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  1. Interview: 8/15/19 CEAC Status Ready: 8/15/19 - 8/19/19 CEAC Status Application Received: 8/19/19 - 8/21/19 CEAC Status Administrative Processing: 8/21/19 CEAC Status ISSUED: 8/22/19 Passport ready for pickup: 8/28/19 Flight and POE Atlanta GA: 8/31/19
  2. Congratulations @vdsanctis Has your status on CEAC changed yet?
  3. Don't forget to have the petitioner sign the application. Lots of applications are rejected for this reason. Good luck and enjoy the journey.
  4. Sorry, I'm just now seeing this. I would have only sent a copy of the Panama Passport and only listed Panama as country of citizenship. The simpler, the better. Congratulations on the interview date. Keep us posted how everything goes between now and then.
  5. I understand now. Put where you currently live.
  6. 1. Please put your address. Also, make sure that your fiancée knows the address. She will more than likely be asked this info at the interview and POE. 2. Answer "no." In Part 7 (Additional information) on line 3.d put: N/A (filing 129F for my fiancé to being K1 Visa process for permanent residence).
  7. I can't attach the document or the screenshots, but these are the instructions that the embassy sent to me: Step 1 / Paso 1 Go to this link and create a profile: https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/SiteRegister?country=Panama&language=en_US Note: If you already had a profile, please login Visite este enlace y cree un perfil: https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/SiteRegister?country=Panama&language=es Nota: Si usted ya tiene un perfil, por favor ingrese al sistema Please fill your information and submit. Por favor llene su información y prosiga. Step 2 / Paso 2 Once you reach to your dashboard, select: New Application / Schedule Appointment. Una vez usted esté en su cuenta, seleccione: Nueva Solicitud de Visa / Programar Cita. Step 3 / Paso 3 Please select IV Address Registration and Continue. Por favor seleccione IV Address Registration y Continuar Step 4 / Paso 4 Please select your “Visa Class” and Continue. Por favor seleccione el “Tipo de Visa” y Continuar. Step 5 / Paso 5 Please fill your information and Continue. Por favor llene su información y Continuar Step 6 / Paso 6 Please click "Add by Name" if you would like to add delivery information for others in your party, if not, please Continue. Por favor haga click en “Agregar por Nombre” si usted gusta añadir información de otras personas que están aplicando con usted, de lo contrario Continuar. Step 6 / Paso 6 Please specify Documentation Delivery to pick up your Visa if your application is approved. Por favor especifique el lugar de entrega de sus documentos para recoger su Visa si la misma es aprobada. Step 7 / Paso 7 Please click "Printable Version", print the confirmation, and bring it with you to your interview. Favor hacer clic en "Versión para Imprimir”, imprimir la confirmación, y llevarla con usted a su entrevista. Thank you for your register Gracias por registrarse
  8. PM sent Photos can be done at Farmacia Arrocha. There is one near Via Espana that we used. They have to be the "American Style" passport photos. I would wait on the police certificate until you have the appointment date. They are only good for 30 days. It only takes 2 or 3 days for you to get one. The singleness (certificado de soltera) is something that she has to get from the DIJ. Basically, it's a statement from the government stating that she is single and able to marry. My fiancée isn't Panamanian, so I didn't have to do this step. There are others who can probably go into greater detail. You don't have to attend the interview, but it helps. PM me if you have any questions or need suggestions for a cheap red eye flight.
  9. I sent a PM regarding the P3 info. The correct email is Panama-IVisas@state.gov Do the D-160 ASAP. Today if possible. Print it and take it to Banco General to pay the $265 fee for the interview. Make sure that you scan the D-160 and the Banco General receipt. You can also register on the Atlas website right now and select which Fletes Chavele location that you want to pick up your passport. Print the confirmation page. Scan this confirmation page as well. After that, start working on getting the 6 passport photos that you will need. They need to be 2inch x 2inch US style passport photos. Ears must be visible.
  10. Thank you! Hmmm...natural medicine to calm him down.....hmmmm………
  11. Congratulations! As far a the dog, the main thing they asked for was the rabies certificate at the POE. I'm not sure what the requirements for Brazil would be, but I'm sure that you're on top of that. We took her (our) dog with us in the cabin of the plane and it went fairly smoothly....except for when he got loose and followed the flight attendant who was pushing the food cart down the aisle.
  12. You don't have to submit a cover letter. If it were me.........I would submit a cover letter explaining that you were married x number of times, that you're including x number of divorce certificates with the stamps and signatures, and a statement indicating that you've been free to marry since X date. You only have one shot to get this right.
  13. It's possible that a notarized statement will suffice. In Latin American countries, they like to see stamps and seals for tramites.
  14. At my fiancée's POE, the officer asked me more questions than he did her. I answered in both English and Spanish.
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