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Found 23 results

  1. As there is no post for April 2018 parents i130 on here yet, I would want to start this post so we can share our cases. im USC and petitioning for both patents. I130 forms sent 04/02/2018, received 04/04/2018, check cashed and case number received 04/10/2018. Nebraska service center. Thanks
  2. Good day all, All documents and fees were approved and completed on my IR5 on March 7th 2019. Notice from the NVC was that an interview would be scheduled at the Consulate and I would be notified by email or mail. Does anybody know what the approximate turnover times are for the interview? Can I expect an interview in April? Thank you!
  3. Hello everyone! It seems like there isn't a May 2018 I-130 thread for U.S. Citizens applying for parents through consular processing. I will be sending mom's application 5/24/18, right after I leave my Naturalization Ceremony everything is ready to go, just waiting on that certificate! From what I have been reading from last year threads, the whole process is taking around a year, give or take. I-130 approval seems to be around 6-8 months (it can be more or less, of course). Please share your input! Hope to talk to you all soon! Good luck to all of us!
  4. Here are some FAQ and other tidbits that may be useful to you. Be sure to visit your countries portal and click on the Consular Information and also Consular reviews. FAQ I just called and got Case Complete how long does it take to get the email as confirmation? Well, it has been taking 5 to 7 days to get case complete email from the date they Case Complete. How long after Case Complete will I get an interview? Okay, this is the BIG mystery of NVC. How it usually goes is the end of the month and the first week of the month they start scheduling for interviews for that upcoming month. Since January they have been pretty consistent starting about the last 2 days of the month and finishing that following first week of next month Do I have to call for my interview date? NVC has improved greatly since March. The interview letter now comes the day of schedule. So call if you want it's up to you. I know someone who got an interview in the middle of the month. How is that possible? Usually, when you see someone pop up with an interview outside the bunch it's usually the result of a cancellation or the embassy opening up a slot. Just because scheduling stops doesn't mean they filled up all slots. They may have more slots than appointments which is good. So someone gets case complete and immediately they get an interview. It happens. Remember every embassy has its own slots and schedule. Some like Mexico, Ghana are very busy with a long waiting list. Some like Yemen, well it may be a few months to get in. Iceland you get an interview immediately scheduled after case Complete. I need to change our interview date what do I do? Once you receive your interview date track your case file. Call NVC ask when your casefile left than you can follow the DHL instructions to the embassy. The contact your embassy (email is best) and ask to be rescheduled later, earlier just ask. What do I need to bring to the interview? When you receive your P4 Letter (Interview letter) it will have your personalized checklist of things to bring or not. It has been suggested because things have been lost between NVC and embassy to bring everything (Originals) to the interview so if they don't have at embassy you aren't delayed. It's up to you. It doesn't happen much but it does happen. How to expedite at NVC? Go to this link has good information on how to go about it. http://boureypeatnut...m/expedite.html Just to remind everyone to revisit the NVC Process Wiki, NVC Process Wiki ******************************* Once you get the interview letter to reference this. You must bring the following items to the visa interview: Any original documents the NVC requested that you did not submit (refer to the document list below) If the physician gives you your medical exam results, bring them to your interview in the envelope sealed by the medical office. Two passport photographs measuring 2 inches by 2 inches (5 cm by 5 cm) with a white background A valid unexpired passport Photocopies of all civil documents A new police certificate from your current country of residence, if you obtained the police certificate more than one year ago. Any additional documents listed in the U.S. Embassy or Consulate specific interview guidelines ******************************************************** For those who want to request an earlier interview date here is a template written up by our own TeaCup. Thank you TeaCup for the Template on how to notify the embassy ******************************************************** Petitioners Name Petitioners Date of birth Beneficiary's Name Beneficiary's Date of birth NVC Case # To whom it may concern, My name is ********* I am writing to you in order to request an earlier interview. I have originally been scheduled for an Immigrant interview at (name of the embassy and give date) I have completed the required medical exam and I have all the necessary documents necessary for the interview and I am ready. If it is at all possible for an earlier interview date to be scheduled for me it would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time Sincerely. **************** Address & Phone Number ************************************************************** CEAC.state.gov Check My Visa Application Status: Status Wiki Thank you, SoerenHelmer, https://docs.google....Min35W08WU/edit ************************************************************** How to pay the Green Card Production fee of $220 on the Elis system. NO NEED FOR ACCESS CODE, that is for other procedures like getting a copy of a green card, etc. 1. Create the ELIS account here: https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/ 2. Go here to pay a fee: https://www.uscis.go...g-online-filing 3. Click to pay the USCIS immigrant fee icon. 4. Click "continue" at the bottom. 5. Enter the Alien Number and the NVC or DOS case. Use the same email you used on the ELIS account. This is critical to enable your created ELIS account to receive your payment information. 6. You will get an email confirming your payment. 7. When you log again on the ELIS account, you will see your case number. (It is added automatically). 8. Login into your ELIS account to track or check the status of your Green Card. Note: Green Card process starts when an immigrant enters the USA and is processed at POE. ******************Tips about your getting your SSN****************** If you don't have your SSN card within 21 days of your POE, go IN PERSON to your local SSA office and see if your application was forwarded by the Immigration officer. It only works about 50% of the time when you tick the box on the DS-260. As soon as you have your SSN you may work. Your passport visa and the immigration stamp is the equivalent of your green card.
