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  1. My mother in law had a great interview on May 20th in El Salvador. Told she was approved and given a congratulations paper. No additional docs requested or things needed. CEAC changed that day to Administration Processing and had no updates since. Passport tracking says no updates either. Is this normal? Do we just wait? Thanks!
  2. Long story short i was studying in LA 2012-2014, took a leave of absence with intention to return fall 2015, in march 2015 i went to renew my visa which was expiring in may, the visa was renewed, in may i flew over to LA to spend the summer there before school started. I was turned away at POE because my sevis was cancelled (which i had no clue about and was not informed when i renewed my visa). I was given a 5yr ban because i didnt have $3k on me to pay for a return ticket. I want to finish my degree so I got a lawyer who prepped the 212(d)(3), went for the interview this july. The officer asked me to explain what happened and why I got the expedited removal. I told her what happened she said she believed me. She gave me a green 221g but said she didn't need the waiver packet and didn't look at it. I tried to insist but she said it wasn't necessary, she was going to 'make my application nice' and would get back to me. She said she wanted to keep my passport so that I could just "pick up the visa". The only document she looked at was my i-20. Its been 3 weeks and they havent requested any documents, status is still under AP. Uni starts in 2 weeks. I cannot find anything online anywhere about a 5yr ban 212(a)(7) waived with a 221(g) with zero documents so i dont get whats going on. Anyone know anything about this or had a similar experience? TIA
  3. hi, My case is in administrative processing since 2018. it is more than 2 years now. we got a new baby 6 months ago. anyone has any idea, if we can include my new born baby to my case? Thank you
  4. My husband is from the West Bank (Palestine) and he had his Visa interview at the American Embassy in Jerusalem on August 23rd. He answered all of the typical questions and then the lady told him that his Visa is approved. She took his passport and told my husband that he will receive it with his Visa within 1-2 weeks due to the holidays coming up. He then got a call back a week later and they told him that they scheduled him for ANOTHER interview on September 11th. They questioned him during this interview more than the last and then at the end they kept his passport and told him they will put all of the information in and contact him when they are ready. The status has read "Ready" ever since he got his interview and while it shows they have updated the case, they still have not updated the status. I emailed the American Embassy in Jerusalem last week asking about the status of his case and I received this email: "Thank you for your email. We reviewed our records and found that your immigrant visa application is refused for administrative processing in order to verify your qualifications for the visa. Administrative processing often lasts at least 9 months but, in some instances, it can take significantly longer." Background Info: I am an American citizen - born and raised here. We had our wedding in the West Bank (Palestine) on August 11th but I had to return to America due to work. He has no criminal record and neither do I. We have ample proof of our relationship/wedding and we are of the same cultural background and religion. He works in Israel which is a good thing because Israel even performs intense background checks before letting Palestinians work there. I am absolutely miserable without him and I am tired of waiting on an ambiguous process!
  5. My J1 Visa is under Administrative Processing because my sponsor is Intrax and it is not subjected to PP 10052 from October but the Embassy need to check that information. Dec 31 2020 > Created DS 160 + scheduled appointment for Jan 05 2021 > CEAC : "Application Received" Jan 05 2021 > Assist to the Embassy Appointment > 1 hour after in my house in checked CEAC : "Refused" Jan 12 > CEAC: "Refused" to " Administrative Processing" Jan 21 > CEAC: " Administrative Processing" to "Application Received" What could happen next? In the K1's Forum "Application Received" means that in 2-4 days you will get a final answer, but a J1 is different case.
