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  1. Hi all, Starting the February thread to share the journey with a few people. We sent the I-130 application January 31st from France to the Chicago lockbox. I know it arrived in the US on February 2nd but don't know if it has been delivery yet. I am a french citizen and my wife is a US citizen. We met in Australia where we were both living in 2011 and got married in 2013. We got our first child in 2015 and, while Australia was great, we felt it was too far from our respective families. So we decided to move and I got a good job opportunity in France in June 2016. We thought my wife would be able to find a job speaking only english at first and learning french on the way. It hasn't worked that way so my wife stayed at home looking after our boy and taking french lessons. We got a second child in 2017. Now we have realised that, without speaking french, it will be very difficult for her to find a job in her field, and without a job it will be very difficult for her to become fluent in french as she spends most of her time looking after the kids. So we decided to move again, this time to the US. She has been applying for jobs and we hope she will get one from here and that we will be able to do DCF in Paris then but in the meantime we filed with USCIS to get the process started because it takes so long.... Good luck everyone.
  2. It being late October, and no October filers for 2018 found on the site, so I started this one. I am a USC living in Brazil and petitioning for my Brazilian wife of 30 years. It's complicated, but the basics are that I am are applying for a resident visa for my wife for the second time, the first being granted in 1989 after our marriage in Texas in 1988. We lost the visa in 2014 in part because of my ignorance of immigration rules and because of family medical situations in Brazil that prevented my wife from traveling. In 1989 the procedure was very simple. Today it's become 10x more complicated due to 9/11. Since we both live outside the USA we are using a state-side lawyer to be sure all paperwork is as correct as possible. Turns out I would have submitted my I-130 in March, but due to using a lawyer, it was only submitted in October. I hope that at least it goes through without a hitch. On one hand she already has a SSN and it was necessary to include her old Resident Visa ID# on the application. Don't know if this will delay or speed up the process. Based on Oct 2017 filers, we might be looking at a long year ahead of us. 10/05/2018 I-130 sent 10/08/2018 I-130 received Chicago Lockbox
  3. Hey all, My fiancee and I are facing a choice - spouse visa or fiancee visa. What process seems easier? Here is our story to give you a little context: I am a Russian citizen. I got my bachelors in the US (2011-2016), and have been dating my American fiancee since 2012. After I finished my bachelor in summer 2016, I did an OPT on my H1B in the US. We were able to both live in the same city and date until summer 2017 when I had to go back to Russia as my OPT expired. The company I was working for during my OPT offered to sponsor my H1B visa application twice in 2017 and 2018, but unfortunately both times my application got denied. Since I returned home my fiancee and I have been in a long-distance relationship and took 2 trips to spend time with each other: one trip in December 2017 and a second trip in January 2019. We are both young professionals and don't have a ton of money to pay legal fees. What is the most cost- and time-effective way for us to proceed: K-1 or IR-1/CR-1 visa? Thanks, Vica
  4. Hi, everyone! I've been a long-time stalker of this forum — thanks for your never-ending advice and support for one another! Quick overview: I'm a US citizen who has been living in Kazakhstan since 2016 for study purposes. I married a Kazakhstani citizen in 2017, and now we're coming up on 2 years of marriage and are ready to start the IR-1 process and move to the US. Our situation is a bit complicated for a variety of reasons, but what I'm curious about right now is whether our evidence of a bona fide marriage will suffice, considering these limitations we're facing from Kazakhstani systems: 1) Kazakhstani banks don't have "joint banking." Instead, we have an account in my name with an extra debit card in his name which is linked to my account. There was no readily-available documentation of this that the bank could give us (i.e. no statement with both of our names on it), so we had to get a custom "spravka" (a remnant from the Soviet days which is basically a certificate of proof) confirming that he has this linked card. 2) My name is not on our apartment lease (which is not even an official legal document, just a written agreement between my husband and our landlady). I do, though, have a copy of my migration registration which lists our address as my place of registration. We also have a statement from our phone company which displays our names, numbers, and joint address. 3) He is on my health insurance policy through the university where I study/work. There is no read-out/statement I can receive to confirm this (our HR department is archaic), but we do have matching insurance cards which display the same policy number. I've scanned the fronts and backs of them. Do you think, despite the limitations, this will be enough to prove co-mingling of finances, cohabitation, etc.? We are also going to send airline receipts from a trip to his hometown, railway receipts from an upcoming vacation, lots of pictures from our wedding and other family gatherings, phone records, affidavits from family and friends, and our marriage certificate, of course. Is there anything else you can think of that might be a non-traditional way to evidence our shared finances, apartment, etc.? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello everyone sorry for bothering you all so much, I was just wondering if I could buy a return ticket , 1) Right now I need to go there for my first baby girls birth and for a little time after that, then I need to come back to my home country for wrapping up my business and selling property etc. 2) it's much cheaper So please let me know what you guys think ?
