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  1. I know what you mean! I'm on about my 10th reading or so and finally feel like I'm starting to really understand it!
  2. The form doesn't ask for the credit info for the USC, but it does want detailed information about their assets and financial resources.
  3. Yes, that's definitely why, which I know/understand - but it does not solve the problem of the new I-944 requirement to show proof that you do not have a credit report. By nature of the K1, 90-120 days after getting the SSN is a much longer wait than the "comfortable" time to send in AOS paperwork.
  4. My husband applied for one immediately upon arriving as a K-1 and he has one. However, I still get all of the error reports too. It seems the best option from calling and speaking to representatives on the phone is trying to request one by mail. They will have to send *something* back that says they can't issue one, and hopefully that can be used. My trouble now is that I need to prove our address as his address to request by mail and so far don't have any bills with his name. Grrr!
  5. If you read the instructions referenced there it explains in detail who is exempt. K-1 Filers are not exempt. It is for refugees and people filing under other special circumstances.
  6. Hi, Just wanted to share that my husband has a social security number and I got an error message when I tried to look up his (lack of a) credit report. Will be continuing to work on this over the next few days.
  7. These are good questions, and I'm curious to see the responses. Those of us adjusting from K-1 have a different situation than other groups using this form as well. It's tricky because since this form literally only became required today, there are no people that came before us to share experiences and give advice. The first of us that send it in will be the people to be able to share experiences about how things turned out. However, it does seem that people with lots of experience on the site/forum are better at interpreting directions and might be able to share opinions that come from a more educated place than those of us doing all of this for the first time!
  8. It's not QUITE the same, there are some changes to the formatting and a couple of different questions (I just used my old one to fill out the new one now that I've missed the deadline and noticed a few small things) but yes - the main difference from before to know is the new form i-944 with accompanying evidence which it sounds like you don't need to do, which is good!
  9. Yes, I saw that too - oh well, nothing I can do because we don't have our marriage certificate back! I'll definitely be a March filer now, time to start learning how to do all of this!
  10. The answer is definitely YES - but I'm assuring you know this now!
  11. I was super hopeful that we were going to file in February, but we are still waiting for both our marriage license and the medical stuff to get finished up. I am very lucky because I live in Illinois and it seems for the moment can continue to use the "old forms" I have pretty much everything ready, just need to add the marriage certificates and the i-693 transcription info as soon as we get it. Hoping we can get it all sent off before they announce that Illinois gets told to move over to the new stuff as well. But I might be one of the first new March filers in that group, whenever it starts, at this point! Congrats to everyone that has filed so far.
  12. Yep, totally will next week, just thought it couldn't hurt to ask!
  13. Hi, yes I know about this tool, tons of doctors come up from the Chicagoland area on the tool, and many other VJ members have shared stories of civil surgeons from this list charging big fees and refusing to do the vaccination portion of the i-693 without another medical exam and TB test, etc. I was hoping for a recommendation for someone who has gone in to one and had a good experience in the past year or so as most of the threads are outdated.
  14. Hi all, I am looking for any recommendations for a Civil Surgeon in Chicago area that anyone has used recently for Vaccines only. My lovely fiance did not get all of his vaccines before he came over. I want to get his missing vaccines out of the way but read a lot of old threads about horrible experiences.
  15. It is so fun to read all of these approvals! Congratulations all! Now on to our next step of the journey with AOS! Hope to see a lot of you in those forums. I'm trying for end of Feb or early March to get mine sent in.
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