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  1. You haven't filled out your timeline so I can't tell if you're still in the 90 days (assuming not) or if your spouse has received an EAD/AP card yet, and what I'm about to suggest may be easier if they at least have that (Though note I am not 100% sure if EADs count for this it's worth a try) Your spouse needs to call the local SSA, explain that they need to be issued a SSN in order to file taxes (these are the magic words). SSA should give your spouse an appointment, for which they will need to bring various documents to prove identity and legal presence - this is why people are advised to go do this before the K1's 90 days expire as the I-94 serves as that. And if you don't get good result from calling the SSA (some agents are really unhelpful and tell you to mail in immigration docs - against their own policy!) you can just try calling again to see if you get a different agent.
  2. Yeah, it may be. I honestly can't recall. We didn't have door to door service though - we actually collected the pallet ourselves at port of entry. We got the dimensions from 1stmove and made sure we got a uhaul trailer that would fit it and then the staff loaded the pallet on there with a forklift when we collected. I remember the port to US home service was really expensive in the quote I got - I think they ended up quoting essentially road freight from a much further away port than we ended up collecting at.
  3. I'm in the same industry so I get it, I suppose. If you got that good a deal on it it may very well be worth shipping. Just worth balancing out. You'll absolutely want to make sure you insure it - I didn't insure my shipment as while I wanted my stuff it wasn't that valuable to me in terms of living. I also used 1st Move International and shipped 2.5 cubic meters. It was boxes, some art, and (literally) a couple of pieces of not-huge furniture. Everything arrived safely, very well packed together and sealed up. I packed my stuff myself and they collected the boxes and wrapped the furniture themselves, then assembled the pallet in their warehouse. My particular shipment was around 900 quid iirc, can't remember if there were any fees on the arrival side, though.
  4. Is it worth bringing an iMac? I bought a new computer after I'd moved, wasn't a mac but it was a pretty high end PC. Way less hassle than risking damage to my UK one during shipping. I sold/gave away all my UK electronics except for small portable personal things like my iphone. For actually moving the big stuff I used an international moving company who palletized my (few pieces of important-to-me) furniture and boxes and shipped it over. Took about 2 months. You mentioned you need the mac for work, but you appear to be a K1 based on what's displayed next to your post. Surprised no one already mentioned that technically speaking you're not allowed to work until you receive an EAD or green card. Some people choose to risk it and say it's a grey area and they have all sorts of reasons why they've decided they want to work without the legal permission, but I would (infact I did) plan to be out of work until you have the EAD or green card in hand.
  5. Pretty much, yeah. Some surgeries do it as a self service thing - they have to activate your account but you can log onto their portal and access it yourself as a patient. Others you can have reception print it out from their system for you (obv you have to go in with ID and such for data protection reasons). I think mine was like a page with a few headers with nothing underneath them and a small dated record of my last visit. If your partner has some more recent history such as current medications or chronic conditions they'll be listed in there too. It is literally one to a few sheets of paper - it's not the full medical records, it's exactly what it sounds like: a summary. An NHS practice that refuses to give a copy of this is acting inappropriately and warrants complaints to the practice manager and local health authority, but I feel like most people just end up having to educate practice reception staff on what they want (as some assume it's FULL records and get all in a tizzy about it) rather than people being actually obstructive. Some more information on summary care records is here on the NHS website: https://digital.nhs.uk/services/summary-care-records-scr https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/about-the-nhs/your-health-records/ https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/about-the-nhs/how-to-access-your-health-records/ (this one says you can't get your summary online, so it may have changed, but ultimately the key is to talk to the practice your partner is registered at) It may be helpful to take some of these webpages printed out to reiterate exactly what is needed. Best of luck! The actual record itself is going to feel very anticlimactic for all the faff it is to get it in your case 😅
  6. Did you have the medical without taking your summary with you on the day? Have you rung your surgery to give them a kick up the bum to get this done? Have you been in person to hassle them? It's really down to you to keep being a squeaky wheel here. You have to make it clear that this is not only extremely important they are holding things up, but that you have a right to access a copy of your information. Do they not have an online portal you can access to get your summary care record yourself? The summary care record is a standard NHS format, you should be able to get this really easy - a lot easier than your full medical records!
  7. As Lucky Cat says, the best evidence is the 'primary' evidence: passport stamps, boarding passes, hotel receipts. This should be your priority. For a UK beneficiary situation, you don't need to supply chat logs or anything. As I understand this is usually advised to be included for countries where fraud is common and they want to see as much as possible to establish veracity of a relationship. Your evidence at this stage is proving you have physically met, per the i-129f requirements: https://www.uscis.gov/i-129f So, in my case, we produced passport & boarding pass evidence and (as additional rather than main evidence) added copies of photos of us taken together during that trip (annotated with date & context). No further evidence was required and my petition was approved, and following the Embassy interview & medical my visa came through without problems. We had been a couple for about 6 months and met a grand total of once before we sent in the i-129f petition, and had subsequent visits before interview time a few months later. Out of an abundance of caution, I took evidence of our relationship (basically more boarding passes, photos together and with family, birthday cards/gift receipts from each other, etc.) to the interview in London but this was never asked for. In short, don't worry too much about collecting evidence - your focus is the proof of meeting and filling out the forms correctly.