  5. Hello everyone, Kumusta? My I-130 petition for my mother has been approved, now I'm on the process of gathering necessary docs for her. My Mom was a resident in Spain before. Now with that being said, I know that we have to provide a Spanish police certificate as part of the requirements in obtaining the visa (NVC stage). Does anyone of you here had an experience or any ideas on how to obtain a Spanish Police Certificate? .................Online or Post mail? ......................Which one is easier: Me filing for her or Mom filing for herself? Thanks in advance....MABUHAY!
  6. Hello everyone, it has been 5 years since my last post and again I would like to thank this forum for making. My and my mom’s visa journey Faster and easier. My stepdad who was married to my mom since I was 8 finally decided to come here to the US. He will be retiring soon from work in Dubai. our question is, would it be faster/better if I (usc) would file an Ir5? Or... my mom (lpr of almost 5years—hint hint we are filing her usc citizenship next year) should file a cr1? Looking at the timeline, it seemed like it would take a minimum mov 2 years before my stepdad can get his visa process. My issue would be, if I would petition for stepdad through ir5, would this affect my later plans of petitioning my bio dad (who I also have a very good relationship with)? if my mom would petition for my stepdad as an lpr, should she even apply for a us. Citizenship when she becomes eligible? Or should she just wait for my stepdad to get here? and if she does Becomes a citizen, would that affect the timeline of petition cr1? And the pending pending petitions of my siblings via f2a? thanks in advance! jomay
  7. Hi All, Just wondering if any of you have similar situation, my mother visa is IR5 (Parent of US Citizen) and she is based in New Delhi, but NVC has schedule her interview in MUMBAI (BOMBAY) in last week of March 2018, and now the question is can she do medical examination with an approved panel physician in New DELHI (MAX – Lajpat Nagar) or she has to visit Mumbai (Rele Clinic) for medical also. Please advise if anyone of you have similar situation Thanks, N
  8. Hello, I recently applied for my parents. My Case Status: Currently at NVC. Already choose an Agent and Paid for the ASO. Can one of you please provide me clarification on below items. Do I need to send 2 sets of ASO and other documents to NVC? (Father and mother) Can I send them in one USPS envelope? Do I have to submit form 260 for both my father and mother or only one form 260? Do I need send two sets of ASO forms to NVC? NVC assigned two case number to my parents (one to father another to mother) my parents will have the interview together or separately? What are the other supporting documents should I submit to NVC? Please guide me through the overall process and feel free to add your suggestions. Also, I have a younger brother who is 17 years old. Can he come with my parents if yes what is the procedure? Thanks in advance for your time and help Especially thanks to visa journey for making everything so smooth and easy.
  9. Hi Everyone, Quick question. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in the Philippines. She refused to get treatment in the Philippines and she rather come here in the U.S to do it. 5 of my siblings resided here and we will do anything to get her treated ASAP. I'm US citizen and I submitted her I-130 today. I wonder if it's possible to expedite her case as her condition is chronic and need treatment right away. How long do you think it will take? Thanks, Mariane
  10. Hello good day! I want to ask if someone has experience here, stayed more than 180 days in other country and didnt received green card but have her passport stamp. can you still re-enter united states? My mother in-law has an issue about this coz she has her medical reason that's why she stayed for more than 180 days in our country. (Philippines) she didnt receive her Green Card because they send it to other address/house. That’s why we request again her NEW CARD, but USCIS needs her Biometrics but she still in the philippines. She has a passport stamp.
  11. Hi everyone, I just have one question regarding the pre-interview check list for IR5 visa. My mother just got the interview date for the visa and one of the check list says to bring original or certified birth certificate for all children of the principle applicant, even he or she is not accompanying. What does that mean? Is it actually for the children that are not U.S. Citizen or it is just asking for all children birth certificate regardless? Thank you for you guys time. This forum is more than awesome. Hopefully someone can clarify this.
