friends and myself. My question is, would she have issue entering the USA with her tourist visa if we wed in Thailand. I wasn’t planning on filing the I-130 until she finishes her visit. another question, am I allowed to file a I-130 when she is visiting to jump start the process or wait until she leaves. any advice is appreciated!
  16. Hi everyone, would appreciate some input from the community. I have searched on the forums but have not found anyone in my specific situation. I have an ongoing CR-1 petition for my wife which we started in Canada a few years ago. The petition is now at the NVC stage. I have been keeping it active by maintaining contact with NVC via the AskNVC method. During this time my wife went to Russia for medical treatment, and acquired Russian citizenship (through parents) so that she could stay long enough for the treatment to complete. When the war with Ukraine started, she and the kids moved to Armenia. But she does not have a residence permit there yet. Armenia lets visitors stay for 180 days and then reenter. Question 1 - "Is the petition still good?": I heard that acquiring a third country's citizenship may constitute abandonment of the immigration petition. We didn't know it at the time and that was not the intention. Is this true? And if so - is there any way to prove that she did not intend to abandon the petition? If the answer to question 1 is yes, then Question 2 - "Can we change the consulate": I imagine that even if she could travel back to Russia to do an interview there, Russia is probably not going to work now because of the sanctions. Is there a way for us to transfer the interview to a consulate in Armenia? (She has no intention to move back to Canada for the foreseeable future.) Hope this makes sense, and please let me know what you think. sk
  17. Hey everyone, Our case was said to be Documentarily Qualified on December 15, 2022, and are waiting for the Interview Letter. I see there are millions of links or potential dates for interview dates for non-immigrant visas, but NOTHING for immigrant based visas. We would like to have a certain hope or something to look forwards to but the lack of information is crazy. This is a CR-1 Visa so its also very frustrating being apart for literally an unknown amount of time. We also see people commenting on the US Embassy Dhaka page on Facebook with people complaining that they either still are waiting for the interview, or they are waiting to get their passport back after the interview, which again, is crazy and very disheartening. If anyone has any inside information or just general information on how long it would take the NVC to schedule the interview for a CR-1 Visa, and the latter process, it would be very kind. Thanks
  18. Hi all! Happy New Years. My wife & I are starting the journey of applying for our CR-1. I'm a Canadian Man & She is a U.S Citizen. After looking at the guides on here, I wanted to ask if we're supposed to file I-864 at the same time, and I am unclear if we're also to file I-485 at the same time. I'm new to this and attempting to get everything right before we file anything and want a smooth process. Can someone clarify if we're to file I-130, 485, and 864 at the same time? Am I missing a form here? Thanks!
  19. Hi - Love this community. When submitting proof of seeing each other. I don't have boarding passes for all of the trips visiting each other, but I do have a lot of emailed receipts from the airlines of the flights showing that I visited with names and dates, as well as airbnb receipts of being together (all through email or downloaded). Is this okay? Anything I should know when putting this evidence together?
  20. Hello everybody! The beneficiary's passport expires by the end of february 2023. NVC already DQ'd the case and according to the statistics of Chile's interview times, we are estimating an interview before this year ends. The webiste ( https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/step-10-prepare-for-the-interview/step-11-applicant-interview.html ) says: "Passport – For each applicant, an unexpired passport valid for six months beyond the intended date of entry into the United States". According to this, we decided that it's better to get a new passport, but, is bringing both passports (the old one registered in the visa process and the new one) okay? Has anyone had issues with this? Thank you all! ❤️
  21. My Wife (American Citizen) and I (Canadian Citizen) are beginning the process of filing 1-130A. My question revolves around providing information from my OPT and time in the United States from 2014-2019. I attended school on an F-1 Visa (Massachusetts) for 4 years and then received work authorization through OPT from November 2018 - July 2019. I exited the country on time and have been living in Toronto since. On I-130A they ask for a USCIS Online Account Number (if any) or Alien Registration Number (A-Number) (if any). Are these applicable to me still, even though my OPT had expired back in 2019? If they are, how can I find this information as I don't have it readily available? Any insight to others who have gone through a similar situation would be great.
  22. I received an RFE and I've been trying to fix it, but every time I go on the CEAC website to upload my files, it logs me out immediately with the prompt "Application Error" listed. Seeing as the phone number has been deactivated, I am not sure how to fix this. I have already sent an inquiry but I do not want to have to wait an additional few weeks or months on top of the already lengthy review time. Anybody know how to contact some sort of technical support to fix this? Thanks for any help or pointers, I would really appreciate it.
  23. Hello, I had submitted my I-130 for my wife who is overseas in Pakistan and I am from the US and I am a US Citizen. I had submitted the case last year with an official receipt date of June 21, 2021. And the only update i got after that was on October 21 2021 that my case was being actively reviewed, and nothing since, it has now been over a year since the case was received, so I am just curious. The case is at the Potomac service center, and I have seen people who had sent their case after mine getting approvals from the same center and so i'm just trying to see if this is normal, i can't submit an inquiry until October but i just wanted to get some insight, should i be doing anything right now or just wait it out?
  24. Hi everyone! I have a question - in case if a person goes through their visa interview BEFORE their scheduled medical appointment (I know in many countries doctors' offices are booked out months in advance), does the embassy keep your passport from the date of the interview until they receive your medical results? Or do you get your passport back and then mail it in additionally so they can put a visa in it, once the visa ahs been approved after medical? Thanks!
  25. Hi guys, My fiance and I are so confused and would really appreciate some advise. We are original K-1 filers, planning on revoking our i-129f and filing the Cr-1. Because of our personal situations, it would be hard to get married in my fiance's home country. And obviously, it would be a bad idea for him to come visit the US on his tourist visa and us getting married then. We don't have the time to wait out the 90 day rule, and I don't want to be walking on thin ice. We are considering going through Utah, which some sources say is considered as good as an in-person marriage and some sources say we still need to "consummate" the marriage after. It would be hard for me to go visit him at this point to do that. We could wait for a better time. I'm asking if it would be okay for him to come visit on his tourist visa for the purpose of consummating the marriage, or if he will be turned away. He has sufficient ties to his home country via family, school and work. And I don't foresee this being a problem since traditionally married people with pending Cr-1's are allowed to visit the US on tourist visas. I just want to cover all my basis so I'm asking you guys for your thoughts. Thank you so much for reading.
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