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  1. Yes, I understand. Unfortunately Duterte is in panic mode and it's a Mongolian cluster***k there. They change the rules daily, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. Of course I am already vaccinated and I could not bring the disease to the Philippines and I could not catch it there...but the bureaucrats there have their heads in the sand while their people starve. It's so sad really. The Filipino people really need to get foreigners there spending money. The ironic thing is they claim they are worried that visitors would bring fake vaccination cards. Pretty funny since there are more "fixers" in the Philippines than there are in all of Nigeria, creating fake documents. What a joke!!!
  2. Looks like Sad Francisco to me...yet another hellhole and armpit of the world... San Francisco, CA 447 Sutter St, 6th Floor, San Francisco CA 94108 Tel: 415.433.6666 | Fax: 415.421.2641 Website: www.philippinessanfrancisco.org Jurisdiction: Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Northern California, Northern Nevada, Utah, Washington State, Wyoming But whichever consulate we register the "marriage abroad" it will be Philippines consulate. Isn't someone going to check somewhere along the way and they will see I am (according to the draconian laws of the PI) still married in the PI? My fiance has a CENOMAR already. This is all so confusing...Philippines is one gigantic Mongolian clus$#@f&&k!
  3. CFO CLASS Here's another problem with the Philippines??? Two (2) original valid identification cards with photograph (see samples below);(Got these) Duly completed guidance and counseling form to be secured at the CFO; If married in the Philippines, original Certificate of Marriage on security paper from the Philippine Statistical Authority (PSA); If married overseas, original Report of Marriage duly registered by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate or the Department of Foreign Affairs; (Oh, Oh. CFO requires PI registration of marriage even if married overseas! (Utah Zoom wedding while we are both in Philippines. Wedding Officiant will be physically present in Utah county as required by law.) Payment of PhP400.00 counseling and registration fee. Additional documents may be required in the event that the counselor determines it to be essential to complete the guidance and counseling process. It is advised for all the GCP applicants to prepare the following documents (if applicable to them) in advance and bring these documents when they come to CFO: Divorce decree/certificate (of Filipino spouse or foreign spouse, if previously married) (I have this) Annulment paper (of Filipino spouse or foreign spouse, if previously married) (I do not have this, married in PI 2012 Divorced in USA 2020) Proof of residency/Alien Registration Card-ARC (of foreign spouse) Proof of relationship (picture together, e-mails, among others)( Will have these once I get to PI) Death certificate (of Filipino spouse or foreign spouse, if widow/widower) Certificate of Family relations / registration (of foreign spouse) Additional registration requirements for those with visa: Original valid passport; Original valid visa Original Immigrant Data Summary (please do not detach fromyellow packet) for US-bound emigrants, except for K visa holders; Original Confirmation of Permanent Residencefor Canada-bound emigrants; Original Visa Grant Notice for Australia-bound emigrants; Original Certificate of Eligibility for Japan-bound emigrants; Original CFO Guidance and Counseling Certificate (if already attended the GCP); and Duly completed emigrant registration form. Why is it that the Philippines has to control the entire world? They have their hands in everything...probably yet another revenue stream for the PI not including all the monies paid to fixers. If they require PI registration of marriage conducted via zoom in Utah I am screwed. They will see that I am married in the Philippines already even though I am officially single and DIVORCED (USA divorce) in every other country on the planet. What if we do zoom wedding as planned and PI refuses to give her CFO class because the marriage is not registered in the Philippines? Then we will really be screwed because USCIS will recognize us as being married, if we even get to that point and Philippines will not give my fiance the CFO class????? Any help is appreciated, Aloha, David O
  4. Please understand I am wondering where you are getting your information from. Of course, I hope you are wrong but maybe you know something I don't. I have heard that the PI is working on allowing foreigners in who are fully vaccinated to enter and this hopefully will happen by July 1 to mid-July..I hope you are wrong. Of course no one knows because PI keeps changing the rules daily. I just saw an article that less than 3% of Filipinos have been vaccinated to date. That is a terrible track record and it's no wonder the pandemic is out of control there right now. Of course I, having been vaccinated, cannot bring the disease to the Philippines nor can I catch it nor can I transmit it to anyone else. So Duterte is losing his mind as his people literally starve and suffer. I guess we'll have to just wait and see.
  5. Aloha Ruben, I just realized this was you. This is your friend from Maui, David. Gonna try it again. Once, if ever the Philippines opens again. Good luck on your progress.
  6. Consummation before, during or after?? Hahaha I think we can get that taken care of once we are married. 😁 So in theory we could get married virtually in "Utah" legally while we are both in the Philippines? We could then have a virtual wedding ceremony in wedding garb in the Philippines? With her friends and family present? In a wedding gown and an "official wedding with bridesmaids, etc?? I know USCIS has in the past seen photos of a wedding and it has been a problem but I suppose that would only apply if we were applying for a fiance visa. So here is what I am thinking, I get to the Philippines, we arrange for a UTAH virtual wedding. We all log in from my fiances home town and get legally married and this will not be a problem for USCIS? We could then have what appears to be a wedding in the Philippines (makes her friends and family very happy) which will actually be recorded in Utah. Sonds like the best of both worlds. We don't have to leave the Philippines then. Am I crazy or is my thinking straight on this matter?
  7. Just read an article. But does USCIS accept online virtual marriages now? I know a few years back they did not. Has that changed?
  8. Well... that sucks. We are hoping for August or September or at the very latest early October. I have flight reservations to arrive in PI on Aug 12 and depart PI on Oct 15. Hopefully things open up in time. Or we will have no choice but to hold off and plan a second visit to do the marriage/wedding ceremony. Aloha, David O
  9. Yeah I know and Duterte seems to change the rules on an hourly basis. I have been vaccinated but my fiance has not. She is trying to find the vaccine in PI but so far has no luck.(No surprise) It would be a disaster if we managed to get to Honk Kong and then the Philippines wouldn't let her return due to a lack of vaccination.
  10. Awesome, thanks for the tips. Yeah I just wasted two weeks thinking we could marry in Bali but that turns into a nightmare because they have archaic regulations regarding marriage. Like the Philippines Mahalo, David O
  11. My fiances family have given me permission to take her out of country because they understand that we can't be married in the Philippines. Of course I will have to go to her home town (province) for a few days before we fly off together to prove to the family that I am serious and legit. We spend lots of time chatting online with her family member present. We are hoping to have a "blessing" back in her hometown after we are married overseas and plan on about 100 guests for a reception. Very affordable in the Philippines. Thanks for the input. Aloha, David O
  12. Can you direct me to the lawyer you guys used? Or anything else? 550 seems reasonable to me Aloha, David O
  13. Sorry late reply: Any ideas on who I contact in Hong Kong to arrange the marriage ahead of time so we don't have to stay there for weeks on end? (Yes, I was a boy scout, always prepared) Any help will be greatly appreciated. David O Aloha and Mahalo
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