  6. I made a note to myself to be sure to come back here to Visa Journey to share with you all my experience with my filing of the writ of mandamus, whether the results would be good or bad, as I am hoping many of you, who were stuck like me, get the resolve you deserve. I noticed no one has documented enough about it so I'm happy to be the first. My Writ of Mandamus that my lawyer filed forced the Jordanian Embassy to make a decision on our case since being stuck in AP since September 2019. It was a SUCCESS. My fiancé picked up his Visa this morning. Before I get into the process, how long it took, who I hired, etc, I will breakdown my timeline first below. I'm asking the senior and regular active members here to try to refrain from continuously sharing FALSE information about WoM. In the past several weeks I have read numerous comments from many of the senior members on other WoM posts DISCOURAGING people to move forward yet admitting to not knowing much about it or how it works. First of all you are not lawyers. Try not discourage on a subject you don't know much about. That's what petitioners and beneficiaries should seek legal consultations for. No two WOM's are alike. Only a lawyer can tell you if you are a good candidate and hopefully, you will consult with a lawyer like mine who insisted he see the petition and hear our case before agreeing. So here is my timeline and what happened with my WOM: - Visa Category, K-1 - Fiance's consulate Interview was 9/8/2019 (I-129F petition filed 3/23/2018) - Agent at window advised we need to wait for a call that would "come in shortly" and returned passport - Numerous emails sent to the Embassy inquiring what they needed with no response - October 31, 2019 received an email from embassy asking for proof of relationship....we sent the same exact package they returned to us 10 minutes before his interview. Only thing we added were a few more photos - No updates or word from them until January 2020 where I saw several updates on CEAC, no communication. - February 2020 pandemic hit, no word. AP changed to REFUSED - Researched writ of mandamus just in case we didn't hear anything soon and in fear pandemic will drag our case - April 2020 located the best lawyer for me with long successful track record and paid for a 30 minutes consultation. After hearing my story and seeing my case, he accepted my case. - May 15th I started my case. - May 22nd my case was sent to the 8 agencies my lawyer was suing. They have 60 days to respond. - Those 8 agencies are: USCIS, DEPT OF STATE, DEPT OF HOMELAND SECURITY, US CONSULATE AMMAN JORDAN, SECRETARY OF THE DEPT OF DEPT OF HOMELAND SECURITY, THE DIRECTOR OF USCIS, SECRETARY OF STATE, CHARGE' D'affaires of the US CONSULATE AMMAN JORDAN. - June 29, my fiance receives a call from the US Embassy Amman asking him to update his Medical and send it in with his passport. We wait. - July 18, Passport is sent back to my fiance with a list of 10 questions (similar to DS-5535) and to email responses back and wait for a call. Paper states it can take 2-6 weeks. - July 18 also, US Attorney emails my lawyer and asks for a 60 day extension since its close to deadline. Judge also grants it. - July 23, I email the responses to the 10 questions to Embassy. - August 26, Embassy calls my fiance back to resend his passport again - September 2, my lawyer receives an email from the US Attorney advising him that the Visa has been issued and CEAC status changes an hour later to "ISSUED" - September 3, my fiance tracks the tracking number and sees Visa is already at Aramex and goes picks it up. It took a total of about 3 1/2 months from the time they were served to finish. Definitely worth it. I have read some members giving incorrect information that the WoM could cost around $15,000 and read other outrageous numbers. It does not. I checked numerous lawyers before hiring mine and have received quotes anywhere from $4000 to $8000. Definitely have not heard more. I paid for my consultation which was then applied towards my WoM. My lawyer charged me on the lower end than most. I hired Jim Hacking of The Hacking Law Firm. I would only recommend him. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions. Wishing you all love and happiness!
  7. I've been trying to track my passport and I'm getting these different replies from these different sources recently: USTRAVELDOCS Profile: "Document Delivery Information" instead of "Your passport is still with consulate/embassy" passportstatus email: "There's no status update available for the passport number submitted" Is that a good sign? My CEAC visa status still says admin processing though. Thank you.
  8. Hello, so my husband had his second interview oath/fingerprints in July and was told to submit new medical along with a valid passport, which we did in august, today my husband received a call from the embassy asking to confirm that it was medical and passport that he mailed and if there’s an additional phone number for him, the guy on the phone stated he’s going to pass all my husband information to the officer for processing..on ceac our case went from refused to administrative processing and date updated. Any idea if this may FINALLLY be some good news after 17 months total of AP!!!!
  9. Good day! Anybody here under 221g who submitted lacking documents to US Embassy Manila last November 2020? Any update on your case? And how long after submitting documents during this pandemic is the timeline for visa issuance? It's been one month already since they received the docs.. Tried to call and email them but was just told to wait. Thanks!
  10. Hey guys, just wanted to make a post since my AP finally concluded after a year and a half of waiting since my first interview! A month ago I got an email from the consulate saying they are ready for final processing of my visa, so I ended up sending in some updated documents and redoing my medical, went in for a second interview and got approved! Visa arrived less than a week ago and I am now already in the USA with my spouse, could not be happier! Just felt inclined to post about my approval to give some hope to all of you still waiting in that demoralizing and nerve-wrecking process that is AP. I know how difficult it is and I know how hopeless it sometimes felt. That's why I'm making this post, because it always gave me hope to read about someone getting approved after all that waiting. Wish you guys all the best and a speedy end to AP, it could happen any time, you won't even see it coming!
