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  1. Does your CEAC still say that your case is with NVC? I've been wondering if we'll get any notice it has been sent to embassy given everything is closed, or if we'll just randomly be sent an appointment letter.
  2. Nope, I'm struggling to get it to load on Chrome, but haven't tried other browsers. It just stays as a white box.
  3. We just got DQ! Feel very relieved. Submission: 14th April DQ: 22nd May CR-1 going to London Embassy
  4. Congratulations Did you get an email or see it by chance from logging in?
  5. It's just called "Case Tracker" here is a link to the iOS version but I think it might be on Android too. https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/case-tracker-for-uscis/id921827126
  6. Not approved yet since we only submitted last week, but the only thing "additional" that we uploaded, that it doesn't specifically ask for, is the new public charge form.
  7. Hi everyone. We finally get to join in with these topics, we submitted everything on 14th April Good luck to all.
  8. We got our NVC Case Creation Notice today after being approved on Friday! They emailed it to both of us. Going to try logging in tonight.
  9. Ours was stuck in October for what felt like so long, then it changed to 17th March 2020, then 18th March 2020, and then approved on 20th March 2020. So these date changes definitely mean they do "something" with the file. Yes I had been checking everyday lol 🤭
  10. It's been a good day for July filers, especially with how crazy the world is right now. Congratulations S&J2013!
  11. We just got approved! 🥰 I feel so happy and relieved! I can't wait for you all to share this feeling! Potomac SC PD 17th July 2019 Received 22nd July 2019
  12. Potomac are having a productive week! Congratulations!
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