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  1. I just submitted my I-130's today so I know I'm in for a long wait. While I do still own a house in the US and use it for my mailing address I live primarily overseas with my wife. I come back to the US to my house for two weeks every two months or so for work. I did file a G-1145 e-notification of Application/Petition acceptance form so I will at least know when my I-130's are accepted. My question is once I have that notification, receipt number and instructions on how to get updated case information is there anything that will come only in the mail and not electronically? The Package 3 comes to mind. I read here on VJ that will come to the residence address overseas. We have never, ever received a piece of mail since we have lived at that address. Do they use (in my case) Vietnam post to deliver it? I'm skeptical of the reliability of Vietnamese mail. Are there any other documents, forms, etc that will physically come to my US mailing address only and not electronically that I need to watch for? I'm concerned about lost time in the process waiting for my return to the US for paperwork between visits just to pick up a document.
  2. After reviewing again there isn't anywhere to even list the father of a stepchild on the I-130. I was confusing it with the I-130a which does as the parents of the spouse. Juggling back and forth on the forms lead to the error.
  3. Yes, this is what prompted my initial post. I thought I would check that and fill out the preparer section. Thanks for confirming.
  4. I did read those instructions. Actually the instructions you stated above in bold say that they don't have to sign it but the first line states that "he or she must complete". Nowhere does it say that the spouse can do it for them. That is why I was asking.
  5. I typed all of my wife's information as she provided it to me and hand lettered the "N/A" portions of the hard copy of the I-130a form for my wife who is overseas. Would it be correct for me to complete section 6 as the person who is preparing this form? Seems obvious but I don't want a simple mistake that is easily avoided. Also, should I write anything in the signature line such as "N/A, overseas applicant" or just leave the signature line blank? What about the date below the signature line? Should I still put in the date for an unsigned application? Finally, on Section 9 for additional information it says to type or write the name at the top and sign and date at the bottom. Should I just write in her full name at the top and not do anything about the signature or date at the bottom?
  6. He is not listed anywhere on any paperwork. Not on birth certificate and they were never married. We are going to list his name on the i-130 since she does know who the father is and I do not want a material error on the application but beyond that we are going to try to go with JasonGG's plan. Hopefully the worst that could happen is they have an RFE and another interview if they push for a signed affidavit from father, if we can even find him.
  7. My wife just got her daughter a passport last week. When she went to the office they asked about the father's name being blank on the application. She just told them that he's never been in the picture and they just said "OK " and issued the passport. It should arrive this week. The letter is proving to be a challenge. She doesn't know how to contact him, doesn't know how she can even get the letter chopped by the government as nobody has any knowledge of him being the father so how would they be able to approve that. Since there is no record at all of the thater she literally could have any man of the correct age sign a letter and nobody could prove or disprove that it was him or not. Of course we would never do that but you could see how easy it would be to do. On the VIetnam regional forum another poster had the exact same situation. They just went to the interview and the interviewer asked about the missing name for the father and they also said the same thing - he's never been in the picture - and they were approved so I think we are going to at least try to go that route. He isn't listed anywhere on anything at all with the Vietnam government. That said we are going to list his name on the I-130. If they don't approve her wouldn't it likely just be an RFE and another interview?
  8. I don't know yet. Neither has had contact for 11 years. It was very rural Vietnam so he could be unreachable. I'll talk to her tonight. I found this on another thread: And yes, the biological father of the child will need to give his consent. Just have him write something really simple, along the line "My name is XYZ, I was married to Ms [your wife] from [date] to [date]. My wife has since remarried after our divorce, and wishes to bring our son [name of son, DOB] to live with her new husband [your name] in the US. I have no objection to my son relocating to the US with his mother and stepfather." Then have the biological father take it to the UBND where he lives and ask them to put their seal on it. Of course there is the inevitable "coffee money" to make it happen quicker. If he does it right, he'll be in and out of the UBND office in 10 minutes. Have him do the document in 3 originals: one for him to keep, one to send to the US to you, and one for your wife because she'll have to produce the original when she goes to the interview. I work as a volunteer at a non-profit that helps folks from VN. 90% of our caseload consists of people who want to do family reunification so I know this stuff intimately. Some of the lawyers and "consultants" who handle this stuff are so incompetent it's laughable. And they charge thousands of dollars for stuff you can easily handle yourself. P.S.: in case you're not Vietnamese or are not familiar with Vietnamese acronyms: UBND= The People's Committee, the local government office that handles everything administrative, especially taking bribes, CMND= National ID card.
  9. I posted this in the CR-1 section but thought it was region-specific so posting here. I am a USC and wife is Vietnamese. We live in Vietnam but starting paperwork for CR-1 visa. Wife has a 12 year old daughter who lives with us. She was never married to the father and father's name is not listed on birth certificate. From researching this it looks like we should at least list his name on the 1-130 as the father but do we need any permission signed by him to remove daughter from Vietnam? I can't find anything at all about this online. Father hasn't had any contact for 11 years and never paid any support. Anyone familiar with this situation?
  10. Based on pushbrk's comment above and other searching of old threads here we should list his name as the father even if not on the birth certificate. That part is understood. What I need to know now is will we need any permission form signed by him to take her daughter out of Vietnam? Does he have any parental rights that need to be waived? If he does need to sign something what happens if we can't find him?
  11. Sorry, I should have stated. Wife is from Vietnam.
  12. What, if anything, is needed for approval for my wife's daughter to come to the US with regard to permission from the bio-dad? They were never married and the section on the birth certificate for "father" is blank. Only my wife's name is listed. Wife and daughter has not seen bio-dad for more than 10 years. My wife doesn't even know how to contact him.
  13. Thank you both. I thought that was the case based on something I had read earlier, but I wanted to be sure.
  14. When filing two I-130 forms and my wife's I-130a at the same time for her and her daughter do I build two separate packages and duplicate all of the supporting documentation for each one or is one set of supporting documentation correct? Also do I need to submit two $535 checks or is one for $1,070 correct? Going to be sending to Chicago this week.
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