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  1. I have a question if my husband worked in the US over 10 years will I still have to file affidavit of support 864 and we did taxes jointly 2022. And I am also dependent on him financially. Since he is the main provider in our house. I am a stay at home mom. But we have to file for the 601a waiver for entering illegally and staying over 10yrs.
  2. In lieu of us having any bank accounts together nor having ever been on eachothers apartment leases, after perusing this site, this is what I have come up with for our Proof of Bona Fide Marriage: A 28 page PowerPoint converted to PDF called: Story in Pictures that has 55 pictures from all major events over the last 2 years, in chronological order. This includes three major events with a photo and a snip of the associated Facebook status change for: Asking her to be my Girlfriend The Engagement Marriage This above Story in Photos PDF includes all vacations, day trips, and most everything we have photos of together, including things after marriage and not just before, along with a short caption on each including: Date Location Description Reference to Receipt Explanation PDF* I have 36 attachments of: Her work Visa and the associated passport stamp she was on when we met All flights for both of us to and from the US and Mexico and their associated passport stamps Hotel Receipts Campground Receipts Car Rental Receipts The SENASICA import paper for our dog that also shows our Mexico address Event Receipts and Tickets Snips of my Company's Benefits Portal showing her as a Beneficiary on my: Basic Life Insurance Basic AD&D The receipt for her Engagement Ring Other applicable items A document titled: Receipts Explained All of the 36 Attachments are numbered in Chronological Order and the Receipts Explained Document tells what they were for exactly. The Story in Pictures PDF has a notation relating each of the 36 Attachments to their related photo. I am doing this because some of these only include my name with a guest, so I figure the photo evidence tied to the receipt of the same date will be enough to prove it wasn't for another person. Bank transfers from me to her and her to me in our US accounts and then from my US account to her Mexico account through Xoom My immunotherapy for allergies documents showing that I am actively receiving allergy shots here in Mexico City Receipts for purchases made on Amazon and Walmart for our apartment here in CDMX DiDi and Uber Trips DiDi and Uber Eats Food Orders My TelCel Bill and my receipts of paying the TelMex internet Thoughts? Concerns? Is it enough? Is it too much?
  3. Hi - Love this community. When submitting proof of seeing each other. I don't have boarding passes for all of the trips visiting each other, but I do have a lot of emailed receipts from the airlines of the flights showing that I visited with names and dates, as well as airbnb receipts of being together (all through email or downloaded). Is this okay? Anything I should know when putting this evidence together?
  4. My husband received the dreaded yellow paper at the interview im Egypt today. Terrible experience. First, they argued with him about ourdate of marriage. He told them the correct date 3 times and the officer said it wasn't correct. Like, it's on the marriage certificate 🙄 Then he was saying it's not right our relationship began while I was legally separated from my ex husband (we were married a year and a half after). They only focused on my previous marriages and not much else. Then they said they need us to upload more proof. If anyone can give me an idea as to what else to upload I would appreciate it. Here is was I already uploaded: Both previous lease and current lease with both our names, about 200 photos with us and friends/family over the past 3 years, chat logs from the very beginning with us, me and his mother, sister and father and him with my mother, affidavits from my mother and his parents, proof from the 6 trips I've taken (I'm in Egypt now, was hoping he could fly back with me) proof of contacting the congressman and Whitehouse for assistance, shared bank account. We've never emailed each other because we communicate via messenger. And phone bill? We call via messenger so there are no charges. I'm just not sure what else I have to upload 🤷‍♀️
  5. So I had leverage over my wife from Gerogia compelling her to pay for our divorce, after I collected screenshots from her two phones showing that she cheated on me. She has already received her two year conditional greencard and work authorization and SS # from around August-October, 2022. I kicked her out of my apartment, she’s never been on the lease and is not on the lease, but she would receive mail here since we’ve been married since August 2021. I’ve since demanded that she change her mailing address, I don’t know if she has. There’s still mail coming here for her as of 11/28/2022, we filed for divorce 11/14/2022. So how can I redraw my sponsorship of her without being held liable? I’m in NYC by the way, and according to the divorce attorney, the divorce will be final in June or July 2023. Also her belongings are still in the apartment, she only took what she could carry when I kicked her out on 11/13/2022.