  11. Does anyone of you guys know what it means to be “case last updated” indicated on CEAC Website? I’ve been having 2 updates after the interview on 10th Sep. Does this frequent updates mean that they’re working on my case and finalizing? Or anyone has any idea of it? Thanks in advance.
  12. My husband has been in AP in Islamabad since April 2019, 1 day after interview received dd5535 filed and returned, last update was 11/2019 after we sent inquiry, no updates since even after we’ve sent inquiry a couple times in December. So over Islamabad and their process 🥺
  13. Hello, I feel that there is no 1 thread to share experience and timelines for AP. It's a frustrating time so it might be helpful to share timelines and experiences to get a feel. ----------------- Our case: Interview (10/9/2018) went very well but was given a white 221g for missing documents - proof of domicile and I864A Was asked to send my passport with the missing papers. We provided all missing documents 2 days after and sent the passport as well. The passport was returned to me few days later. We have been in AP since. We were planning on being in the US by now but this is not happening now, and it's very frustrating since I am pregnant and wanted to buy a house and get it ready before the baby is born! What has been your experience so far?
  14. My wife had her interview at the US Embassy in Bucharest today. She went through the process well and the consul asked her a few questions that she answered without issues. After the questions the consul noted that her case was well documented and thanked her for making his life easy. After this he said that her case was good complete but that it would have to go into administrative processing. He cited some recent judge ruling in the U.S. that prevented him to issue her a visa. He gave her papers back and the form saying that her case is in admin proc and told her that it should all go back to normal in 1-2 days but to check back with the embassy if not. He did not keep her passport and told her she would have to send it in at a later date when all is cleared up. She was not asked to provide a completed DS-5540. Could this be related to the recent ruling in the public charge case? If so, how/why does this affect her? Has there been any ruling recently or change in legislation recently that would prevent a CR1 visa to be issued? Has anyone else had a similar situation? (apart from this https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/744753-ceac-says-visa-refused-consular-officer-said-we-were-all-good/) I appreciate your replies!
  15. Hi everyone, it seems there are lots of us fellow IV interviewees experiencing issues at the Embassies/Consulates interviews. Specifically it seems it is related to the recent court injunctions on the Public Charge at DHS and DOS. USCIS has already clarified that they would revert back to the previous public charge guidance. However, DOS has not provided any guidance or clarification to the Consular Officers/embassies/consulates about how to deal with that. From other forums/posts, many of us seem to experience the impact on that indecision first hand. Please do share your experience and status in regard to your interviews if you had, have or will have an interview in August 2020 or recently.
  16. Hi all, I am newly registered but have been reading the post for quite some time and it has been very helpful. My story goes as follow: I had my Eb-2 visa interview at Guangzhou Consulate around mid October 2018. I told the VO that I currently work for a state-owned employer in China but have never been a CCP (China Communist Party) member. At the end of interview I was issued a green slip "final processing letter". It said the visa has been preliminary approved, but I need to submit additional information regarding to my current employer. I submitted relevant info accordingly. A few days after my submission, the Consulate emailed me with a new white 221 (g) sheet says “SAO Sheet-D”, requesting a statement re CCP and a detailed resume, for “Administrative Processing”. I was confused because I have never been a CCP member, and I promptly submitted the requested information which clearly stated so. Unfortunately there was no further development on my case since then, except for a couple of case status "last update date" change about 2 weeks ago. Today the case status still remains as “Administrative Processing”. The passport is still with the Consulate since interview. Later I learned that SAO stands for "Security Advisory Opinion", and many people who were previous CCP members have been requested similar information and gone through the process which takes extensive time. In my case there is a key difference however: I have never been a CCP member at all. I thought maybe it has to do with my current employer which is state-owned, but my affiliation is solely because of employment, and it should not be a ground for inadmissibility. Therefore I’ve got a feeling that this might be a mistake. I wrote to the Consulate, to the Department of State and asked my district congressional representative to explain my situation and for further help. All inquiries were eventually directed to the Consulate (or it's IV unit) and the response were all like: "...case is currently under AP in accordance with Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.... AP often lasts several months, but in some instances it can take significantly longer". No case specific discussions were shared. It has been more than four months since the interview and I really don't know what to do at this point. I would appreciate if anyone could share any similar experience, resource to go to or advise on what I should do. Thanks in advance!
