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  1. I had the interview at the embassy on 10/9 but they requested that I fill in another co-sponsor form and to provide proof that my husband will be moving back to the US as well. I remember the consular officer telling to send the documents along with my passport. So I did. on 10/12 Today on 10/17 I received in the mail my passport back, nothing else. What does that mean? Is this a rejection? Online it still says administrative processing still so I'm wondering if I just shouldn't have sent my passport along with the papers? Were you advised to send your passport or keep it? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone - am writing to get any insight or support you can give. Our Cr1 Interview for my husband was June 29th (Morocco), I was certain we had everything absolutely perfect...however the CO told my husband that they needed to verify our Marriage Certificate. We were married in the Seychelles because it a long and difficult process to get married in Morocco. The Seychelles is easy, visa free and a common place to elope for many Arab states. I think because it is a more "random" place, they want to make sure it is not a fraudulent marriage. The CO was very nice to my husband and said we have a very solid case otherwise, everything else is perfect, and that they would call us in 3 days. Right now our case is in administrative processing when I check the case number. As you can imagine we are waiting on pins and needles...so I am just writing to see if anyone has had a similar experience, or can provide any support or encouragement. Thanks so much. Nicole
  3. I am a US citizen lived here most of my life. From 2008 to 2016 I worked in Brazil. I married there in 2010 and I have a daughter born in Brazil. My daughter is now 7 and she has dual US/BR citizenship. I also have 2 step children from my wife 13 and 16. In 2016 I had an offer to transfer to the US and accepted, but I had to file IR-1 and IR-2 alone without help from my job. My wife has full custody of my step children, and their father's allowed them to come here to the US, all prepared by a lawyer . On Jan 3rd 2018 my wife and 2 step children had interview for the IR-1 and IR-2 at the US Consulate of Rio de Janeiro. I was with them and the US Consulate approved everything. My wife and step children left their passports with the US Consulate. They said it would be 2-3 weeks to get back the passports. A week later the US Consulate emailed me asking for my step sons email addresses, and all social media handles. So I emailed them back the information the same day. It has now April 17th and still going through Administrative Processing. I emailed several times at the US Consulate of Rio. Also asked help from Michigan Senator Gary Peters. The last email is copied below. Now has changed to 'Additional Administrative Processing' Does anybody know what can I do to speed things up? Like file a lawsuit "mandamus action" on the on the U.S. Attorney and the U.S. Attorney General. Or just wait. Not sure what to do. "Dear Applicant, Currently, your case is under additional administrative processing, which must be finished before a determination may be made on your case. We will work towards completing our processing of your case as soon as possible. However, we cannot predict how long this will take due to different circumstances that involve each case. We realize that these extended waiting periods can be frustrating, and we are sensitive to the fact that the purpose of the immigrant visa is to provide the opportunity to non-us citizens to immigrate to the United States. Nevertheless, the U.S. Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, like all U.S. Embassies and Consulates, must adjudicate visas in accordance with the provisions of U.S. immigration law. In some cases, this involves extensive administrative processing. We will contact you as soon as we have finished this stage. Meanwhile, your patience is very much appreciated. For additional information you may visit:"
  4. Dear All, My case is CR1, from Pakistan, my interview was on 6th August 2018, while it went good though and kept my passport but gave me 221g to submit my wife's and sponsors tax returns as they didn't get it, however it was already submitted and approved by NVC. However as is it was written on 221g only to upload on CEAC, so i did the same, but also sent through AEG. Now my CEAC status shows Administrative processing and last case update: 17th Aug 2018. and Travel docs status shows ''your passport is being delivered to post''. Can anyone help me whats going on as I am so confused , how much time NVC will take to get my passport back? or is it a sign of approval or not ? How much i have wait more? Regards, Ovais
