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  1. If I remember rightly (it's been a busy couple of months!) this was more like the right order. Step 1 - Supporting Documents Step 2 - Medical Examination Step 3 - Application Form (DS-160) Step 4 - Scheduling the Interview Step 5 - Registering with the Courier Service Schedule your medical once you have a LND case number & do your DS-160. Once you submit the DS-160 you can schedule an interview (be sure to pick a date 2 weeks after your medical), and as part of that process you also register with the courier service and can pre-pay for your passport to be delivered to you (otherwise you collect from a depot for free).
  2. I'm a graphic designer - branded corporate stationery is still very much a thing London accepted the most recent W2 and employer letter in my case. I didn't take any other tax documents because I thought the W2 was the required tax document 🙈 I was still approved and was not required to show any pay stubs, bank statements (we never asked for any letters, just printed statements), investment statements etc. which I did offer. We were well above the poverty threshold too, as we demonstrated on the affidavit of support, so I can only guess that's why we didn't need more documents to check.
  3. I was in and out in about 75 minutes (having got there 15 mins early for my appointment so filling out forms before they called me in for my x-ray at my actual appointment time). It was not busy at all, the place was pretty empty - only a two or three other individuals and one or two young families there. I understand if it's quite busy it can take longer, so it's luck of the draw. edit: My appointment was for 11:30, I think I was actually out in 45 minutes because I was getting my times mixed up with my embassy interview. I was on the train home for 12:45 (booked it right after I got back to Euston from the medical)
  4. In my experience the London site instructions are out of order. IIRC I did the DS-160, then booked my medical, then did the apply for visa/book interview/register with courier portion.
  5. I'm pretty sure it states that you should give your best guess or estimate if you don't know exactly, but where you do know, I would use the most exact mode possible.
  6. I believe that's the term they use for someone who is certified/authorised to perform a visa/green card medical in the US.
  7. If you're missing any vaccinations, insist on having them there (and pay!)! They apparently sometimes tell people they can go home and get it form their local GP but, as I understand, this causes a huge hassle as that means your vaccs aren't signed off on the day and causes visa delays at best - at worst could cost you even more $$$ having to go to a civil surgeon in the US after you move to get signed off for AOS.
  8. It can take a little while on hold before you get through (about 15 mins for me). I booked mine a bit in further out by necessity but they offered me an appointment around a week from when I called. They did not ask for payment in advance on the phone.
  9. Supposedly it's automatically extended by the embassy (so I understand), but you'll need to take a fresh (recently dated) letter of intent to marry from each of you to your interview. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong
  10. I had this difficulty, in the end I made a nuisance of myself by being persistent and so the nurse prac was in and out to talk to someone up the chain at the surgery before eventually agreeing that she could give me the combined Pertussis, tetanus, diptheria, polio but she'd have to put me through privately meaning I needed to pay. Cost me just under £50 but all done. It was Boostrix that she gave me, if that helps (google describes it as Tdap). I went in armed with a bunch of printouts (London embassy website has a chart of what's needed and I also took in the immigrant vaccination guidelines in general) to be able to plead my case and it took over an hour to get it sorted but it was in the end. Because it wasn't a standard vaccination and not part of the travel vaccinations, she wanted/needed to see documentary evidence that I needed exactly that, and then she was able to get it authorised internally. In hindsight it took so long because the system wasn't working for her to get the price so I could pay 🤦‍♀️ (Sidenote: she wanted me to come back in two months for my second dose of MMR but I've got a second appointment booked the week before my medical (just over a month from shot 1) and I'm going to plead my case armed with NHS guidelines on the booster being given 'at least a month' but not necessarily 2 months later. Wish me luck!) It seems mad to me that in these times of the anti-vaxx movement that we have to fight so hard to get our wanted vaccinations!
  11. Yes, it's all happening so fast! We had expected to be waiting longer so I've got a trip to the US booked, having to book my London medical and interview around that 😆 I'm checking CEAC status a couple of times a day to see if it switched from 'In transit' to 'Ready' yet, even though it could very well be next week that they get to processing them. Good luck to you as well 😎
  12. If CEAC status says your case is 'In transit' you can assume it's in that shipment. Should change to 'Ready' status once it's been processed by the Embassy, as I understand.
  13. Ordered on the 3rd, got an email on the 13th saying they were going to post it on the 14th, and it arrived today
  14. @US&TN @KyleB22 I found this thread really helpful for deciphering the NVC case number:
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