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  1. I have saw where people received an email and the email directs them to the new site to review a "change in their case status." Lately, a lot of people haven't been receiving any electronic notification. Only a letter in the mail indicating that they were approved. Last month, there were people who received notification via the old site and not the new site.
  2. I'll have to defer to a more seasoned member to answer that question. I called USCIS this morning to check the status of my case and I distinctly remembered them saying that you can submit an electronic inquire. @Sarge2155 may have more info.
  3. Based on the USCIS website, you're pretty close to being able to submit an electronic inquiry about your case. Your receipt date is 10/24/18. Any case with a receipt number of 10/21/18 or earlier is considered to be "outside of normal processing time." I know it sucks. I hope that you hear something soon.
  4. I'm curious. Was this the transcript for the 2018 taxes that they requested? I ask, because I filed for an extension on my 2018 return and if I need to do my taxes now, I'll go ahead and do them prior to her interview .
  5. Thanks for posting that @TBoneTX. I had a discussion with my fiancé last night about the consular interview and me being there on site at the time of the interview, and seeing your post helped re-affirm my decision to be there. 7. There is never a disadvantage to a petitioner's being on the consular premises while the beneficiary is being interviewed. In fact, the advantages are many and distinct. Emotional support for the beneficiary is the minimum. If you the petitioner are on the premises or within range, the consul can call you in to ask questions. Your ability to provide answers "on the scene" can ward off the issuance of a 221(g) and prevent a return trip to the consulate.
  6. My fiancé is a Venezuelan citizen. She holds a Venezuelan passport. She lives in Panama and is a legal resident. We have requested her interview to be in Panamá. If the beneficiary is in another country as a legal resident, there shouldn’t be a problem, as long as the correct consulate is listed on the I-120 F petition.
  7. I appreciate your response and I thank you for the initial compliment. My intent wasn't to be rude. I believe in the "law of attraction" and it makes me happy to see people who are in the exact same situation that I am in be supportive and helpful to others, with no expectations, and be rewarded by the universe with positive things happening to them. No offense intended. I hope your approval goes through quickly so you can be with the person whom you love.
  8. @Zoltan K My theory is that the USCIS officers are assigned a stack of applications based on certain factors (age of application, number of pages, complexity, experience of the officer, etc) and that background checks and other things that need to be verified slow down some processes, and applications that are "clean" go through quickly. I also have a theory that people who are positive, supportive, helpful, kind to people, or are just naturally lucky have their applications approved faster and that's why we're seeing so many VJ approvals.
  9. He was referring to an actual Visa (credit card). (technically there's no real pre-approval for that either, but that's a different thread)
  10. Maybe an optional checkbox to indicate criminal history, divorce, IMBRA, children, etc etc is something we can suggest for profiles for the future. I think if the information was hidden from a person's public profile, but available for back end analytics, it might be useful. (or it might open a completely different can of worms). Eh....it's something to think about.
  11. Yesterday I got a notice on USPS Informed Delivery that I had a piece of mail arriving, but they didn't scan the image for it. I called my nephew and told him to check the mail as soon as it arrives and to call me because I was expecting something important. It turns out that it was a piece of junk mail. I bet my mail delivery person has never seen a person that anxious to be handed a credit card offer!
  12. Good luck. You’ll be approved soon. I’m happy for you guys. RFE’s suck, but it’s an indication that someone has touched your case.
  13. Nice work @BBGG I'd be interested to see back end data that we aren't really able to track right now, like: average timeline for people with prior marriages average timeline for people with criminal histories average timelines for people immigrating from Latin America, Asia, Africa, North America, Europe, etc etc Also, average timelines based on the size of the I-129F application packet: 15-20 pages 21-50 pages 50-100 pages More than 100 pages Having access to data like that could really help fine tune the process, and be of great help to both USCIS, and users of this site.
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