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Found 24 results

  1. IR-5 DQed cases Waiting for IV Interview Letter at Mumbai, INDIA This topic is started to share the status and progress of IR-5 cases which have been DQed (Documentarily Qualified) and now waiting for getting the Interiew Letter from the NVC / Consulate . Notwithstanding the Ban on IR-5 till end of 2020 and hoping no further extension , all IR-5 applicants will be anxious to know their future . Therefore , all IR-5 applicants may share their information on following points - Priority Date , DQ date . Subsequently they may share progress of their respective case . They may also share their Interview Experiences . Such information will help all concerned members . Good Luck .
  2. April 18th 2019 ; Mailed form I-130 and all related documents to NVC Nov. 4th 2019; Approved and case opened (Documents sent to embassy in Ghana) Received Email in February 2020; Interview scheduled for April 9th 2020. Received Email in March 2020 ; Interview rescheduled to August 19th 2020 due to COVID. June 2020; All visas suspended until further notice. November 2020; Sent the embassy enquiries about case status. Auto message sent to me about visa interview suspension. March 2021; Another enquiry sent; Same auto message and the next day received email interview appointment on May 5th 2021. NB: New police certificate and new medicals required and done prior to interview. May 5th 2021; interview was done and dad granted the visa. Told to collect passport at DHL. Dad’s account of the Interview at the embassy in Accra Ghana 🇬🇭 * I got to the gate at about 5 min to my scheduled time of 7:00 am - I stood at a distance waiting for my clock to strike 7th hour - on the dot I moved towards the gate only to be called back by a police guard! The ensuing discourse: “Man, where’re you going?” ‘I’m scheduled for an interview here today’ “Well, it’s not time yet” ‘I was asked to be here @ 7:00 am 😲’ “Well, when the Embassy’s staff are ready they’ll come out with a list and call out the names. So you may have to join the crowd there (pointing towards the trees within the circle in the autoroute) and wait to be called” ‘Thank you sir!’ - We waited under the trees until at about 7:29 when I saw a security guard appear at the gate with a white sheet of paper in hand. - Then the police guard came to us with this invitation “The 7 o’clock and the 7:30 people, come on in” - The security guard asked for my appointment letter and passport - Having confirmed my name on the list he said “You can go in but your smart phones and smart watch would not be allowed in, go back and leave them somewhere and come” - ‘can’t I deposit them at the first security check?.....”No” he retorted. - After doing the needful I got through the security check Point and was directed to the main building door. - After the COVID-19 protocol hand wash I entered the main building. - a female receptionist again checked for my name on a list with her and directed me on to the waiting area. Then came the start of the process - A lady invited me to the booth, took my finger-prints and checked my documents; then she asked me to sit down and wait to be called. Then came the call “Mr _________, come to booth 8” The female voice sounded very friendly so I felt relaxed as I walked to booth 8 and we exchanged pleasantries. Ensuing discourse: *c/o - “Pls give me your documents” •Dad - ‘Here they are’ *c/o- “who is inviting you to the U.S?” •Dad- ‘my eldest son’😊 *c/o “is he married?” •Dad- no *c/o- “how long has he been in the USA?” Dad- ....answered! *c/o- what work does he do? Dad-.... answered c/o- “how many children do you have?” Dad- Three c/o- “ is your other son married?.” Dad- No c/o- “where are your other children?” Dad- all three are in the US c/o- where is your wife? Dad- she is in the US too c/o - So your son filed for her? Dad- no it’s the other way round 😊 c/o- How long has your son been in the US? Dad- ...answered c/o- How long has your wife been in the US? Dad- answered. c/o- did you go through another medical exam? Dad- Yes I did. c/o - where? Dad- AKAI CLINIC c/o- When was that?. Dad- Answered **c/o was nodding to his answers as she verified the information on her computer** c/o- have decided to give you a visa 😊 Dad- Thank you 😁 c/o then handed him a piece of paper with information on collection of passport through DHL. NOTE: Dad’s visa was verbally approved but I checked the status on https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?App=IV and shows visa was REFUSED 😳. First I panicked and then I read this on the website https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?App=IV. So it says refused but not under 221(g) so no further documents are required. It’s a new status for administrative processing meaning the visa is being processed until the status changes to ISSUED then we can contact DHL. Please let me know if anyone else had this status and how long it took for the visa to be issued? Thank you in advance 😊
  3. As of today, USCIS is processing AP's for Mid November 2020 at MSC. My mom's AP acceptance was June 30, 2020. We are almost at 10 months without the AP being approved. Submitted inquiry online on January 26 and it still has not been assigned to anyone yet (that is what it says online). Biometrics were done January 21. I did not appy for an EAD for my mom. She is 76 years old. This is fustrating. What should my next step be? My documents are being processed by the National Benefits Center......I think....I dont know if it was moved. All my forms (I-485, I-130 and I-131) had MSC as the prefix. What should I do next?
