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  1. Since a caution is not a conviction, the only item you need to sincerely and truthfully answer about your incident is whether your arrest was because you caused serious damage to property or serious harm to a person. If your actions that got you arrested resulted in neither , then I don't know why people here are saying this could be misrep.
  2. Usually, USCIS publishes notices on your account for you to open and view along with the mailed version.
  3. We told a story of our relationship using several pictures and descriptions in chronological order. we also included receipts. Overall, I feel this helped. However, use your discretion on what to use.
  4. Hi, I helped my father in law with his DS-160. There is a security question we weren't sure of that we ended up answering yes to which pertained "specialized weapons training". My FIL worked in the national police of his country as a patrolling officer/police agent. He actually took a course on hand weapon use at the US embassy in his country as part of some kind of police training thing. Anyway, it seemed like an exaggeration to consider this "specialized weapons training" but we decided to mark yes and have him explain than to mark no and there be an issue. Was this the right approach?
  5. Hi, My MIL filled out her DS-160 two years ago. Back then, my wife hadn't immigrated yet so on the question regarding listing all family members that live in the US, she listed me only. My wife now is an IR1 GC holder as of last year. This, not sure if we need to update the DS-160 to reflect this? Further, she listed my prior address as the address she'd travel to stay at. Obviously, the embassy will know my wife and I don't live there anymore. Her application was signed with true facts as of the date signed. But, those facts are now outdated. We called, and they said if we update now, it will take 3-5 days to process and she will need to reschedule. They didn't advise on any next step, which is frustrating. Any help would be much appreciated!
  6. They probably didn't have good prints and need to retake them. Once you go to the biometrics appointment, two weeks later you'll get the GC.
  7. Curious to know if Biden decides to cancel loans, for qualified LPRs with a Plus Loan, would that lead to an issue with public charge or prohibit citizenship?
  8. There is absolutely no impact to your spouse's visa as a result of you enrolling in Obamacare/subsidized healthcare and is not considered a means tested benefit that fits under the public charge rule. UNLESS you get cash (somehow?) from it.
  9. This is why it's hard on people actually coming to visit to get a B1/B2 visa. This behavior of, "coming for a better life" does not allow someone to violate US immigration law. He has committed a crime by using his visitor visa to study and to work. The consequence is cancellation of his visa and no longer qualifying for a non-immigrant visa. He can absolutely see his daughter, and not leave her behind, BY GOING BACK! If someday you'd like to marry, you can petition for him. But in the mean time, he needs to exit before he is banned and making it that much more difficult to qualify for an immigrant visa.
  10. Honestly, you don't need a lawyer. I had a lawyer, and they make so many mistakes that add extraordinary levels of stress. Not to mention they take thousands of dollars from you. This is how it will go down: you need to pay them and fill out an "intake sheet" with all biographical information about you, your wife, kids, etc. They will then ask you to compile all relevant evidence. They will then literally transcribe the info you provide them to the I-130 and I-130A. That's all they do. Then you will get charged again for them to transcribe that same info to DS-260 and I-864. Now, will it be done right? Not always; they may make typos or miss info and you may not even get a chance to review until after they sent the packet. If you wanna throw money away try an American lawyer. They will need to fill out G-28 and I don't think they can if they aren't registered with a US State bar.
  11. Wow, 14 weeks is well over the 60 day period to file an inquiry with USCIS. Call them, tell them you've been waiting this long, ask for it to be documented as a case inquiry and/or to speak with a Tier 2 officer.
  12. Where are you in the process? Is your case at the embassy and awaiting an interview or are you just now getting started?
  13. My understanding of the USCIS policy manual includes exceptions for not meeting the marital union requirement, including: 1) Required to serve in the armed forces 2) Required travel and relocation for employment. It will be at the interviewing officer's discretion to evaluate if an exception can be made by evidence and proof you provide. Is your wife employed and had to leave as a result? Also, I don't want to be rude but I did not like the vibe you give off when you state "...the State Dept doesn't track the travel history of US citizens". Or when you state "I could admit ignorance". This sounds like you are trying to che the system and get away with something. Like pulling a fast one/hoping they don't catch yout. Sate Dept may not track US Citizens travel history, but DHS/CBP most certainly do. Just do things right the first time, and with full honesty. This is the only way to ensure success with US immigration.
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