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  1. Why are you worried about going to the consular section, OP? I don't know why, but I get a hunch you know there is something that was uncovered and know what it is. And it's bad enough you think your immigration status may be impacted if you go. But, then again, I could be wrong. If you don't have anything to hide, then why worry so much to the point of postponing this for 6 years!? All I know is, and I'm sure others will concur, if it were my child I would have found whatever means possible to go and get them. Most parents would do whatever it takes to get their child to be by their side, especially during these formative years. As others have said, Go to the interview!
  2. Thank you! For the 2021 returns, we e-filed and filed MFJ with no issues. Crossing fingers the amended returns are processed with no issues!
  3. Thank you! And if I file a 2020 amended return, I don't need this statement again, correct?
  4. Hi All, Would greatly appreciate any help as the 2019 amended return deadline is fast approaching. My wife became an LPR in October 2021 and got her SSN shortly after being admitted an LPR. I am needing to amend my 2019 return to change my filing status from married filing separately (MFS) to married filing jointly (MFJ). When I filed my 2019 return originally, I treated my wife as a Nonresident Alien and filed MFS as she was not an LPR, had no SSN/ITIN, and was living in her country. Now that she has an SSN, I am changing my filing status but not sure if I need to include a letter to ask wife to be treated as a resident alien for 2019 or if I can just submit the amended return? I explained in 1040-X why I am submitting an amended return, but not sure if that will suffice or if I still need the signed letter to elect my wife be treated as a resident alien for 2019? Thank You!
  5. Hi All, I am still stuck trying to figure out the right order for me to do my 2019 and 2020 amendment. My wife arrived to the US on an IR1 Visa last year, and she got her SSN last year too. Do I need a signed statement for the amended returns to say we elect for my wife to be treated as a resident alien for tax purposes? The IRS website is vague: You generally make this choice when you file your joint return. However, you can also make the choice by filing a joint amended return on Form 1040X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return within 3 years from the date you filed your original U.S. income tax return or 2 years from the date you paid your income tax for that year, whichever is later. If you make the choice with an amended return, you and your spouse must also amend any returns that you may have filed after the year for which you made the choice. For 2019 and 2020, I can e-file the amendment via turbotax. However, Not sure how if the statement is needed.
  6. My wife was asked to come in for biometrics even though her case status online it said "Card being produced". After her biometrics appointment, her case changed to "Cased Being Actively Reviewed by USCIS". Wonder why this is happening. Any ideas?
  7. Hi, My wife entered the US 3 months ago with her IR-1 visa. She paid the new immigrant fee, and was provided a case number. When tracking this case number her case status on USCIS says: "Card is Being Produced - We have approved your Form OS155A, Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration, Receipt Number IOExxxxxxxx. On January 7, 2022, we ordered your card to be produced. We will mail your card to the address you gave us." However, we received an I-797C requiring my wife to go to an applicant support center for biometrics. There was an "applicant information worksheet" also attached. Does anyone know what is going on? Thank You!
  8. Hi, I have moved to a new address, and by extension my wife will be living at this new address too when she enters with her IR-1 visa next week. She filed an AR-11 today to notify USCIS of this new address, but she will also let the CBP officer at POE know what her new address is. Is there anything else that we should do to ensure her green card and SSN comes to our new address? I'm afraid the GC and SSN will get lost !! Thanks!
  9. @SusieQQQ I had another questions for you, if you don't mind. Since my wife isn't in the US yet, but she has an IR-1, my MIL was wondering if she puts yes to "do you have immediate family in the US" and lists my wife? I don't think this would be right since my wife hasn't traveled to and been formally admitted as an LPR yet...
  10. Great, we can do that by reviewing her bank statements and providing a summary of earning I would think.thabk you for your help!
  11. Thank you! I will review the IRS instructions closely. Appreciate your insight on this!
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