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  1. Today my husband (the beneficiary) and I (the petitioner) had our visa interview at the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, and it didn't go according to plan. We didn't get the visa and we were told that we didn't have enough proof of my domicile in the U.S. and proof that I would definitely be returning there after we get the visa. This is because we have moved to Korea (my husband is from Russia) so we could be together. I got a job as an English teacher here, so we could live together here, but apparently we didn't have enough proof of my domicile. Please help me figure out what kind of proof I could get that would be efficient. I can't get proof that I will have a job when I get back to the U.S. I am only 22 and that would be impossible for me to arrange while I'm in Korea. The same with getting a lease on an apartment or something. What I have compiled so far is this: -Driver's license -proof that I am still under my father's health insurance -proof that I am still under my family's phone plan -a page on my voting registration -my bank accounts (this was already included beforehand) -my contract ending date -letter saying that I'm not going to prolong my contract in Korea after it ends -letter from my parents saying that we can live with them until we find a place to live That's all I got so far. Please tell me if there is anything else I may have that I should include or if you think this will be efficient.
  2. Bit old but fresh thread: I am in a city where my city Field Office processing times are around two years while my relative living city Field Office processing times are much shorter.. I am trying to see what are my options to use my relative residence address while filing my application to get to the short processing time Field Office. What are the proofs that I can maintain? 1) Electricity Bill 2) Vehicle registration bills 3) Driving license change Anything else? I am almost an year away from my N400 filing eligibility.. Want to do things now. Thanks.
  3. What type of proof do I need to establish a relationship with my husband? I have our marriage certificate, lease and a joint bank account. I worry because they're all from 2019. Our relationship began in April 2017 and he moved in with me late that year, but we didn't add him to the lease. There were a couple untility bills in his name, but I cannot find the damn lease for that property! I moved away for university in September 2018 and he stayed at the house. Eventually he moved near me in 2019 and we now have our own flat. Given our lack of documents, what else can we use? Thank you for any advice 🙂
  4. Hey guys. Just wondering about the financial aspect of the K1 visa. I am wondering what I will need to provide to prove my income since I did not work a lot the previous year and so my income on my tax returns were very low. However , I currently have a new job where I have been working for 7 months and my income meets the requirements based off my rate of pay. What would I provide if asked for my income since I haven’t filed my income tax for this year yet.
  5. Hi all, my fiancee (the petitioner) has just posted the supporting documents for the interview (which will be in london later this month/early next month. The bank stuff she posted for herself and the joint sponsor is from almost two months ago, will it be considered out of date as it will likely be 2 months old when i receive it, and would i therefore get a request for up to date bank information at the interview? Thanks in advance
  6. As proof of domicile, I wrote a letter stating we will establish domicile once we have the permanent resident visas. I noted that I have a driver's license in Callifornia, a car registered in California and active bank accounts. I submitted the letter for both my wife and daughter, the same letter. For my wife's case the letter was accepted and she is awaiting the date for her visa interview. In my daughters case the letter was first accepted than changed to rejected with a message saying 'Please provied proof of domicile" I don't know if I should rework the letter and resubmit or email the NVC to ask why the letter is accepted for one and not the other. But if I do this could they than reject the letter in my wife's case? Thanks for any advice Attached is the letter redacted.pdf
  7. Hi We are about to submit the AOS packet along with the EAD and AP forms via FedEx. But do we really need to include proof of relationship aside from the marriage certificate that we have? And do green card applicants always go through interview or are/were there some who sent enough proof of relationship already in the AOS packet so that they were exempted for an interview?
  8. Hello from Turkey, I am collecting documents to submit an i-130 for my husband to get a cr1 visa. Do documents such as the following need to be notarized after being translated? -marriage license -apartment contract where we live together -bank statement of our joint account
  9. My husband and I are preparing to apply for his greencard. We won't be applying right now because I have to use my passport for other reasons (unless copies of passports are okay too send in, please let me know) but I've been doing some heavy research so that we are prepared. We currently live just outside of London so going to the US Embassy there won't be a problem. I guess my concern is: Will I need to move back to the states for the Consular Processing part as proof that we plan on moving to the US together? If so, about how long did this part take for you and are we allowed to visit each other during this time? Also, a big part of my worries is filing the Affidavit of Support (Form I-485 I believe). I'm worried that my taxes will be thrown off and I have NO idea how to do taxes and all that. Would it be enough to file for a joint sponsor right away? And just so I can keep it in mind, how much proof did you provide to prove your bona fide relationship with your spouse? And if you have lived abroad, how long did you have to wait until your I-130 got approved? Even before we got married we knew that we would have to file for a greencard for him so we have already been stacking up on all the types of proof that we would need. Any further advice on this first step would really help!