  5. Hello everyone, My case is CR1, from Pakistan, my interview was on 6th August 2018, while it went good though and kept my passport but gave me 221g to submit my wife's and sponsors tax returns as they didn't get it, however it was already submitted and approved by NVC. However as is it was written on 221g only to upload on CEAC, so i did the same, but also sent through AEG. Now my CEAC status shows Administrative processing and last case update: 7th Sep 2018. its been a month , can anyone suggest how much more i have to wait? and how can i know if i submitted correct documents or not ? Regards, Ovais
  6. Hello everyone, My case is CR1, from Pakistan, my interview was on 6th August 2018, while it went good though and kept my passport but gave me 221g to submit my wife's and sponsors tax returns as they didn't get it, however it was already submitted and approved by NVC. However as is it was written on 221g only to upload on CEAC, so i did the same, but also sent through AEG. Now my CEAC status shows Administrative processing and last case update: 7th Sep 2018. its been a month , can anyone suggest how much more i have to wait? and how can i know if i submitted correct documents or not ? Regards, Ovais
  7. Hello guys. I wonder if you can help me on this one. My husband went to his interview on May 21, 2013 at the embassy in San Salvador. Our case is a returned case. The CO checked his papers and told him everything looked good. He then told my hubby he needed to bring the latest taxes of the year 2012 from my joint sponsor because we thought it wasn't needed. He did brought the W-2 but CO wanted the form 1040. I delivered the document a week later on May 26 and he sent it on May 27, along with his passport because the officer told him. The stuff arrived at the embassy the next day and we haven't heard from them since. The case status on the website says Administrative Processing with the latest update showing May 28. I want to know why is taking so long? Is he really in AP? Or it's because of the doc? My husband told me that he'll get his visa as soon as he send the doc but it's been more than 2 weeks and this Tuesday will be 3 weeks. I'm depressed because I was hoping he'll be here before his birthday on Tuesday and our third anniversary this Thursday. We have a 2 month baby and I really need him more than ever.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm an American citizen and my husband's interview was on Feb 20th 2018. He had all of his documents but had to go under administrative processing because of the travel ban on Syria. He's been under administrative processing since then and the CEAC site states that his case was last updated on Feb 22nd. Does anyone know how long the AP could take and is there anyone that is/was in a similar situation? Thank you.
  9. Hello all, we applied for IR1/CR1 visa and we have been on administrative processing for 20 months without given reason or update since the interview when no papers or additional info was required from us. so we are thinking about takin some legal action at least to know what is going on and where we are standing and shake things a little bit. so please tell us what you think and recommend good immigration lawyers that handle similar cases successfully. thank you.
  10. Dear All, My interview went good and VO kept my passport, but at the end gave me 221g form for submission of tax returns of my wife which i already submitted at CEAC. As per instructions on 221g i again uploaded tax returns on CEAC , do i have to send them through courier also? or have to just wait for their reply, my case is under administrative processing. Kindly help or some suggestions?
  11. Hi Friends, So my fiance was given a white 221g with administrative processing marked on it. His passport was also kept. I emailed the Islamabad embassy asking them why he wasnt issued a visa. I got a reply back from them today. This is the reply:Dear Sir/Madam, Our records indicate that this case is in its final review. Please feel free to check back with our office after four weeks. So guys should i consider this a good sign? They didnt write the usual its in AP so just wait for it response. Plz give any feedback you guys might have!
  12. Hey all, Just hoping to get some help and support on my case. My wife is American, I am Italian, and we have both been living in Canada for over 3 years. -Interview Date for Green Card 12-JUNE-2018 At the interview the lady said I passed and that I would get the card soon after (it could take from few days to a few weeks) we sent in some more documents, so I had to leave my passport there. The consulate required more documents from my wife to show she was serious about moving back to the US -Documents sent on 15-JUNE-2018 -Received by consulate on JUNE 27- Update status to "AP" After a few weeks we started calling (no one picks up) and emailing -AUGUST 6 case update - still AP -AUGUST 20 we went to the US consulate in Vancouver (where we live) to see if they could give us a direct line to talk to the US consulate in Montreal, no help. -AUGUST 21 case update - still AP We have no idea how long will my case be in AP and when I'll get my passport back. Any info from other people would be appreciated! We are so frustrated and desperate!
