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  1. You should check your messages in CEAC and see when the NVC sent you a note that you were documentarily qualified. Not sure if they do K1s the same way they do CR1/IR1s, but if so then this is how you check the DQ date. You can also find when the NVC sent your DQ notice.
  2. You're not alone on errors. My wife and I found errors because my Attorney submitted DS-260 without letting us review first. Mainly mistakes with my middle name being put as a surname instead of given name, my wife's mom's middle name being put as a surname instead of given name, an entry to the US is missing, my wife's middle name (despite it being on the passport under given names) was not included. I reached out to NVC, they gave me two options: A supervisor can reopen DS-260 or I could write a letter summarizing all the errors. In my case, I don't want to give the CO a laundry list of items. I'd rather have my wife go to her interview with no issues on DS-260, and elected to have NVC Re-Open my DS-260. They gave me a 1-6 week timeframe, but it's not like our case is up for an interview yet. I don't mind waiting as long as we get the record straight. Your case is so much easier, simply let the CO know would be my advice.
  3. Any comments would be greatly appreciate. I'm starting to second guess myself on this and may just call them to cancel the unlock request and we'll handle it during the interview. Not sure if canceling this request will now negatively impact my case? Worried about the re-DQ and the lost time we've spent waiting now...
  4. Hi, NVC gave me 2 options today to either reopen my case (escalate to a supervisor within 6 weeks) and allow me to re-enter DS-260 or present the consular officer a letter with mistakes. The former would reset my DQ and the latter would not. I elected to have the DS-260 re-opened. I feel it's best that the data in DS-260 is as complete as possible and not have to wait till the interview to give the officer a large list of mistakes. My attorney made these mistakes, and now will make her fix them prior to resubmission. However, I am not sure how the timeframe works for a case like this? How soon after resubmission do we anticipate getting DQ again? I'm starting to think now it was a rash decision, but I've just been so worried about these mistakes that I'd rather the form be right. My spouse is freaking out though, as she's fearing we have lost 5 months of waiting....
  5. Oh and she put my name as part of my last name instead of in the "given names" field. This has to be the biggest waste of $2500.
  6. I just noticed another error - my attorney forgot to add in my wife's middle name (which appears correctly on her B2 visa). This is insane, and now I'm starting to freak out about how to fix all of these issues! Is this as simple as letting the consular officer know? NVC doesn't want to help. I feel anxiety and frustration...
  7. On their website, the Embassy says the following: The United States Embassy in Bogota remains unable to resume routine immigrant visa services. In the light of COVID-19 pandemic, the safety of applicants and Embassy employees is our top priority. The easing or ending of the quarantine in Colombia will not necessarily mean an immediate resumption in our operations. Please monitor our web site and social media for announcements of changes in our service. The United States Embassy in Bogota remains unable to resume routine immigrant and nonimmigrant visa services at this time.  We will resume routine visa services as soon as possible but are unable to provide a specific date.  The MRV fee is valid and may be used to schedule an interview appointment in the country where it was purchased until September 30, 2022.  If you have an urgent matter and need to travel immediately, please follow this link for non-immigrant visas or click here for immigrant visas to request an emergency appointment.  It's quite a bit of IR1/CR1 cases they processed in December, but only because they are emergency expedites. I wish we understood what the true driving factor is, as all countries around Colombia have resumed limited IV processing to include IR1/CR1 cases...
  8. Problem is, these have all been emergency/expedited cases. The frustrating part with the Embassy in Colombia is that Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, etc. have resumed limited immigrant visa services specifically for IR1/2 and CR1/2 . I understand the only thing that can be done is wait, but it's just frustrating that every country around Colombia (except Brazil) has started to process spouse visas. Wish there was some transparency to understand if it's Colombia's health emergency decree that's still active and keeping the Embassy closed, or if there's a shortage in staff? IDK...
  9. We are all trying to make sense of what they are trying to do. Not sure why it's so hard for them to acknowledge that the health emergency in Colombia is driving the closure, or perhaps they are understaffed, etc. Why is it so hard to say what the plan is?! Personally, I think it is the health emergency. I suspect if they say something, people will start pressing the local government - but that's just my supposition. Every other government entity from USCIS to the IRS, has been able to figure it out. Also, why are student visas even a priority over family reunification? They can manage to schedule those visas, but not family reunification visas? *Sorry for my venting* I am sure it's the case for everyone going through this, but watching all the embassies in the neighboring countries open (except Brazil, of course) is just disheartening. It just makes me and my wife feel hopeless at times. Let's keep our spirits high; I wish strength for everyone in this boat.
  10. I believe it is open, as they are offering routine American Citizens Services, as well as emergency appointments for IV and NIV cases, and of course limited services on student visas. They may have just said they are closed for routine visa services.
  11. I got an exemption through my insurance during open enrollment. I let them know my wife is in the middle of immigrating this year, and does not yet have an SSN. They asked for tax returns showing her as my spouse and marriage cert. That's all!
  12. Yeah, I've added my spouse to my health insurance, and will be putting her as beneficiary to 401K. Hard to do much else without her having a SSN. I've visited, and keep pictures we made into an album.. Etc. It's important to prepare more tho...
  13. I'd hate to think its because of money that they prioritize student visas, for example. But perhaps it is! Sorry to hear about your wife's cancelled flight back in December. I can't imagine having to spend the holidays with out your wife. That surely must have been so difficult for the two of you. Hopefully, you get a chance to go down there to see her soon. I would go down there if I were you, and spend time with your wife irrespective of what the embassy does. There are some pretty good deals on tickets going on, depending on where you fly out of. My wife had plans of coming here too, to visit. But we're just scared of her coming on a B2, while an immigrant visa case is pending and them denying her entry. Instead, I traveled to Colombia to spend three weeks during Christmas and New Year to spend the holidays with her. I was lucky that at that time, international travelers didn't need a COVID test yet (it's a painful test!). Fortunately my manager was sympathetic to my situation, and figured out how to let me use all that vacation time I racked up during the last year. I too want to go down in February/March time frame, will check with my boss to work something out. But, in the meantime, I'm keeping an eye out on the health emergency order they have expiring on 28-Feb. Hope it expires and they don't extend it. Let's stay positive and optimistic!
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