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  1. Call them! SSA are scheduling appointments for people who cannot be helped online and require critical services. Getting a first SSN could warrant them giving you an appointment. As here https://www.ssa.gov/coronavirus/ As I understand, while you can mail documents to get an existing card/file updated, you need to be physically present for them to process the application for a first number/card.
  2. That's kind of what I've been expecting you guys & @marlasinger to report back with when you're all done! 🤣
  3. I used PetAirUK (https://www.petairuk.com/) to fly my dog over last autumn. It wasn't cheap, and they definitely tried to upsell an airport liaison service we didn't need, but the process was pretty smooth. I did not need a Pet Passport (I thought that was just for EU travel), but did need his vaccinations up to date and a rabies shot (not strictly required but they advised it might avoid any hold ups in customs). They handled the vet paperwork declaring him fit to travel and checked him in at the airport.
  4. The gov.uk website actually let me specify a third party to send the cheque to, so it went to my mum in her name. She deposited it and transferred me the money. Not so useful to you, OP, but may be to someone else who hasn't done this yet.
  5. I was wondering if it was just your local office basically 'checking their work' by holding these late interviews - maybe someone in charge there has taken a specific interpretation of the internal guidelines. I've been checking my online status every weekday and nothing has changed from the Milwaukee local office for me - status still says card delivered and no sign of a scheduled interview.
  6. I'd probably plan for the worst and hope for the best, in this scenario. Do you have significant savings that could coast you through it? (I think there are guidelines as to how much you need to be able to get through it but afaiu it's quite a lot.) I would try and find another sponsor - at least organise one in the short term - just in case you get called in before your spouse has settled into a new job.
  7. Yeah I've been thinking of starting to freelance now I can work. My husband has been encouraging me to, saying that now is the perfect time - I'm not 'giving up' a job, having to take on extra work alongside a day job, or taking a huge risk to do it, so I think I might as well give it a shot.
  8. Hey, friend. I feel you. I'm not 'homesick' per se, I don't miss Britain at all and while it sucks that my family haven't been able to visit, I'm in no hurry to travel myself. What's been getting me down is the limbo of Covid-19. I was excited to start living my actual life when my greencard was on the horizon but lockdown has extended the feel of that K-1 limbo period. I have my green card but the pandemic has me scared to do much (especially with cases rising in my state). The isolation has been a huge knock on my confidence so I'm wary of even trying to freelance right now. It's rough, and you're definitely not alone. I know I'm not too, but it sometimes just feels like a lot, you know? Feel free to message me if you'd like another Brit friend We're not geographically close, but sometimes just knowing you can reach out to someone in the same situation helps a lot.
  9. Hm, interesting. I'll keep this in mind - had started to file away documents for ROC but now I might have to get everything out again. We only leave the house for grocery shopping every few weeks atm due to covid-19 still being a thing (and on the rise in our state as I understand). Not looking forward to travelling for an interview but if we must, we must.
  10. Call the SSA, you may be able to get an appointment - just have to make sure they understand that your request is time sensitive and essential. I got my SSN last year so I can't say if they will accept the circumstances, but it's worth a try. Per their website (https://www.ssa.gov/coronavirus/)
  11. I would probably call them up and ask to speak to tier 2 about it. I've seen a few people get EAD approvals and then no movement on card production for weeks until they call and chase it up - then an hour later they're getting cards put in the mail. It'll only take a little bit of your time to try and be the squeaky wheel since your card was already approved and just needed to be amended.
  12. Fingers crossed there is no more need for further closures and you guys can safely interview in person! Best of luck to you!
  13. It can be really quick. In my case for my green card my dates were these: Mon Apr 20 2020 - "card was mailed to me" Tue Apr 21 2020 - USPS tracking number provided Thu April 23 2020 - "card was delivered"
  14. This is your strongest evidence and given so much time and so many visits you likely have plenty there anyway. At this stage, they just want to make sure that you meet the basic requirement for eligibility - that you've physically met within 2 years of filing. Given that this is a UK case, you very likely won't need to provide anything further, even at interview (though I'd take it just incase!). If you get an RFE I would expect it to be for something other than photos, more like a missing document or a wrongly filled in section.
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