  13. I had interview few days ago. I got status of case - in administrative processing I can say only that after that I can not describe how I feel. As minimum unmoral person. But First issue was not the same information in tourist visa 3 years ago. As its common I used for this agency for preparing documents. So they told that I have more chances to get visa if I will say that I am in civil relations as single. I did it. At the interview they told that I am a lier . I am criminal person. And they have any reason to believe me now. Our attorney said its better to say all truth now- because can be worse- so I did it. They asked many details about my personal life since I was married 10 years ago including who paid for traveling which I had in Europe, which boyfriend I had etc- I say such things only to really close friends. But I answered all that questions. Second issue was with dates in documents in divorce certificate which I can fix with local attorney hope not hard. They asked me to send this paper to them. Questions: 1. Is there any chance that that visa can be approved? 2. Maybe better not wait and to make another kind of visa? for family? it can take 1.5-2 years and who knows maybe they will do again such things as checking me like that.... 3. Share your experience about pink paper PLEASE. time which it was, how long etc. 4. Can I send this paper which they need and plus something that can prove that I am honest with them now. Any ideas? 5. What can you recommend? Maybe you already met such situation. Will be happy about all information- thank you.
  14. On 13-July-2018, we had our interview for F4 category. It was a bitter experience and we are very confused about it. It would be great if anyone clears our situation. Our interview was at 8 AM at Islamabad Embassy. Our priority date is 27/10/2004. We were 5 persons in total. My parents and their three children in which two were under CSPA with ages 23 and 26. We reached embassy and took tokens by 8:30 AM. First we went to a window in which the officer took our Interview letter, Pictures and took our finger prints. Then, after a while we went to another window where one officer collected our documents and it turned out that the birth certificate was not original. We protested a bit and then he said that if you wish me to put it with documents, I would but it would affect your case as you are under oath and this would be considered a lie. On hearing that, we asked him to give it back and then he told us that you could send it after wards. He was rude and asked us in a bitter way that whether we children are married or not. We told him that we are not. He also asked us what do we do and we answered him accordingly. This whole situation created an upset in my family and we got nervous as something terrible had happened. After a while we were asked to come to a window where there was a female visa officer with a male interpreter as we chose to give our interview in Urdu (native language). My uncle sponsored us but his income was well under poverty line so we had our cousin as joint sponsor as his income is on the higher side. First he interviewed my Father Q: Who was the petitioner? A: My little brother and (HIS NAME) Q: Where does he live? A: California (did not answer with the whole address) Q: From when is he living there? A: The answer was 2010 but my father answered it 2004 because my uncle shifted from NY to Rochester in 2004 so father confused it with. He corrected it after we cleared it to him. Q: How many children do you have and what do they do? A: Answered Properly but nervously Q: Have you all visited US before? (Question where it started to go wrong) A: Father told him that he had visited a couple of times in the fast. Q: You stayed for 6 months? A: Yes, i stayed for 6 months. Q: Did you over stay? A: Father said No. (and it was true) Q: You sure? A: Yes Q: Why did you stay for 6 months? A: I am a keen traveler and i visited my family (Answered nervously) Q: What did you do there? A: I like to travel, I traveled to many places with my friends and family. (The interpreter did not translate it to the VO) Q: But what did you do there? (asked again) A: Traveled alot and some other general statements. (interpreter did not seem to be satisfied so he did not translate it again and asked the same question again) Q: But what did you do? A: Some general statements but when he did not seem to be satisfied my father said that my brother had stores there and i sometimes used to go with them. The interpreter shrugged his shoulders and said something to VO which i could not hear properly and i was standing with my father. (I have two uncles in USA and they used to have stores but my petitioner is not an owner of property now and he works as an associate in a store officially owned by other relatives that is why his income is below poverty line significantly) At this point the VO peeked to another window, talked to some other fellow and put a stamp on the passport of my passport which i believe is that she revoked his existing visit visa which was still valid. Q: Do you have any domicile proof of joint sponsor? A: i gave them the copy green card of my cousin. They did not ask any question about him but my father volunteered and told them about our relationship with the joint sponsor but the interpreter did not translate it to VO. That was the last question they asked my father and situation got very nervous there. The they asked my elder brother who is 26 and working in QATAR right now. Q: Where do you work? A: