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  1. It took exatly one month. They took my picture Sept 20, and my GC was delivered Oct 20th. Also, when they mail you the biometrics letter, you can switch the date and location. Still don't understand how they could have lost our pictures.
  2. Oh, wow. we actually scheduled our medical in Lisbon at that time. Too bad that she closed her practice. How long do you have to wait for your results? I think it usually takes 2-3 weeks for the results to get to the consulate. So, don't worry!
  3. Had the same happening to us. Landed July 7th. And have had the same status for 2 months. I sent an erequest, and they replied that they are missing some biometrics. We had to go to USCIS and take another picture, now the stays changed to the “Card Being Produced”. You have to ask them why your status doesn’t change.
  4. They actually were missing our pictures. Not sure why, but they needed to take them again.
  5. Question for anyone who encountered this. We landed as PRs on the 7th of July at the Piece Bridge. They took our pictures, fingerprints. We got our SSN a week later. However, the GC hasn't been processed. When we sent an enquiry, they replied today saying, that they are missing our biometrics and now have to schedule an appt in the closest Application Centre, when they get availability. But we did give them our biometrics during the landing process. we called USCIS, but it will take a month to get a call from an officer back. Should we drive back to the Piece Bridge and try to find out what happened to our biometrics? Any suggestions? Thanks a lot! I feel like this immigration journey will never end..
  6. So, we landed July 6th, and still haven't received our GC. We sent the e-request to USCIS, and they just replied saying that they lost our biometrics and have to reschedule an appointment for us in the closest centre. I know there is an option to reschedule, but can I choose a different centre? or it has to be based on my address in the US. Thank you.
  7. Thanks for the info. We got the SSN within a week, so, it seems that they did process our files after we lansed. Hopefully, it won't take that long as 177 days, but with USCIS there is no hope...
  8. She was born in the US, and lived there till she turned 3, and then moved to Canada and married a Canadian man, and they had my friend in Canada.
  9. Definitely, will advice them! Yes, she was a US citizen,when he was bor. He is single. What do you mean that he is "ruled out"? Thank you!!
  10. Oh, ok, I see. I didn't expect it to be such a long wait. If the visa bulletin doesn't change, it will be years for him to immigrate. He probably might have more chances through employment category... But thank you so much for all info!!!
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