  6. Hello, my Fiancée and I have a few questions about our form before we finish it up and send it off. I apologize if I am not supposed to put several questions in one post. Item 8: Your Mailing Address: We are going to live in Mexico City while we wait/because we want to. I rented a private mailbox for my correspondence, not just for this purpose. Is it ok to have a private mailbox or a PO box as your mailing address on this form? Item 9: Physical Address 1: Is it ok if this changes? When we move to Mexico is it ok if I change this to my parents house? Should I make it my parents house now or after I actually move in October of 2022, leaving my current address in this spot for now? Item 32: Information About Your Parents: One of my parents passed away, how do I fill in 36.a. and 36.b. for City and Country of Residence? The last place they lived? Item 40: My Birth Place: If 40.a. Birth in the United States is my answer, then I can ignore Items 41 and 42.a. 42.b. and 42.c. correct? Item 45: Address in the United States where your beneficiary intends to live: We intend to live in Mexico City while we wait, so the address in this slot is kind of unknown. Is it ok to put my current apartment here then change it later? Item 54: Proof of Relationship: How much detail do we actually need to give? We’ve been together for about 2 years and have tons and tons of proof. Page 8: Additional Addresses In 5 years I have moved 4 times, I can stick the addresses into the Page 8 3.d. 4.d. Fields just fine. I am confused about the Page Number, Part Number, and Item Number. The continuation of 9a to 12b leaves space for 2 addresses, but 13 begins Employment History, so I can't use 13 in the Item Number. I-129 Question: I met my fiancée while she was working here with a TN Visa. She did file an I-129 (Non-Immigrant Worker) Visa which was approved in July 2021, but she quit her job in November 2021, she never received the notice in the mail. We are wondering if it is a problem to file the I-129f with her older I-129 already being approved? Is there any advantage to her I-129 being approved and in the pipeline already, or do we have to restart anyway. Thank you
  7. I''m just wondering if the proof I am submitting is enough: I'm going to have both of our wills, as well as power of attorney (Is this overkill?) -A screenshot of our conversation about every 3 months. (Unfortunately alot of our past conversation got deleted because we were talking in a private discord server that got deleted so the past two years i have *some* screenshorts of conversation but not every month) -A screen shot of conversation the past 6 months like 2-3 a month -Affidavits from both our parents and couple of his freinds. -Pictures of everywhere we went together (Six flags, spas, botanical garden) -Pictures of us at our wedding -Pictures of us with our familys. (only have 2) -Plane tickets/ Iteneraries -Passport stamps (He visited me once, and i visited him once) -Facebook post annoucing we got married as well as screenshots of married status on FB. -Some paypal money i sent him (like $20, should i include this?) - Amazon reciept for a gift he sent me Do you guys think this is enough? He is in sweden (20m) and im in USA (18f) He doesnt have residency here so i couldn't get joint bank accounts or anything like that.
  8. To follow these instructions "Supporting evidence must be attached to establish location, ownership, date of acquisition, and value", I would like to know which paper/document I should obtain exactly and how, in the case I am an expat in the country of Colombia who is sponsoring his Colombian spouse for immigration and not having income, but being owner of 2 homes... ? Thanks.
  9. We received a RFE requesting evidence to establish a life together. When I sent our package I included where I added my wife to my medical, set her as my primary on my life Insurance with my medical, as well as my primary on my 401K/Stocks. The letter they sent is yellow not pink like we had for the missing I-485 items. Is this because they would just like additional information and the two pieces I sent were not enough? How much more should I send, I plan on adding her to my Banking Accounts, but I don't see the need to add her to my mortgage or utilities. Since this is our first year of marriage we don't have tax returns, and being young have never setup a will or power of attorney.
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