  12. Hi all, Finally graduated from n400 section over to here. Thanks for all the great info on visajourney. I am going to start petition for my parents to come live with us. Below are a few initial questions I have, and hope they can get answered. My stepfather has been living with us ever since I was 11, even though my parents didn't get legally married until I was 20. I understand for me to petition for him, their marriage has to happen before I turned 18, but is there anyway we can claim this as common law? My parents are visiting for the next 4 months on B1/2, can I do AOS while they are here on B1/2? Or should I wait until they go back to home country and then start I130? Say option 1 doesn't work, then if my mom will have to petition for my stepfather once she gets her GG. And this will be F2A visa? F2A may take 2 years or plus to get approve. Can my stepfather still come to visit us with his valid B1/B2 visa? Thank you!
  13. Hi, guys. I petitioned my mom last year and her papers got approved a couple months ago. I have paid all the fess and I am now filling out the DS 260 online for her. I got confused about the child immigrating question. I put all of my brother and sisters name on the form. My 16 years old sister lives with me here in the U.S and she is on a student visa. My mom is planning on applying my lil sis a green card as soon as she gets hers. I don't know what to answer on this questions for my mom DS 260 Q: Is this child immigrating to the US with you? (My lil sis is here already in the U.S with me on F1 visa) A: Yes or No Q: Is this child immigrating to the US at a later date to join you? A. Yes or No Any help with this matter would be very appreciated Thank you so much.
  14. Hello, My wife is sponsoring her mother and father to come to the US. One of the IR5/ I-864 requirements was valid unexpired passport of the parents. Do they need all the pages or just the main page with the name, birthday, etc.?
  15. I, the husband, already filled out the I-864a since I am my wife's spouse and the sponsor. Now, on the I-864 that my wife fills out, which of these does she check off? She currently is just the petitioner and has no job/ income.
  16. Hello, If my wife's mother is listed in Part 2 - Principal Immigrant of the I-864, does the mother need to be listed again in Part 3 Family Member as Family Member 1 and her husband as Family Member 2?
  17. I submitted my sponsor's 2016 Tax documents to NVC in December 2017 (before Tax season for the Year 2017 opened). My interview has now been set for Mid-April in 2018. The checklist for the interview says to bring updated tax information, so does that mean my sponsor has to file Tax for the Year 2017 and give them to me so that I could take it to the interview? or should the Tax document I submitted to NVC (the Year 2016) be enough? Please reply ASAP.
  18. Hi! I am just wondering if anyone here could help. My brother (US Citizen) is petitioning our mom in the Philippines. To cut the chase, she already have her interview date scheduled. The case is, my mom is divorced by my dad here in the US but in the Philippine law, she is still married. However, when my brother filed for petition, her marital status is DIVORCED, even on her DS-260. I am just wondering if she still needs to bring her marriage certificate or just the marriage termination documents? Thank you so much in advance!
  19. Hi all When do we get EAD/AP card? After NOA1 of I-130 or NOA2? I guess it is NOA2, correct? Thanks!
  20. My dad has his interview in Ciudad Juarez for his immigrant visa in a few weeks. Just wondering if he needs to bring notarized translations to English of his civil documents to his interview. His documents are in Spanish. TIA
  21. Hi All, I filed for I-130 for my mom (IR5 visa) last July and it went to Nebraska Service Center. I would like to have everyone's thoughts concerning my "extended visit" to the Philippines. I am planning to leave March next year and stay in the Philippines until my mom could fly back with me to the States. I will be travelling with a 14-month old baby and a 4-year old by myself.I thought it would be convenient if I'd have my mom fly back with me to make the load easy and also, I'd like to make the trip easy for her as she has never been out of the country before. So, my concern is the possibility that I'd be asked to provide proof of domicile in the US if I'll stay say, 5 or 6 months. I know the term extended is not very straightforward. Its definition will depend on the perception of the consular officer. I have to go home. I am getting so depressed and my husband's family isn't so dependable. His parents are old and siblings pretty much live separate lives. I don't have any family here. Husband can't help a lot because he has to gear up for USMLE step 1 exam on June next year. He's in med school. Anyways, I will make sure to bring a copy of our house's deed of sale, utility bill, bank statement, my voter's ID and state ID, tax return, and tax bill. Will that suffice to convince the officer that I don't have any intentions of living in the Philippines? With the rate of how things are going in Nebraska, my mom's case will probably be forwarded to NVC by March and she might not have her interview until 5 months after that (looking at the worst case scenario). By then, I shall have been staying in the Philippines for say six months. I am just trying to anticipate everything that could possibly go wrong I guess, not to be pessimistic but to be prepared as much as I can. I wouldn't want to smack myself for something I easily could have done but I didn't. I'd appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you all in advance.
  22. Hi there. I have a question. Next May 2018, I will graduate from my master's degree program and it is the time when I will be likely to have become a naturalized citizen. I would like my mother to move to the US and live with me. However, since I will not be working in May (i.e. unemployed), would my petition for IR5 be rejected? Thank you very much.
  23. hello. i just want to inquire if i can go anytime in the CFO office since my grandmother is exempted from the seminar. or should i still follow same specific day time schedule of the seminar