  6. Hi, everyone. This is my first post...feels momentous. lol. I'm going to send off our I-130 any day now and I'm feeling conflicted about our address information. In somewhat typical Turkish fashion, we have never had proper lease documentation for our apartments. Officially, our address has always been listed as my husband's parents' address but we've never actually lived there. Should I use that as our address on the I-130 and then where we live as our mailing address? I'm filing with both of us living out of the US. I hate to list my address as somewhere I've never lived. That feels wrong. Yet, I don't want to open a can of worms with listing an address that's not on our official records here. I'd appreciate any advice.
  7. Good day, my husband who filed application I-130 in March 2018 as a permanent resident, was naturalized in December 2018, so he called USCIS and updated the petition however he previously only received a receipt notice of the I-130 from USCIS and have not yet received a notice of approval. How long will it take to know whether the I-130 was approved by USCIS?
  8. My case status online before today was: Your case was approved on April 13, 2016. Now my online status has changed to the following: On April 21, 2016, we sent your case to the Department of State for visa processing. Please visit our website for general information on Consular Processing. What does this mean and what are the next steps for me?
  9. Hello everyone! I was wondering if I could apply for a F-1 Visa while my I-130 is pending? How would the process be like? Would I have to go through AOS? Please help!
  10. Background I am Canadian. My husband is American. My interview appointment was on Dec 18, 2018 at 8am. Before arriving, I made a binder with plastic sleeves and tabs of what is included in the pre-interview checklist. This was not as necessary for the officer as much it just helped me stay organized. My husband took me to Montreal and we drove up and made a trip out of it. I recommend driving up to the embassy the day before the interview to see where to park the day of and where to stand. The Appointment Day My appointment was at 8 am. We arrived at 7:04 am. We parked in parked in lot across building for $15/day early bird price. After 8am it is $18 for the whole day. It was hard to find parking if you have an appointment before 9:30 am because the streets need to be cleared from 8am-9:30am for city cleaning. One family arrived right when we did. Stood in line till 7:45 am. VJ bloggers said to stand on the side with the yellow columns but that didn't matter because the building security guard asked us to line up across the right side of the building. Once we were allowed in we were asked to go to the back of the line since we didn't have a 7:30am appmt and they wanted to prioritize the early ones. So we told everyone in line, if you have a 7:30am appmt move up. And then everyone was kind enough to let us stand in front of the 8am group since we were there early. When we went in, there was a lady who greeted us and asked us for our appointment time and our passports. She handed us a laminated document that indicated our call number and what we need to have ready for the officer. She asked out of the two who was the beneficiary and the petitioner. Then we went to security. The security guy asked us to place our items in the bin like at the airport. Did not have to take shoes off. You hand in ur phone and keys to the officer and get a ballot to pick it up when you leave the building. We went downstairs and waited like everyone else. Then an officer came and told us we r going up to floor 19 and when we arrive we will sit and wait for our number to be called. Our waiting began, it was 8am. When my number was called the lady just asked for all my documents to verify them and passport photos. Confirmed my Canadian address, phone number and then asked me the petitioners phone number and address. She took my finger prints. And then told me I am good to go and to sit and wait again and the officer will call my number for the interview. The lady officer called my number and I went up. She made me take an oath of honesty on the finger print scanner. She said you were born in Pakistan I said yes. Questions she asked me: How did you two meet? Who is the petitioner? What does your husband /petitioner do for work? Where does he live? How often do you get to see each other? What is your highest level of education? Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Does your husband cook or do you cook? (meant to be a trick question) Have you ever been denied entry to the US? How long have you ever stayed in the US? Have you ever stayed in the US longer than 6 months? Then all of a sudden she pulled out two sheets and said welcome to the US and that our immigration packet is now electronic so we don't take anything to the border. If you have travel plans and are worried about getting your passport back in time, do mention it to the officer. By 8:50 am, we were done. Side Notes: - Items I brought but; They did not even ask for the photocopies of the the original documents. They did not ask for a printed interview appointment letter. They did not ask for CEAC print outs. They did not ask to see petitioners photocopy. They DID ask to photocopy his W-2. They did not ask to see relationship evidence.