answered properly Q: Do you have your police clearance certificate with you? A: I gave the the PCC as i was holding all the documents with me. The PCC had Arabic on right side and English translation on left side of the document. She asked that where is the English translation? My brother answered properly that it is on the same document and it is the one they provide officially. She looked on it for a while and then returned. She did not seem to look very happy. Q: From how long have you been in Qatar? A: 8 months but i visited for a month in between as he visited on eldest brothers marriage. Then he asked me one question that what do you do? I told him that i am engineer doing job right now. Situation was quite tense and we were not very confident as she seemed to be strict from the very beginning. Then she gave us 221g form on which it was marked that we have to provide birth certificate of my father. The thing that happened after it is the thing that is particularly bothering me. She kept all of our passports but gave my elder brother his passport so that he can go back to Qatar for his job. My brother refused to take it saying that he is here for a while. Then she said that we will process your case and if your visa gets ready, we will ask you to give us your passport. My brother insisted not to take it and said he can wait. She replied, "IT WILL TAKE A VERY LONG TIME". My brother said he can wait for two months and if it would not get worked till then he would take it back. This statement terrified us badly. After that she went away and I asked our interpreter how to submit birth certificate. He told us to to go to another window to get instructions. Then i asked him is there and remarks on our interview, he replied that your interview is concluded and now we would do a departmental verification. I asked is there any time frame for this process? he replied negatively. After that we went to the other window and got information about where to submit the document? We got it and we will submit the document is a couple of days. Now, we are very confuse about what would happen next and how long we have to wait? whole family is upset about it. Her statement about "LONG TIME" particularly is hurting us. My brother`s job is on stake as well. We are confused whether to ask for his passport as we are unsure about how much time would it take. There is nothing fraudulent in our documents, its just we gave the interview nervously which we think have created some doubt in their mind. The status of case is changed to administrative processing. During whole this process the VO stamped 5 or 6 of our documents, does anyone have idea what that stamp is about? It would be great in some expert analyzes the situation and gives us some advice about what to do.
  15. Our status on CEAC Status Tracker says ready after a long administrative processing for immigrant visa in Montreal Canada. Whats the next step they will ask us to do and how long will it be for them to take the next step? Will they send an email to send our passport or do I just send it immediately?
  16. Please I need help My husband is from El Salvador his interview was Sep 26 2017 he was given a 221g paper asking for additional documents for an arrest that he had 13 years ago we provided all the documentation on 10/11/17 they were no date updates since 10/31/17 I wrote to my congressman on 12/12/17 and he sent an inquiry on December 13, 2017, two weeks later i got a phone call from the US embassy in El Salvador where they requested another interview he went to his interview on Jan 3, 2018 they were not date updates on CEAC until I reached my senator on 01/18/18 his date changed to 1/19/18 because of the senators inquiry I sent an e mail on February 2, 2018 and his date changed to 02/5/18 but still AP Im so worry because I keep reading post about second interviews and getting approved within 2 to 3 weeks but ours still stuck can someone provide an input of their case, I m losing hope. Anything else that I can do for my case, i will appreciate it.
  17. So I decided to look up our case and I see it’s in AP but we were denied. Could there still be hope ?
  18. Hi! I really tried to look for a similar situation that we are in currently here in VJ but some were outdated. My Fiancé had his interview in USEM last August 7, 2018 after having to undergo a sputum exam that delayed our K-1 process which thankfully resulted negative! He had a really good interview experience and the American consul was very pleasant to him, only asked a few questions and looked through our proof of relationship (nothing else was asked), a few minutes after she told him that he's visa is approved and stamped his paper, congratulated him and gave him pamphlets of so and so (our delivery address is already registered online when we made the schedule for interview). Our Visa status immediately changed to Administrative Processing after his interview and it's been AP since Aug.7 but the case was updated on Aug.9 still AP, is there something I should be worrying about or is it something normal? Thanks in advance!
  19. I called last week and got my case number from the NVC for our k1 visa petition. I called to see if it was sent out to the embassy and they said it was under administrative processing. What does that mean exactly? The lady I spoke to on the phone was unable to give me any kind of timeline for how long that could take. She just said my case was under review. What does administrative processing mean at the NVC stage? Has anyone had this?