  4. Hi everyone, I am petitioning both my parents and just received the emails from the NVC with the case and invoice numbers for each parent. I just want to clarify -- do I pay just one AOS fee for both parents? I am referring to this line on the online form: -If you are a U.S. citizen with petitions for your unmarried son(s), unmarried daughter(s), and/or parent(s) also in process at the National Visa Center, you only need to submit one AOS Fee for this case and all Related Cases. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello all in the forum. I was Thinking about this, as parents are immediate relatives will there be a possibility of creating a petition to overturn the ban on parents IR5 and fiancé K1 on the EO. As the president claimed, the order can be amended within 30 days of it being issued on june 23rd and 60 days thereafter. the petition can go along the lines of no risk to US jobs from parents and because of the affidavit that we signed to support they are going to be taken care of by ourselves anyway. Suggestions.
  6. Good day all, All documents and fees were approved and completed on my IR5 on March 7th 2019. Notice from the NVC was that an interview would be scheduled at the Consulate and I would be notified by email or mail. Does anybody know what the approximate turnover times are for the interview? Can I expect an interview in April? Thank you!
  7. How to Ensure the Interview Date for Mother & Father is Same at Mumbai Consulate US Citizens’ parents are generally above 65 years of age . Their I-130 (IR-5) petitions are applied / approved seperately . It is desirable that the Parents who are Senior Citizens have the Interviews at the Consulate on the same day . How to ensure that the Interview is held for Mother and Father on the same day ? All concerned would like to know if the request for this must be made at the NVC stage itself in advance while filling DS.260 ? Is there any such option available ? Or later after two different Interview Dates are given by the Consulate ? Will the Consulate combine the dates , on our request ? How many days more ? All concerned VJ Members may like to share their views giving dates of NOA-1 , NOA-2 for one parent and when they got NOA-2 Approval for other parent . Your views please . Thanks . ----------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Hello everyone! Could you please advise how it is better to bring to the US my mom and her 20-year old son (my half brother). Do I need to file for my mom and then my brother will be automatically included into the process? He will turn 21 in October 2021. Do we have enough time? How to speed up the process? Or do I file for f4 sibling visa for him (but then it is like 15 years). Or is it better to file for my mom and then once she gets her green card, she would file for him (but it is again like 15 years). Thanks a lot!
  9. Hello, I am starting a thread to track I-130 for parents filed in May 2020. Please join the conversation and share your journey/process. I filed I-130 (with Consular processing) for both my parents online today, May 4th, 2020. Got IOE receipt numbers immediately.
  10. Are IR5 visa cases in NVC stage expire after a timeframe. My moms visa was processed by NVC but was not able to move forward to an interview for almost an year because of the visa issuance pause on the executive order?
  11. Is it true that you can not file for any immigrant for 10 years if you divorce a US citizen, who you were married to during naturalization (applied with 3 years rule)?
  12. Hello all. i have a question. my USC sister is planning to sponsor my mom to come to the US next yr. my mom lives with my half brother. she was never married to my dad nor to the dad of my brother. recently, my brother’s dad passed away from health problems. my question is, if my sister sponsor my mom, is she able to bring my half brother with her? there would be nobody who would watch over him if he has to be left behind. btw my brother is only 12 yrs old. thank you!
  13. Please can we get this petition signed to lift the ban on immigration into the USA until the end of the year. It’s only June and 6 months is not a joke in waiting to join with loved ones. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/cancellation-proclamation-suspending-legal-immigration-united-states-june-22-2020
  14. Hello, Can anyone please bring some light into my situation? I am confused by the travel ban on immediate family members-parent- of US citizens. My mother’s immigrant visa was approved in Dec. 2019 and is about to expire on June 12. I am flying to London tomorrow to accompany her to the US ( she is in a wheelchair and not speaking the language). According to the travel ban existing issued visas are exempt from the ban. Is that still true today? Anyone in a similar situation has traveled without any issues? I would greatly appreciate your inputs. Thank you so much.
  15. Recent Petition Approvals of IR-5 Cases Jan.2020 onwards This topic is started to share status of IR-5 Cases and their pregress . The US Citizens who have filed IR-5 petition for parents may share their dates of NOA.1 , NOA.2 , Priority dates . This way all concerned may know the progress of similar cases .
