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  1. Disregard, I found the correct form. Thanks.
  2. My wife and daughter's cards showed up. Daughters is correct. Wife's is in the wrong order along with her social security card. The visa in the passport was correct. What is the procedure to get the government to reissue the card with the correct order?
  3. We didn't need to submit a translated copy but we did need to bring the original to the interview.
  4. Stein

    Interview dates

    It will add on any time that it is closed. That is what happened last year. Everything just stopped for a few months. When it opened again they still had the same priority order as when it closed, thus the same average wait time for others already in the que before your appointment. For example my wife was DQ June 1 but our interview was November 2. 5-6 weeks beyond the time they were closed.
  5. If you are talking about the medical before the interview and vaccinations before moving to the US my wife's vaccinations were about $80, daughter around $120-160. The medical was $275 for wife and $240 for daughter. Everything done in HCMC. The shots are because some vaccinations take two doses so one before interview and the second dose 30 days later. The second dose can be in VN or in US but much cheaper if they can do the second dose in VN.
  6. Sorry, my bad. I missed that. I see a lot of questions about going to Vietnam here and on the expat site that I made a bad assumption.
  7. Not true. If you aren't a Vietnamese citizen you can't get in even if willing to quarantine unless you are in a very small group of business people, experts in your field that they can't hire in VN, diplomats or a handful of other special cases. "Regular" people can't get in even if married to Vietnamese. I just left three weeks ago knowing I can't get back but came to US with my wife and daughter. I suspect once vaccines are widely available in VN they will start to open but based on vaccine rollout it will likely be 4th quarter before entry will be allowed again. That is my speculation.
  8. As an update I called O'Hare CBP Secondary Processing Friday (the day after we arrived) and explained the situation and an agent very helpfully located the files, retrieved the vaccination cards and sent them out to me certified mail!
  9. When we went through secondary interview at the POE yesterday for CR1 and CR2 we gave CBP the yellow packets and they had the vaccination cards inside. The CBP kept everything including the vaccination paperwork. Now I need the vaccination card for my daughter's school. Should they have returned this form to us when we went through the POE? Can I get a copy from them for the school?
  10. I also support going through Tokyo-Narita. Just went through there myself less than 24 hours ago when I brought my family home today. It is my favorite transfer point coming from HCMC to US. I have done several connecting SE Asian connections the last few years. Also it's one of the more accessible stops right now. Today in fact it was the ONLY scheduled international flight this morning from HCMC. Tan Son Nhat was a ghost town this morning. Also if they are going soon the flights were very empty. There was only 15 people on the HCMC - Tokyo flight and less than 50 on the Tokyo-Chicago flight. They did basically guide the few passengers to the connecting flights.
  11. Yep, we are heading out March 25th. Remember, you need a negative covid test 72 hours before flight to get into the US. Kind of a joke, coming from the safest place on the planet to....somewhere not safe.... requires a test. LOL Shop around. The first two places that we checked wanted 3,200,000 vnd for each test. She found a hospital that does it for 750,000. I can accept that. Paying $150 for a test is ridiculous when the cost of the vaccine is less than the cost of the test!
  12. Congrats. Surprised they told you to go sit down. I stayed for the whole thing - also the only USC in the roon - and I answered most of the questions. I think my wife answered 3-4. Just goes to show that it's really a crapshoot on who you get for an interviewer. Glad it went well for you!
  13. Stein


    Here is a translation of the last statement from Vietnam Ministry of Health. Translation is from a trusted Vietnamese US citizen. Given the information below, and purely my speculation, with a good chunk of Vietnamese immunized by end of 2021 and if you can prove you are vaccinated I think the soonest Vietnam will open to tourists will be the end of the year 2021. It COULD be as soon as September or October, but I really doubt it. Think about their current level of paranoia. Two cases of community spread gets all schools closed for two weeks. All public TET festivals in HCMC were cancelled. A lot of businesses closed. There are currently 125,000 people in quarantine. Does that sound like a government that will open their borders to even a slight risk merely for our convenience? They honestly don't care about opening the border. At the Standing meeting of the government with the Standing National Steering Committee for COVID-19 epidemic control this morning (Feb 24), Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Long, Minister of Health, said that the MofH guarantees to provide 90M doses of the vaccine. The current supply sources are: 1- COVAX: The MoH is trying to negotiate for 30M doses. 2- AstraZeneca: Yesterday, the MoH had the final negotiation with AstraZeneca and VNVC (Vietnam Vaccine JSC). A lot of 30M doses was purchased by the Health Ministry from AstraZeneca through VNVC. 3- Pfizer: Negotiation is still in progress. It's likely that Pfizer will supply 30M doses. 4- Sputnik V. This week, the MoH will meet the licensing committee for the Russian vaccine. The manufacturer announced that they could supply ~ 60M doses. [That's a total of 120M, not 90M. Either the Sputnik V deal is not in the bag yet so the MoH didn't include it in his count, or he only counted AstraZeneca and Sputnik V since COVAX and Pfizer are still under negotiation.] In addition, the MoH and corporations that are not in the health sector are also promoting negotiations with other vaccine manufacturers. For domestic vaccine, Minister Nguyen Thanh Long informed that all stages are still on schedule, "It's expected that by 2022, we'll be able to produce the vaccine ourselves." Priority groups for injection are medical staff; staff involved in epidemic prevention (steering committees at all levels; staff in the isolation ward; journalists, etc.); diplomats; customs officers; immigration officers; army; police force; teachers; elderlies over 65; groups providing essential services in the fields of aviation, transportation, tourism, electricity and water services, etc.; people with chronic diseases; people in epidemic areas; people who must travel for business; and people who must go abroad for work or education. In re: the vaccine supply roadmap: In the 1st quarter, 1.3M doses are expected, of which 117,000 doses have arrived today (Feb 24), the rest will arrive in March. In the 2nd quarter, 9.5M doses are expected. In the 3rd, 25.9M doses are expected. In the 4th quarter, 51.1M doses are expected. The Minister also informed that the 117,000 doses that arrived today were from AstraZeneca and will be administered to medical staff at COVID-19 patient treatment facilities, followed by border guards on duty at posts, police forces in isolated and blocked areas, sampling and tracing forces, and reporters operating in the epidemic areas. (Link: MoH. Translation and italics are mine.)
  14. Stein

    Heading Home

    No worries.
  15. Stein

    Heading Home

    What? I'm a USC, married to a Vietnamese. My wife had her interview back in November but I live here so I went with her. She and her daughter already have thier visas. The just need to arrive before April 19.
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