  20. Hello, has anyone had any more recent experience with the US consulate in San Salvador and I-601A applicants with tattoos? The applicant has had his I-601A approved, but has not been scheduled for a consular interview yet. The applicant has many tattoos, none of which are gang-related (the tattoos are listed below). All of the tattoos were done professionally with a well-known tattoo artist. I understand that religious symbols can also be viewed as "gang-related." I'm also worried that the sheer number of tattoos could be viewed negatively. Secondly, has anyone with tattoos had any luck with submitting a declaration by a gang expert stating that the symbols are not gang-related? If so, when did you submit that evidence and which expert did you use? What was the outcome? Thirdly, has anyone tried submitting a declaration by the tattoo artist stating that the symbols are not gang-related? If so, when did you submit that evidence, and what was the outcome? -Jesus portrait -dagger w/ “love” inscription -praying hands image w/ “family” inscription -" actions over words" written in Latin -Archangel Gabriel figure -Virgin Mary figure - Roses -Tribal jaguar image -heart with crown image -small skull (a punk band logo) -sparrow image - Applicant's name in Chinese characters -“SXE” in old english font (meaning “straight edge drug free lifestyle") Thank you in advance for your help!
  21. Assalaamualaikum. I have a little situation. I had my interview last month at us embassy Islamabad, Pakistan for IR1. They kept my passport and asked me for domicile for my wife and tax paper of joint sponser (IRS paper) which i already had but they reject to receive them that time and said me to send us with your wife's domicile. We sent them written domicile and some proves for domicile and IRS Papers. After 4 days i got call from embassy and they told me the domicile you have sent is not accepted, my suggestion is that your wife go back to usa. You sent us exist stamp and her pic in front of post office. I did the same job. My wife left pakistan and i sent them stamp n picture of her with us post office. After 4 working days i checked my status on CEAC and my date was updated. And after 3 days including holidays date was again updated and then yesterday on 2 may, date was again updated but my wife got a email from embassy stating that:
  22. I had my interview on the 9th August 2016 at the US consulate Islamabad, the usual routine and was given 221g form with denied mentioned on it. i have created this topic to get to know the usual wait time for AP in 2016, as previously the AP average time was almost 6 months to an year, whereas in 2016 its average time is 3 to 6 weeks. kindly share your cases. thanks.
  23. Our K1 Visa case was put on Administrative Processing on 4 September 2018. It was a yellow 221(g) sheet, basically saying that they need to review our case further before a decision is made. They returned his passport after the interview. My fiance and I both know that AP can take a while, so given that we've already been apart for over a year now, we would like to visit each other this winter. Is it okay for my fiance to travel while our case is still in AP? We would like to visit Dubai again together.
  24. Hello I am U.S citizen my husband is in Mexico. My husband was brought to the u.s as a child 14 year of age and orphan he was adopted by his older U.S citizen brother. Sadly at age 20 he was removed and was given 5 year bar in 2013 for living in the u.s. CBP officers lifted his tourist visa and sent him back to mexico they did not even bother to take a look at the adoption certificate.We married in 2014 after all this happen and left to Mexico with him. We went to Juarez for husband visa. We were expecting for them to denied the visa and ask us for waiver but instead he was put in administrative processing and they asked my husband for a copy of the adoption certificate and they told him they did not have an answer at the moment the interview was about 30 minutes long . I have a feeling the administrative processing is going to take very long. His bar expires in 1 year. Could we just reappy for the visa after the bar expires while this one is still in administrative processing? Thank you for your time and help.
  25. Hi everyone, I'm from Yemen, one of the countries that trumps ban includes . Me and my wife attended my visa interview At the us embassy in Amman Jordan in February 11, 2018 and they gave us a waiver for the presidential proclamation ban. We submitted all the documents required from us and our case has been under the administrative processing since then. My wife sent a message to the embassy 10 days ago and we received the following email from the embassy . I know several people from my country who had their interview her in Amman Jordan and they were given a waiver like me . Their interviews were one month before ours .Their cases took three months and half to be completed in the administrative processing and their visas were issued . I just wonder what's going on with our case during this step and when to expect having my case issued . If anyone knows any information regarding to this, I will highly appreciate your help . Is it okay to contact the senator or the department of state ? Thanks a million . Dear Applicant, Thank you for your email. This case is pending administrative processing per Section 201(c)(3) of the Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act of 2002 (Public Law 107-173). This law requires the Department of State to coordinate with other federal law enforcement agencies to determine the admissibility of an alien to the United States. We periodically request a status update from these agencies and as of yet, we have not received a final approval for the mentioned beneficiary. Please be assured that we are vigilantly working to bring closure to this case and to reunite this/your family. If we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Regards, Immigrant Visa Team, US Embassy Amman, Jordan