  17. Hello everyone, I'm an American citizen and my husband's interview was on Feb 20th 2018. He had all of his documents but had to go under administrative processing because of the travel ban on Syria. He's been under administrative processing since then and the CEAC site states that his case was last updated on Feb 22nd. Does anyone know how long the AP could take and is there anyone that is/was in a similar situation? Thank you.
  18. Hello Members, I hope you are all well. Have you recently filled the Writ of Mandamus for your IR1 ?📃✒ Have your case moved or its paused due to Covid..?📰
  19. I don’t know where it’s written or if it’s even written, but pertaining to a WoM (Writ of Mandamus), what do you all think a federal judge considers to be an UNREASONABLE length of administrative processing when considering the WoM?
  20. Hello, my wife applied for me who is an US citizen. I did my interview at US Embassy in Dhaka on April 2017. At the end, Consulate officer told me that my interview is approved and could collect my passport with visa within 10 to 15 days. But, unfortunately, my case went to administrative Processing which I realized by checking the ceac status. After six months, on November 2, 2017, Embassy emailed me for re-medical because previous one is expired. So, I done my new medical same day. Next week, I contacted with Embassy, then Embassy replied me: “We have received the new medical examination report of this case. Now, this case is under additional review. Once the review is complete our visa collection center will contact the applicant with updated instructions. This will take time. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter." Here, I don’t understand after receiving my new medical how come it went to again additional review. I thought Embassy finished my AP then emailed me for new medical. I am really frustrated.
  21. Hi Friends, So my fiance was given a white 221g with administrative processing marked on it. His passport was also kept. I emailed the Islamabad embassy asking them why he wasnt issued a visa. I got a reply back from them today. This is the reply:Dear Sir/Madam, Our records indicate that this case is in its final review. Please feel free to check back with our office after four weeks. So guys should i consider this a good sign? They didnt write the usual its in AP so just wait for it response. Plz give any feedback you guys might have!
  22. My case has been in AP for more then 7 months. I very exhausted mentally and just cant deal with the torture. We sent more then enough evidence but the counselor said they wanted more proof. We sent so much and it seemed just hard to believe that they would want something again. They contacted us after some time and said documents where not receive. I genuinely thought that I was being discriminated. It sounded so B.S that they didn't receive the documents. I had the tracking number and gave it to them and they responded. They said they received the documents and since then heard nothing. Im frustrated. I am US Citizen and I miss my wife so much to the point where I have become depressed. Now the Cornovirus has come. Will this impact the processing? Will they still process the case? Anyone in the same boat?
  23. Hello everyone I just wanted to see if I can get others experience and results in this process, so I had my k1 visa interview in london two weeks ago and was told there may be an ineligibility on my visa based on two cautions in 2008 for shoplifting on the same day but has been stepped down, they hadn't spoken to acro at that point to confirm or had my medical results which they did 5 days later, he did tell me the quicker the response of them it wouldn't be good and gave me a green form which said I was refused under 221g pending admin processing, which I assume it's because they didn't have all the information yet, even though I walked away as though I had been denied already, the waiting game is killing me and I'm wondering if anyone else got accepted or denied based on two cautions or petty crimes,and if so did you appeal? any responses or insight would be appreciated. Thank you.
  24. My passport got damaged (threads came loose) during 221g administrate processing phase but I was able to renew it. For the visa stamping, I have no option but to submit both new+old since the old one is mentioned in the petition, I-797, DS-160 etc. Is there any reason that I will be subject to another interview or further administrative processing. Please advise how I can prevent further delays. Thanks, folks.
  25. Back again, So I wanted to start a new discussion regarding the Administrative Process. So my husband was approved for his visa, passed his medical exam, and his passport was taken. However, my husband only had a certified copy of our marriage certificate and not the original. He was given a 221(g) refusal form that provided information on what he needed to provide, and how to submit the marriage certificate. (I provided the picture below) ***Original Marriage Certificate Mailed (2/3/2020) same day as interview ***DHL confirmed that Marriage Certificate arrived and signed for at embassy (2/6/2020) I am writing this post for two reason... To inform others and to understand that administrative process "pool" myself. I say "pool" because there are others in the same category as myself and are wondering about the process. Please help me with the questions below. True/False: Every application initially starts in the "Administrative Process" after the interview approval, then status will change to ready, then to issued. True/False: If you are missing a document and it is submitted, the embassy will notify you by email to let you know they have received the missing document. True/False: Your case creation date will change once your visa is ready to be mailed. And of course, the obvious... how long will the Administrative Process take based on a missing document?
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