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  1. Thanks Captain, after Randy’s reply I dawned on me that it might be the cookie. Do you have any idea what the name of the cookie that the site generates is? While cookies get a bad rap, I would prefer not to clear all my cookies.
  2. Thanks, it is possible it is something on my end but one of the other mods suggested I post it here.
  3. If I remember right, when they notified us of acceptance after our administration processing, they told us to send in my wife's passport but also told us we had the option to redo the medical as well. We could make the timeline work with the original medical so we just sent in the passport.
  4. I have been a member for a while and only occasionally visit. Here is my Issue. When I use Google Chrome only on my one personal computer, I get a Banned Message. Google Chrome on other computers or other browsers work fine. Right now I am using Microsoft Edge. How do I clear this? MY assumption is there may have been a virus maybe that attacked the site from Chrome? Any help from Admins or other types is appreciated.
  5. We went through the ROC process in 2013 but my wife was not on the mortgage on the house we bought after we were married. She was on the deed. What I have found was when you have a new(er) SSN, it complicates most financing for homes, cars, etc. No car loan we have taken out in the last 10 years has she been on the note even though her income is now a significant part of our family income. Just refinanced last year and she is now officially on the mortgage after 10 years of marriage.
  6. They might ask but the only way I could see that it would be relevant if they think somehow your first marriage was fraudulent and so you received your green card by a misrepresentation. Is your new wife a US Citizen? Is she from Nepal? The only way I see this is suspicious is if she came from Nepal and this may have been some form of long term plan. My guess is you will not have an issue. I would have a short explanation ready for the original divorce and the officer will move on. He may not even ask.
  7. Correct me here if I am wrong but either the K-1 or CR-1 Visa is only good for a maximum of 6 months once issued. (In many cases less due to medical/police clearances). And as others have said how long either a K-1 or CR-1 would take given the present situation is unclear. The disadvantage to the K-1 is depending on when it is actually issued the OP would be forced to move to the US within six months and have to stay until at least AP is granted. In my wife and my case, my expat assignment was ending after the expiration of her visa. What we did was go to Hawaii for a week where she 'immigrated' and then we returned to China to finish my assignment. We returned permanently less than six months later which is when she considers she 'moved' to the US. Not everyone would be able to afford multiple flights but the OP could do something similar giving them more flexibility.
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