  11. Hi everyone! I'm waaaaay far off from getting my I-130 approved but I was just curious about the prices for the NVC process because I know it'll be quite expensive. How much in total would it be throughout the entire process as of now? I wanted to know in advance so I can prepare for it in the future and that my hubby and I wouldn't be struggling :') I pray everyone is doing well and that your processes will be quick! Have faith everyone❤️
  12. Hello! I'm new here 😛 So, my husband recently filed the I-130 in the States and I am currently residing in Korea. Do I have to be within my country during the entire process? Or can I go to the States to finish it off? Would I be able to schedule the interviews while I'm in the States if the petition gets approved? I also have an interview coming up for my B2 visa so I can go visit my husband for a bit. I do fall under VWP but I wanted to stay with him for a bit longer so I applied for that. Would this cause any trouble?
  13. Hi, I had my interview on 10th September 2018 at Islamabad consulate and at the end of the interview CO kept my passport and I was given 221(g) sheet asking to submit: Wedding photos and pictures of our time together Emails, chats Copies of my wife's passport pages showing entry and exit stamps We submitted everything asked on CEAC only(as I was told) on 4th October. It has been more than a week but I don't see any change in the last update date. Questions: Is it normal for no change in last update date after submitting the documents online? How long should I wait before making an inquiry? How long do they normally take to process such information? Anyone else who submitted documents only at CEAC and did not sent by mail? Here is some background information. We have been married for almost 3 years now (got married in the US). 1st year we lived apart while I got back to Pakistan. My wife moved to Pakistan almost 2 years ago and has been living here since then (besides going back home a couple of times). We had our Nikah after 6 months of my wife moving to Pakistan (My family had not met her before this as we were living in a different city). Shortly after that, we moved to my parents home as I switched jobs. We had been living with my family for almost a year now.
  14. Hi everyone - am writing to get any insight or support you can give. Our Cr1 Interview for my husband was June 29th (Morocco), I was certain we had everything absolutely perfect...however the CO told my husband that they needed to verify our Marriage Certificate. We were married in the Seychelles because it a long and difficult process to get married in Morocco. The Seychelles is easy, visa free and a common place to elope for many Arab states. I think because it is a more "random" place, they want to make sure it is not a fraudulent marriage. The CO was very nice to my husband and said we have a very solid case otherwise, everything else is perfect, and that they would call us in 3 days. Right now our case is in administrative processing when I check the case number. As you can imagine we are waiting on pins and needles...so I am just writing to see if anyone has had a similar experience, or can provide any support or encouragement. Thanks so much. Nicole
  15. I just received my CC date (10.10.18). Trying to get an idea as to when we will be notified as to our interview dates.
  16. Hi All, I am switching my husband's IR-1 interview from Montreal to Mumbai. I called NVC to ask them about how to do this. They told us you need to submit a request for the consulate transfer to the "Ask NVC" form, and include proof of eligibility to interview at the consulate you are requesting. If anyone has had any experience with this, is this all that one needs to do to change embassies? I have seen some threads where people said they had to contact the embassy they wanted to switch to as well, to make the transfer happen. How long did it take for the entire transfer to be completed (e.g. 2 weeks, one month, etc.)? Any information one has would be appreciated!
  17. I'm switching consulates for my husband's IR-1 visa interview. However, our case is still at NVC, and we have not been assigned an interview date yet. Our Case Complete Date is 9/21/2018. We sent all required information for the Consulate transfer (Montreal to Mumbai) to AskNVC. My question is, at what point are we put into the NVC interview queue for the Consulate we are transferring to (Mumbai in our case)? Will we not be put into the new interview queue until we are assigned a new case number? If this is the case, how long does it usually take to be assigned a new case number? I'm concerned this will end up slowing us down, and have not been able to find reliable information on this topic on VJ.
  18. We just got the email stating that we are in line/ queue for our my husband's appointment in tegucigalpa but I was wondering if anyone could tell me how long after you got that email did you recieve the consulate appointment and how far ahead was the appointment. His priority date is April 1st 2016. Also how far ahead dis you make the doctors appointment? Do you have any suggestions on which doctor was best? Thanks .
