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  1. It doesn't ask for that. It only states it as an option among a list of options to show evidence.
  2. If you show transcripts of last year, then that's the end of the investigation. You don't have to volunteer and say, "BTW, I'm not longer workering, deny me" I don't know why so many people are recommending pay stubs. It's not good as transcripts.
  3. Both if neither of you meet the requirements and you are combining your incomes to meet the limit. But I assume you only need one person to do so. But if that one person doesn't pass the income requirements by a good margin, I'll file both to make it look better. my mistake
  4. Officially, you do nothing until the embassy contacts you. No reason to be rushing to file documents that takes a day to do weeks in advance when they haven't asked you to do so yet. To get a good idea how long the wait will be, you should visit forums related to your country. Many countries are different. It's going to take atleast a month or more for them to process it and ship it and for the embassy to receive it for many countries. And on top of that, the embassy has to go over it and then contact you when they are ready for you to start the process. If anything, the best thing to do is research how to get the police certificate and birth certificate (and divorce, death certificate from past relationship and proof of being able to be married if your country does that) and if there's any special requirements for them. Like in our country, the requirements had to be that the documents couldn't be more than 3 months old. And also, get any documents saying you have vaccines before or they will make you take vaccines you may have already had for the medical exam. I would add, if the wait seems unusually long, i would contact NVC just to keep in contact. And if they say they sent it, I would contact the embassy too if it's unusually long just to keep on contact.
  5. Don't put deceased. Can't background check "deceased". Just put the current information of when they died. And the only information they ask for that would matter on this subject is country and city.
  6. This post just shows a problem here of too much advice on doing things without waiting for instructions. People flood the net with information to cheat the system to get a skip in line when some of those tricks really only work in certain countries. But people give this advice as general advice for all.
  7. You are unemployed but will you make enough money this year to get over the 29k(?) threshold? Whatever it is. If so, than all you need is your tax transcripts to show you made enough.
  8. Oh really. I gave my fiancée >>>ONLY<<< my tax transcripts and she got her visa the very next day also. So what is the common denominator in both our stories? 😆
  9. Evidence of past income is evidence of current income. Hell, in your view, your paystubs is past income. It's income you made months or weeks ago. If what you think its true, you would find tons of people who only used their transcripts (which is recommended) and getting a 221g to show proof of paystubs. I doubt you would but I bet you would find it so the other way around. It's just flat-out bad advice and also a ton of unnecessary work when all is required is a quick download from the IRS
  10. I didn't say tax returns, I said tax transcripts. And tax transcripts are better evidence than anything else you can show because it shows what you made in a year's time and is evidence provided by the IRS, a government institution. And it shows how much you actually made in a year after any tax deductions. And it's a document that consulars are trained to look at and is easily looked at. Focusing on paystubs is bad advice unless someone didn't earn enough income in the previous year. And it's just going to open you up to more scrutiny. It just sounds sketchy too.
  11. You haven't even scheduled a medical exam yet or got the instructions and how to do that. The interview is the last thing to do. You need to get all your documents and medical exam first. You will get instructions on how to do all that. Or you can cheat the system and ask people how to do it in your country BEFORE you get the real instructions and hope they gave you the best advice
  12. I just read yesterday that border security has procedures for just the thing. You can even get a passport stamped that expires before you come, get a new passport, and then bring both to border security. lol
  13. 1. Why are they using pay stubs? Only use pay stubs if your taxes of last year are not enough but you want prove you can make it for the current year. Am I assume some embassies will still ask for transcript. Transcript is the best evidence. 2. You will pay $265 dollars at the embassy and whatever your embassy doctor charges. 3. You will get a packet telling you everything you need, and possibily with special instructions. Like the country we did ours required the documents be less than 3 months old. The govt has a website stating country requirements, but my WIFI is too weak for me to go finding it. But it will be police report and birth certificate for sure. And proof of divorce and probably death certificate of dead husband/wife 4. The NOA1 Approval is meaningless after NVC takes over. Your case will be using a whole different number. The DS-160 conformation page it's more important and needed 5. Probably not, but just wait for your instructions. 6. IRS transcripts
  14. I filed for my fiancée myself (no lawyers). Didn't get one RFE or any other problems. All I did was read the instructions, followed directions, researched the topic online. I want to say that I think most of the advice online is geared toward the worst scenarios or high red flag countries. I did a lot of things that seemed "risky" by others but had no problems. I treated this like feeling out any other government forms. I only gave what was necessary. 1. I only had 4 pictures for my petition at USCIS. A lot of people said you needed a ton of pictures. And pictures were the only proof of relationship I sent. I did state, however, that the reason I didn't have a lot of pictures was because I video recorded most of the time there. 2. I didn't write some long love story for the petition on how we met. I think it was probably 4 sentences. 3. I filed 2 months after meeting in person for the 1st time. 4. My second meeting was the day BEFORE the scheduled interview. So I didn't do a ton of meetings to boost chances. 5. I only added 3 pictures of the same night (in the same clothes) to the interview evidence 6. I added only a screen shot of the 1st few messages a month for a year on Facebook 7. I added receipts of all the money transfers I sent. Many people here say that is bad 8. I added evidence of dowry being paid to the parents. Many people say that is bad, but I think that's only in countries where it's a law that dowry means marriage. 9. I went to chew the embassy out for confusion over the interview (they canceled our interview but rescheduled it the following week over some disorganization on their end. But I was under the impression that they were saying it was a mistake I did.) It's the American way LOL But I will add that, which I assumed to be logically correct, that we were an "easy" case. 1. A poor country but not a red flag country or even a country were many people immigrant from. 2. We both are never married and never had children 3. Same race (black) 4. 12 year age difference but 29 and 41. I'm gonna pay it forward and stay on this site to help other people
  15. Here's some more info for you. Port of Entry reviews have a lot of people saying they went into the citizen line together (in atlanta atleast). I'm planning to do the same Atlanta US Port of Entry Reviews (visajourney.com)
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