  8. Note that you have to provide evidence of having physically met up in the two years prior to filing, so you may want to get a move on in terms of putting together your paperwork else you'll have to wait until you're able to make another visit. You could try claiming the pandemic as hardship but given that it's going to take a while for processing to catch up you may be best just applying ASAP and dealing with the next steps as they come. You can absolutely DIY this process (we did!) - no need for lawyers. Also, iirc I've seen on here a few people who have a long way to travel to get to London have tried to schedule medicals & interviews to take place on the same trip, which does work ok!, it just means there's a delay as the Embassy has to wait to receive your medical results before they can issue you a visa. Also I'm another person who visited for several 1-week visits on the ESTA while my K1 was processing. I just took copies of documents proving my ties to the UK incase I was asked - so things like docs for my mortgage and my car finance, my time off as booked with work, and of course my return flight details. I did also mention that I had a K1 visa in progress (with an interview scheduled) at one time when a CBP agent was trying to figure out what my deal was ("wouldn't you like to stay longer?" leading questions).
  9. What you want is your 'summary care record' - that's the NHS-wide terminology. You might be best served giving a copy of these pages to your GP/surgery receptionist for reference, but basically it's a short-form record of your recent treatments, any long term conditions, etc. It's not your full medical records. https://digital.nhs.uk/services/summary-care-records-scr https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/about-the-nhs/your-health-records/ https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/about-the-nhs/how-to-access-your-health-records/ I was able to just get a printout of my SCR from the receptionists at my GP surgery once they understood that a printout of that record was all I needed. Mine was very short, (a lot of the headings had nothing under them) it just had a note about a prescription i had for a couple of months and no longer on there and basically nothing else but my name and DOB if I recall correctly. Note that if you have any chronic conditions you'll likely need a letter from your GP about it, but also if you've ever had any mental health issues you should get a letter stating that you are not a danger to yourself or others - even if it was a long time ago and you are well now, they just need that bit of documentation. edit: some districts & surgeries let you access this online (through a web portal you have to get a code from them to register at) so you can print it yourself, while others do not. It's very regional, but that may be worth asking about.
  10. I did not want to risk losing my green card by mailing it out so I insisted they give me an appointment. The SSA website actually says (albeit under benefits) that you should NOT mail lawful presence documents (ie your green card!) to them and should instead get an appointment. As for consequences of not having your green card if a situation comes up and you have to show it... well... the law itself says I don't know what the other risks are in different scenarios (perhaps detention while they validate you're legal?). You'll also want to consider that it'll cost $540 to get a replacement green card if it's lost, and you could be waiting months for a replacement to arrive with only your receipt letter on hand to prove your status. Honestly I'd just go for the appointment. Following my appointment my new social security card was in my mailbox in less than a week. I was only parted from my green card and other documents for like 5 minutes while they made their own copies within my sight.
  11. And another update: my new social security card arrived in the mail today - complete with correct updated name, and no more "valid for work only with DHS auth" restriction on there. Hooray! Hopefully this is a bit of reassurance for anyone in the same boat.
  12. Just to update things from my end, after taking on board some of the advise in this thread I called SSA again and used the "i need the name corrected because i need to file taxes" reason to get my card updated. These were indeed the magic words. A week and a half later I was called back and offered an appointment. I also had to confirm that I had no covid symptoms or been in contact with covid positive people. The appointment was for the following week. I showed up with all of my documents ready plus the application form all filled out and signed. The lady at the window took my information and made their own copies of my docs for reference, printed out a sheet for me to confirm all the updated details were correct, and took my old SSN card. She gave me a receipt for the corrected card and told me it should be with me in 7-10 days but electronically it updates in the system within 24 hours. So, confirmed that you say 'need this to file taxes' and it should do the trick. Also don't be afraid to call back at another date/time if you get a really unhelpful agent on the phone! The second person I talked to was extremely understanding and made sure they could escalate me for an appointment by taking a lot of information. Good luck, folks
  13. This is absolutely not a waste of resources! Your GP surgery should have a procedure for requesting official doctor's letters - there was a small 10 GBP charge for me to have one made up from my GP surgery - i went through the reception staff for this, not the GP themself though. What I did was write a letter asking them to review my records and write a letter confirming that i was not a danger to myself or others and that I was not currently in treatment for anything etc. It took about a week before they called to say I could pick it up. This is absolutely a service that your GP surgery will provide - this is not an unusual request at all and if they refuse you should submit a formal complaint to the practice manager. Did you take your patient record to the medical? Are they requesting full records from your GP in addition to that?
  14. Yeah I'm a filed Dec 2019/NOA Jan 2020 and they cancelled my interview last April and issued me the green card anyway. Seems like sometimes people get lucky and just get issued. I would expect an interview for ROC in a couple of years.
  15. Did you get all your vaccinations signed off at the K1 medical? Do you remember whether they made you see the nurse for any shots or if they told you you were up to date based on the records you brought them? It doesn't matter what your personal doctor in the UK said, only what the doctor authorized by the Embassy put on your form at the time the visa was issued. If they signed off on you having had all the appropriate vaccinations and you filed AOS within the timeframe (as it appears you did), you shouldn't need a new medical unless they lost your medical report which has, unfortunately, happened to quite a few folks. You'll be told if this is the case at your interview and they won't be able to make a decision until you get a new medical done here and sent to them. Be aware that you have to go to an authorized Civil Surgeon for any new vaccinations to be certified or a medical examination to 'count' for USCIS, rather than going through your own doctor.
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