  19. DaySionRamirez

    Prep for Interview

    Hello all! We are waiting for my husband's interview date at this time and are looking to prep for the final step of this process! What kinds of questions can he expect? Do we need to provide proof of our relationship even though our I-130 was approved? Will they be examining our relationship? What kinds of things should he expect and prep for during the interview? Anyone who has gone through this process specifically in Guatemala able to offer any insight? Thanks!
  20. J&M95

    Medical @ Bumrungrad

    Hello all! I just want to share with your our experience with Bumrungrad last weekend. I booked an appointment for 27th of May, It's a Saturday because me and my husband(USB) will be coming from Phang Nga Province, that is like 12 hours via bus. We started travelling Friday night. I was impressed by Bumrungrad facilities. It truly is a hotel/hospital. We arrived in Bangkok around 6am at Mochit Station...we took a taxi that charged us 400 and took us straight to the hospital (15 minutes roughly bec its very early, we took the highway and no traffic jam at all). First step was to go to 10th floor for registration. It was quick and it's good there's a starbucks in the same floor..we badly needed caffeine that time so my husband was sipping his hot caramel macchiato while I was filling up the registration form. 10 minutes after, they asked me to go to 15th floor Nurse station C. They got the vital stats, eye checkup then waited again. After around 20 minutes, I went to see the doctor for my medical history, it was quick too..like 5 minutes. I received Tdap and influenza vaccine 1 month ago in Phuket because I don't have any vaccine record(Im from the Philippines) so I just relied on my readings here. I decided not to take the mmr vaccine ahead of time because Im sure bumrungrad will give me the second dose. I just asked the hospital here in Phuket to give me a medical record for those vaccines. Bumrungrad recognized those vaccines and they only gave me the mmr. My total bill was 7,200 baht. They gave me feedback on all test except gonorrhea. They asked me to come back 2 days after but I told them that my next trip to bangkok is the day before my interview which is June 6, they said its no problem so I;ll just pick up my medical resullt June 5 anytime between 7am - 4pm. All in all...its a good experience.
  21. Hello! We submitted all of the appropriate applications and paperwork to the CEAC this past week. What should we be doing in the mean time to prepare for the next step? What will be the next correspondence that we will receive? How long should it take to receive? Thank you!
  22. Hello guys, I am looking for some advice about the cr-1 visa. I will hopefully be completing the governmental half of the paperwork for a marriage in Vietnam. I had heard i can start the i-130 paperwork as soon as i have the marriage certificate in hand. The wedding at the Church will happen at my next visit in February. I am worried about the “bona fide” proof to submit. We do not live together, or share a bank account. Even pictures or religious certificate will be hard because the wedding is not for a few months. We had wedding photos taken(her uncle is a photographer and offered to do them this trip) but none of a service. I could get affidavits from people we have consulted during the preparation of this process, but that and daily emails is all. Their may be an excess of proof after February because i am considering staying in VN until the visa clears, but for the next few months it will be slim. This is my third visit to VN. i really wanted to get a 6month jump on immigration and some people on this forum made it sond possible, but the extra proof is making me nervous. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  23. Hello all! I was curious if anyone has recently gone through the CEAC filing/submission and can tell me approximately how long it took for NVC to review everything and get you your interview date once you submitted everything online? That you!
  24. We need help, maybe someone could give me advice. We are waiting for IR-1 visa interview. For already 4 months. We got CC in April 25, but no interview date still. when we call to operator they say NVC did collected all required documentation and we are waiting in line for the interview, and they have no timeframe for interview to be scheduled. First 3 months we actually thought we are waiting in line, but people getting interviews with CC in July. And we are not. We did text on nvc inquiry and asknvc, but they all send us same answer, that we are waiting in line. What scares me the most that they have no timeframe, in this case we could stay in this situation forever. We would any information or suggestions you could give us.
  25. DGTravel

    Question on CFO Seminar

    Hello! I am waiting for NVC Complete Review/Interview Schedule and would like to prepare for CFO. I see from other threads that most take the CFO seminar and just come back for the sticker once the visa is available. Is it hard to find slot for CFO seminar or is it possible to just have it once the visa is available and have the sticker on the same day (provided that I have all the documents needed with me). Is there also other seminar/sticker I got to have such as PDOS or the like or I only have to take CFO? Thanks so much.