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  1. Have you tried adding them on US citizen's insurance? We were able to do that even while I was still in Canada (October 2019) with marriage as qualifying life event. It worked out for us because I then had insurance when I came in March 2020 as B2 visitor shortly before lockdowns. Ended up staying and adjusting status and had coverage while waiting through my husband's employer.
  2. You're definitely allowed to switch to AOS! I came to visit my husband in March 2020 while waiting on consular processing. We were DQ in April 2020. Montreal consulate in Canada closed and there was no movement. My return flight was cancelled, but I also decided to stay and wait out the closures for a bit. In June, we decided to file for AOS. It felt like starting over, but it allowed us to be together. I was worried about questions regarding intent at the AOS interview, but it didn't even come up. Our interview was straightforward and I now have my GC. Just have to consider cost and waiting times with AOS. It's tough being unemployed and unable to get a driver's license, etc. while waiting. But you'll be together! Good luck.
  3. Our IO was saying something similar to us at the interview. I filed in June 2020, and did my medical in July 2020, interviewed in February 2021. He was saying something about the medical needing to be certified within 60 days or something by USCIS. And my response was....I got the I-693 deficiency letter which clearly states DO NOT MAIL, but bring to the interview, which is what we did. Fortunately, it was accepted in the end...he said something to the effect of "under the circumstances, we'll accept it." But I'm pretty sure my medical was valid despite what IO was saying. I posted about this in the June filers forum and got similar responses about the medical being valid as long as it wasn't done more than 60 days PRIOR to filing, and then it's good for 2 years!! FROM when the civil surgeon signs....nothing to do with USCIS reviewing it within a certain period. Anyway, I'm sorry your medical wasn't accepted AND that it was on the outdated form. Hopefully the civil surgeon who did the medical will redo it free of charge. Good luck!
  4. I would get your brother-in-law to start working on the birth certificate or order through whatever online service is available. You still have time! Sometimes you can order them and then call to expedite that process (for a fee). He could scan and upload it to you so that you have a copy to mail. And then get the original shipped to you with registered or certified mail. Good luck!
  5. Can you fill out your timeline? It looks like Philadelphia was interviewing people with Feb 2020 biometrics this Feb 2021...so they're quite behind. https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/aoslist.php?cfl=0&op1=3&op2=d&op3=&op4=3&op5=&op6=&op8=Philadelphia PA&xfr=&vtype=0&interview=
  6. I submitted 3 AR-11s online before it finally "took." I would check on the live chat to confirm your address has been changed. If not, they could open a service request or they may just ask you to resubmit.
  7. Mine is finally coming in the mail today. I had to wait a couple weeks for an in-person appointment, which was last Thursday.
  8. How do I get my status to change from AOS (pending) to AOS (approved)? I figured it'd be automatic when I entered Green Card Approval date, but it hasn't.
  9. On page 3 you can see the filing dates for those who are getting biometrics appointment in Seattle. It *looks* like you might be soon. Your RFE may have delayed that some too, not sure. https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/aoslist.php?cfl=0&op1=3&op2=d&op3=&op4=2&op5=&op6=&op8=Seattle WA&xfr=&vtype=0&interview= 🤞
  10. This doesn't answer your question, but if he entered the US with the plan to propose and marry and adjust status, that is a big red flag as he entered on a tourist visa with the intent to immigrate. Just a heads-up!
  11. Yes. Mine case status updated to "Card being produced" the day of the interview. The next day it said "Case approved." You'll also get updates when card is mailed and delivered. Congratulations!
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