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  1. Got the "interview scheduled" online status on 2/8 Letter came on the mail on 2/13 Interview scheduled for 3/18 Most people seem to be about a month out, it was more like a month and a half for me
  2. I see many people sending different cheques. We sent a sngle cheque for the total and it went through. Just make sure you do a cashier's cheque or a money order. Many people try to do credit card and it gets rejected.
  3. I did not send one. I sent copies of all my university diplomas but not high school diploma and I think I got away with it (I-485 ready to be scheduled for interview atm)
  4. I was in the same situation: had chickenpox as a child but no paperwork to prove it. Surgeon told me he believed me but that it was his signature on the line so I'd either get the vaccine or the antibody test. I got the vaccine on the spot because it was faster/cheaper.
  5. Right; I cannot really justify significant material loss to expedite the process so that's another reason I thought it would be pointless to request it.
  6. If she has no immunization records, the Civil Surgeon will likely make her either get the required shots or run antibody tests. You will have to pay for it if it's not covered by insurance. You can probably go to a CVS/Walgreens and get many of the shots for cheaper (and they may work better with insurance so you may get some of them covered). In my case, I had a similar issue but at a smaller scale: while I managed to get an official translation of my immunization record and brought it to the medical appointment, I noticed I never got the chickenpox (varicella) immunization, because I got the disease as a child (and you become immune after contracting it). There was no official record of me contracting the disease anywhere because my pediatrician at the time passed away some years ago and the office closed down. The Civil Surgeon told me he believed me but it's his signature on an official document blablabla so he told me I would either get the shot or antibody test. He told me the shot was quicker and cheaper (can do it on the spot and he can sign the document on the spot), so I just ended up paying for it and getting it during the appointment.
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