  10. Hello, im confused about whats needed for the interview (at the london embassy) for the k1 visa. Im using a joint sponsor, do i need the original documents such as the birth certificate for my sponsors? Or will a copy be enough? Also, do i need the w2s even though we have the last 3 years tax return transcripts? Finally, do we need the original and a copy of every document? Thanks Oli
  11. Hello Guys , I have a quick question and I'm kinda worried! So my GC has my First and Second name, my two last names and my husbands last name (it's pretty long!) That's how it was issued once we got married abroad But my concern is... for the proof I initially sent on july of 2018 my joint Bank statements and joint Credit card statements only show my first name, middle initials and my husbands last name due to the fact that branches told me that they couldn't fit my complete name on our statements or the physical credit/debit card but they all have the same address so that's how we get them every month ever since we have been together here in the US! We already went for our biometrics on March 3rdOur case was transferred to Nebraska on May 9th  Could I get a denial because of that or a RFE ? Please help
  12. Hi all! I'm not filing my K1 visa yet but I just wanted to ask the types of evidence I should provide/collect for it, what did it look like and how you guys did it/formatted it when you sent it in. Last year my accounts got hacked. I had to delete all my social media and messaging apps so that's one year of chat logs/skype logs with my boyfriend gone. Recently I got a new macbook and my skype history wouldn't load past last month and won't display duration of the calls! So I lost some more proof of our relationship. All I have for proof from skype is screenshots from my phone's skype app (which isn't a lot) since the history is still on my phone but won't show up on my macbook. But even on my phone, the skype logs aren't complete. It's very stressful since I don't want to find myself preparing to file my K1 visa and not having enough evidence because of skype's technical problems. Any advice on how to make sure everything is collected? I'm thinking maybe I should take a screenshot of the date and duration of our skype call everytime we do it. My boyfriend and I use Couple app to message each other and so far it's been good. It saves all our chat logs inside the app and nothing has been lost YET. With chat logs, do you guys just choose conversations and take screenshots of them? How do you choose that? Any more advice for collecting proof of relationship will be appreciated! Thank you very much!
  13. I'm from Argentina and we are getting married here to start the CR1 visa after. Getting the argentinian residency after marriage is quite easy and I was wondering if it helps the CR1 process having the residency from the country of the us citizen partner. Maybe it works as proof of our marriage that we can submit with the package. What I'm scared of is that getting it may be a problem or not help at all (we wont do it if it's unnecessary).
  14. For the 1-129F, are signed declarations usually accepted as sufficient proof of intent to marry? I am wondering because my boyfriend (Spanish citizen) and I (US citizen) have only recently decided to go the K1 route, so we don't yet have a ring or any official wedding plans booked. We have been together for over 2 years and have lots of proof of in-person meetups and our ongoing relationship (plane tickets, AirBNB receipts, passport stamps, text messages, handwritten letters, photos, we know each other's families and friends well, etc). We have long discussed getting married but almost all of those conversations have been in person, so there's not a lot of written proof. I have seen lots of websites suggest including things like engagement ring receipts as evidence of intent to marry, although technically our signed declarations should be proof enough. How important is this "extra" evidence of intent to marry? We plan to buy a ring but this will probably take several months, and we would prefer not to wait that long to file the I-129F since we want to get a head start on processing time. Thanks very much!
  15. My tax returns gross is less than 125% but more than 100%. I have a new job in which I started 4 months ago my pay is wayyy higher than 125% now. I am including 2 months worth of pay stubs, my previous tax return along with a letter explaining. I am tryimg to get something from my job because they said they dont do letters. My fiance interview is in 2 days. What are the chances of me being denied for being below 125% poverty on previous tax returns although I get paid more now.
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