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  1. As soon as you get married, your visa is no longer of any importance because you have already used it for its purpose which is to get married within 90 days from the day you arrived here in the States. No, you cannot provide any other document "in lieu" of your marriage certificate because that is one of the most vital parts of the AOS application. The only document that would prove you two are married and that it has been legally done and recorded to the database as a valid marriage is your marriage certificate. Providing anythings "in lieu" of the marriage certificate might merit you an RFE. I understand that you are worried about being deported. But the thing is, so many people have already answered your question but you are not open-minded enough to understand what they're telling you. You only hear what you want to hear. No, YOU WILL NOT BE DEPORTED JUST BECAUSE YOUR VISA HAS ALREADY 'EXPIRED'. You were able to get married within 90 days via the visa that you have. And you are going to file for your AOS soon. They will not deport you just because you were not able to file for AOS right away. IGNORE THE VISA EXPIRATION DATE. IT HAS NO VALUE ANYMORE SINCE YOU HAVE ALREADY USED IT AND IT HAS SERVED ITS PURPOSE AND YOU FOLLOWED THE 90 DAY RULE OF GETTING MARRIED. That's it.
  2. No I was not asked any additional documents. Consul just told me I was approved, gave me the slip, told me to wait for 3 to 4 days for an email from Empost on when I can pick it up (the visa) and sure enough, I got an email 2 days later telling me it's ready for pick up.
  3. No. Like K1, the address where it is sent is the same for everyone regardless of the state. It only depends with how you're sending it. For U.S. Postal Service (USPS) deliveries: USCIS PO Box 805887 Chicago, IL 60680-4120 For Express mail and courier deliveries: USCIS Attn: FBAS 131 South Dearborn - 3rd Floor Chicago, IL 60603-5517
  4. Hello. You should file for the EAD/AP along with the greencard. EAD/AP will more likely be approved first before greencard. If you file for EAD/AP only, it will be a total waste of money because it will only be valid until the 90th day that the K1 visa is supposed to be valid and it is not free if filed separately from AOS. It will cost you almost $1,000 for those two alone. EAD/AP is FREE as long as you file it ALONG WITH AOS. But whether or not you file it along with AOS, you will still pay the same fee of $1,225 for AOS. Average waiting time for EAD/AP should be 100days. I got my EAD/AP after 107 days from the date I filed (after constant follow up and calls) and 3 weeks after that, greencard was approved. Total waiting time for both cards : 4months. It is a case to case basis but just make sure you have everything that they require in the packet to avoid delays. Sorry for the wall of text! Best of luck!
  5. Just updated our blog about our K1 visa process (after more than a year lol)! Here is the link: https://happilyhaberlafter.wordpress.com/2018/04/21/k1-visa-process


    Anyone's welcome to check it out especially those who are UAE-based.
    May God bless everyone!:jest:

  6. Yea. Don't worry. You are approved.
  7. The usual questions employers ask before they even hire people is 'Are you authorized to work in the US?' Authorized, meaning, you have the work permit on hand and can provide it when you're asked of it. If you do not have it yet, yet you say 'yes', then that's a lie. Like you said, you are not authorized to work yet until such time you have the EAD. E-verify is a tool that all US employers can use to check and verify whether the person applying for a job with them is authorized to work in the US. When you say 'you don't have to be verified until you actually start', I guess you are talking about the background checks. Background checks such as calling the applicant's previous employer , educational background, or whether the infos in the applicant's resume are legit are the ones that are covered in background checks. But E-verify is for trying to verify the employment authorization of the applicant. I tried to expedite my EAD too, and none of the criterias for expediting EAD lists "Job offer" on it. People can expedite EAD yes, I am not saying they couldn't, but to expedite it because of a job offer when the person clearly isn't authorized to work yet, then that's where the line is drawn. I am just concerned about some people who may think that it is the proper way. Besides, the links are from USCIS itself. I just posted it here out of concern. God bless you all!
  8. Hey guys! Just saw a new announcement at the USCIS website regarding work permits and social security #s. Form I-765 has been updated and they have changed it to let applicants apply for work permit and social security numbers simultaneously without visiting the SSA office. Now here's the part where people need to be cautious. I have seen people apply for jobs even without work permit. And once they are offered the job, they call USCIS and try to expedite their EAD application. Some were lucky to be approved, but this change that USCIS has just announced, will minimize, if not totally stop that from happening. Here is the link for that announcement: https://www.uscis.gov/news/news-releases/new-uscis-form-streamlines-process-obtain-work-authorization-document-and-social-security-number-simultaneously Here's an excerpt from that announcement: "..USCIS encourages all U.S. employers to verify the employment eligibility of all new hires through E-Verify." To sum it all up, once the employer realizes you do not have the proper documents to work here in the US, you are not going to be considered for the position regardless of whether the papers are being processed or not. You have to have the work permit ON HAND before you submit your resumes to employers. When asked whether you are authorized to work here in the US and you said 'Yes' but you do not have the work permit yet, then you basically lied to the employer. What is E-Verify? E-Verify U.S. law requires companies to employ only individuals who may legally work in the United States – either U.S. citizens, or foreign citizens who have the necessary authorization. This diverse workforce contributes greatly to the vibrancy and strength of our economy, but that same strength also attracts unauthorized employment. E-Verify is an Internet-based system that allows businesses to determine the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States. E-Verify is fast, free and easy to use – and it’s the best way employers can ensure a legal workforce. (Source: https://www.uscis.gov/e-verify) So if anybody plans to do that, apply for a job without permit and then try to expedite the work permit application once hired, think twice. If you would like to risk it, go ahead. Just know that one possible reason why this announcement has been made is because they have noticed people trying to expedite the application through getting a job. They have seen the trend, have noticed it. Be patient. You can do this!
  9. I started calling on the 81st day, they only made an SR for me on the 94th day I got approved for my EAD on the 107th day. As for my AOS, it was on Case Is Ready to be Scheduled for an interview when I started calling for the EAD. But I received a notification that my interview has already been scheduled a week before my EAD got approved.
  10. Some say it could take 4months and above. Others have been waiting for a year now. Mine took 1 month and 3weeks to get my interview scheduled. Best of luck!