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  1. Hi fellow NZ peeps, Has anyone had an interview in alert level red yet?! Currently scrambling to get all our docs submitted to NVC and checking everything once, twice, thrice to try and make sure we don't have any delays.🀞 I've booked my flight back to the U.S. in May and I'm THRILLED, hoping my husband will be not far behind me... also got news my sister is expecting! Overjoyed to discover I'll be home before she's due. 🀰 That being said - nervous as heck about the change to alert level red and hoping we don't see any interview delays. Hoping for the best and preparing the worst. Those of you interviewing... please continue to keep us updated with interview wait times & any other 'need to knows' you experience at alert level red. Best of luck to everyone ! πŸ™‚
  2. OUR I-130 WAS FINALLY APPROVED ON JAN 14th 2022 (PD Feb 9 2021) πŸ˜­πŸŽ‰ I know the waiting is not over yet but 3 months at NVC sounds like a breeze compared to the wait at Texas Service Center. If anyone has received their Welcome Letter recently can you tell me how long it took - also do you only receive the welcome letter via paper mail or also via email?
  3. Anyone from a Visa Waiver Program country on here experiencing issues trying to apply for ESTA today?? My husband has tried 4 times and every time he gets to the review section and clicks "next" (which should take him to payment page) it just goes to a blank page. Anyone else? Assuming its just a website glitch, will try again tomorrow but wanting know if anyone else has encountered this.
  4. Hi all, Starting a new thread for I-130 updates - If you've received NOA2 recently please drop a comment with your PD & Service Center. It's been 337 days since we submitted our I-130 & I'm feeling defeated by this wait. About to book my flights back to the U.S. for May & feeling unsettled about leaving my husband with such little progress in this process. Hoping this thread gives me (and everyone) a glimmer of hope or a reality check. PD Feb 9th 2021 Texas Service Center
  5. This has me so nervous for the NVC stage. I'm glad I know in advance but still seems like everyone from NZ gets RFEs/Delays at this point.... Has anyone had a successful story with their NZ Police Certificate where it was accepted first time... if so, please spill your secrets. 😟
  6. Ahhhhh so frustrating. 😭 Yet semi encouraging to know I'm not alone. Still a chance to get it before 2022.. maybe 🀞
  7. Anyone waiting on their petition at the Texas Service Center get the good news lately??? PD Feb 9th, was hoping to hear back before Xmas but quickly quickly losing hope 😭
  8. I've heard best luck of getting through to NVC is to call first thing when they open - I think 7am EST but I'd double check online.
  9. Ugh I know.. from what I've read on here seems like most people who apply online get their receipt notice from Nebraska Center but many get transferred on. Just trying to tell myself it could be worse. Texas is slooooow but by no means the slowest. Telling myself maybe it'll be an advantage and we'll bypass interview delays by the time we reach that step because the Consulate will be all caught up... but as we all know - you can't really predict this process. Especially during Covid times.. oh well, as much as I'm missing my family terribly it is hard to complain when the place you are "stuck" is in beautiful NZ! & Feeling thankful I'm just with my husband during the wait.
  10. Nahhh, mine got transferred to Texas Service Center ages ago. Last time I checked processing times were 10.5 - 14 months so nothing I can enquire about yet. Was hoping to have approval before Xmas but losing faith, TX processing times only seem to be increasing. πŸ˜“
  11. Thanks so much for the info @EKT ! It's very appreciated. I'd be lost without the people on this forum truly. & good luck to all with interviews coming up, we can't wait to hear how it goes! πŸ˜€
  12. Thanks for the info! This is so helpful. I'm actually from Colorado too πŸ™‚ Nice to see someone else on here from the 303! I just had all my U.S. addresses changed to my parents place in North Carolina after they moved because I lost my permanent ties to Colorado but we are hoping to end up back around the area after we get approved and have a bit more of a clear plan! Unfortunately, I've failed to maintain a US license but have most the others you listed. Thanks for the heads up on the police check too - I knew NZ had a special way to apply and that they sent it straight to the Consulate but wasn't aware we needing a letter stating such, why am I not surprised though. @EKT, thanks for the feedback as well. Looking forward to hearing the rest of what you submitted.
  13. Was the immigration lawyer you chatted with based in NZ or the US? I chatted briefly with a immigration lawyer based in the U.S. and explained we had checking accounts over in the U.S., majority of our cash/investments, regularly voted in local & general elections, and have maintained a mailing address (via my parents house) and she said she didn't think that would be enough and recommended I get a job offer OR a lease agreement (which is a bit annoying for our situation as we are planning on moving in with my parents until my kiwi husband finds work in the U.S. and then possibly relocating based on his job offer so a lease doesn't really work for us and we don't have any children to register for school which was another thing she recommended as 'evidence') but from what I've read on VJ it seems like what is required varies a lot based on which Consulate does your interview. So just wondering if that particular lawyer was leaning on the cautious side or if all that is really necessary. I find it very frustrating I have to "prove" we intend to actually move back to the U.S. - one would think paying hundreds in fees and spending 1-2 years dealing with this stressful process would be enough proof in itself.
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