  16. How to Ensure the Interview Date for Mother & Father is Same US Citizens’ parents are generally above 65 years of age . Their I-130 (IR-5) petitions are applied / approved seperately . It is desirable that the Parents who are Senior Citizens have the Interviews at the Consulate on the same day . How to ensure that the Interview is held for Mother and Father on the same day ? All concerned would like to know if the request for this must be made at the NVC stage itself in advance while filling DS.260 ? Is there any such option avalable ? Or later after two different Interview Dates are given by the Consulate ? Will the Consulate combine the dates , on our request ? How many days more ? All concerned VJ Members may like to share their views giving dates of NOA-1 , NOA-2 for one parent and when they got NOA-2 Approval for other parent . Your views please . Thanks . ------------------------------------------------
  17. EO Suspending Immigration Visa for IR-5 , F1, F2A, F2B, F3, F4 etc. for 60 days – Clarification Needed. Does it mean stop processing of I-130 , at every stage ( USCIS , NVC , Consulate , Interview ) or only at the final stage of issuance of the IV . Clarification is required if I-130 processing for these categories will continue inside USCIS/NVC/Consulate internally but only issuance of Visa will be put on hold for 2 months . Therefore there will not be any delay in processing of I-130 at these stages ? Subsequently they will start issuing the visa after the Interview , after 60 days . Or otherwise they will drop out these cases all together at all levels and stop I-130 processing . So there will be delay at every stage ? ---------------------------------------------------------
  18. Parents of US Citizens who are generally Old age peoples above 65+ years have been left out in the current Executive Order . Are they not part of family ? Will they eat aways jobs of others . We all have filed I-130 for our respective parents with a hope to form our complete family . It is realy painful . This new topic is being created , so that affected persons can express / share their views .
  19. Hi All, Hope you are all staying safe during this crazy times. I have a question regarding approved IR5 visas (Parent of US Citizen) that are pending on medical exam results. Would this visa still be approved after the EO? My mom had her visa approved on 3/6/2020, her passport was kept at the consulate due to the approval BUT they are still waiting on her medical exam results to finalize the process. The lab results are due on 6/2/2020. The question is .... IS SHE STILL APPROVED? OR will she be banned for good after the 60 days? If any of you can please through some light into this I would appreciate. Thanks and good luck to us all
  20. I thought I would share our experience (so far) with an expedited interview request at the consulate in Ciudad Juarez. My wife is petitioning for her mom. Our NVC case closed date was in January 2019. Wife found out she was pregnant in April. Baby is due in January. We knew there was a big backlog but we hoped to receive appointment by November through the regular process. But 10 months and nothing. Finally, the week before Thanksgiving we sent an expedite request to the NVC inbox. Attached a doctor letter confirming the pregnancy and due date. About 5 days later we received notice that the expedite request had been approved and the case was being forwarded to the consulate in Juarez. About a week after that my wife received a call from the consulate (Mexican phone number) asking when she wanted to have the appointment. They gave her one for following week. About a day later, we got an email with the official appointment notice. Arrived here in Juarez on Tuesday. Had the ASC and medical today. The crowds were light because consulate is closed Wed and Thu this week. Interview is Friday.
  21. I can't find a thread with this topic so I started one. Last September 2017 , we filed a petition for my mom to become PR, case was sent to TEXAS Service Center, it only took us 6 months to wait for USCIS to approve my petition, My mom is here in the US already. Last August 2019, we also filed a petition for my husband's mom to come to US and expecting to get the NOA2 next month,but case was sent to NEBRASKA Service Center. I did a reserach, and it says there the processing time for I130 in Nebraska is about 12 to 19.5 months, why it's longer? Does anyone of you whose case was sent also to Nebraska? Does it really take a year or more to wait for NOA2?
  22. Hello all, I just get the the interview letter from NVC by email. Will that be enough to bring for medical exam or I have to wait the physical letter to arrive by mail? Thank you!
  23. I filed for both parents in ghana and below is my timeline: NOA1 - 07/05/2018 NOA2 - 02/27/2019 CASE SENT TO NVC: 03/05/2019 NVC CASE # ASSIGNED: still waiting I wanted to know how the below questions as i'm little nervous about this whole process what are some of the interview questions they can /ask your parents at the US embassy in Accra? what other documents do i need to provide apart from the ones listed at the NVC website? the reason i'm asking this is because the CO in Ghana can be hard on you sometimes
  24. Hello all, I just received an email from NVC stating that they will work with the embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia to get an interview date for my parent (IR5). Does anyone have any idea how long does it takes for the NVC to obtain the date? Thank you!
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