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  1. So my interview was on 5/20 and I got approved later that day. Since then, my status has not changed and it is still "Case was approved". I received the notice of action in the mail on 5/24. The notice says that I was approved but that I may be required to report for biometrics processing again. Did anybody have the same issue?
  2. Had our interview in Houston today. It was lame and disappointing. We were interviewed together, and the only question regarding our relationship was 'how did you meet?'. Immigration officer asked if I am working, and made sure the information on my application was still up to date. That's it! No proof of our relationship or any other documents needed. She said my medical expired and I need a new one, but I asked her to double check (medical was from Sept 2019) and she then figured out it was still good. I was not approved on the spot because she wanted to do another security check. I asked for the I 551 stamp but didn't get it A few hours later, status changed to 'Case was approved'
  3. Hi all! Quick question: My AOS interview is on 5/20. I would like to leave the country on 5/28 and come back 3 weeks later. What if I do not have my greencard in the mail before I leave? Will I be able to enter the US with my combo card again? Thanks!
  4. Yeees! Got the letter today. Interview is on 5/20. Now let's collect all those documents that they want to see
  5. Two days ago, my case changed to "Interview was scheduled". Today, we came back from a mini vacation in Mexico, and the immigration officer asked if we still live on [new street]. We moved to a new house a few months ago, and I requested an address change, and seems like the interview invitation will be sent to the new address BTW: I got escorted at immigration in Houston today. They checked my AOS status, asked where I am arriving from today, how long I stayed, who I traveled with, etc. Very nice officer, and after 5 minutes they let me go.
  6. Hey everyone! Hope y'all had a great start into 2021. Congrats to the ones who have their interviews schedules or already completed. I am a Houston filer and the processing time here is 15-29 months, so I need to practice my patience. But I am seeing that Oct 2019 filers are getting their interviews scheduled so there is some hope! In the meantime, I have sent renewal applications for EAD and AP on 2020-12-15 because mine expires in April. I just received two texts with case numbers, and looked up them up on the USCIS website: On December 28, 2020, we received your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, Receipt Number IOExxx, and mailed you a receipt notice or acceptance notice. It is being processed at our National Benefits Center location. The notice describes how we will process your case. I am confused because the number doesn't start with MSC. Does anybody have any additional information on that? Also, when I used my AP in October 2020, I got a stamp in my passport saying "Paroled until 10/25/2021". Does this mean I don't need a new AP before 10/2021 and that I can leave and re-enter the country even if they don't issue me another combo card?
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