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  1. Would you happened had gone through the interview? We have the US Passport and only copy of the Naturalization certificate. To bring to the interview. No original certificate just scanned copy. We are wondering if those pieces will be enough to prove spouse US Citizenship at the interview.
  2. That was for myself. Helping someone else in the family. You'll notice that also in my comment history. I'm becoming the family immigrant lawyer whether I like it or not Thanks to VisaJourney.
  3. Perusing the Citizenship threads, we couldn't help but feel people seem to suggest the 5 year filers need far less evidence than the 3 year filers. So my initial thought was, we(3 year filers) need more than just Marriage Certification, Green Card and 3 year Tax Returns...
  4. Re: https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/forms/attachments.pdf Hello, We will be applying for N-400 based on 3 year rule shortly. We are in a document gathering phase based on the USCIS Document Checklist. And was wondering if the list on the USCIS is what everyone here is going by and is recommended... Any feedback is really appreciated. Especially from folks who filed under 3-year rule in the past according to this list:
  5. Hello, Sorry as this question was likely has been covered. We were given 10 year IR1 green card on 12/16/2019 and eligible for N-400 filing on 9/16 of this year. 7 years remaining on the green card. Could someone please comment on if it's good idea/neccessary to file I-751 for 10 year green card holders? I thought I'd ask as it seems everyone is filing both(n400 + i751) at the same time. Thank you.
  6. An American wife of green card holder who is applying for N400 doesn't remember when she became a US Citizen because she can't locate her certificate of naturalization. What would be the best way to find the date? Thank you in advance.
  7. Yes, they did want it. And this worked.
  8. Hello, Does anyone have experience in getting CRBA done in Korea? How long does getting typical CRBA certificate and baby's passport process normally take? Thank you.
  9. Same here Including my wife to healtcare.gov was extremet patience exercise. Slight initial culture shock for her. In Korea, good health care was given for her.
  10. About a week ago, I've updated my(US Citzen) ACA application to include my wife who arrived in the states in February/2022. We did so without SSN. Which has not arrive yet. Today I got a letter them asking a copy of her SSN. We will update the SSN document when it's available. Has anyone had similar experience?
  11. We are trying to find the best way to track Green Card production and mailing. Is it cause for concern that IOE receipt number from the immigration fee is different than the one issued on original I-130 application? - Tracking w/ IOE receipt number from the immigration fee is done through https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do WHEREAS - Tracking w/ IOE receipt number from the original I-130 is done through https://my.uscis.gov We are currently tracking with the 1st method. Currently just shows: Immigrant Visa Fee Payment Received We are little concerned because we had family members who immigrated but tracked their application filing, communication with USCIS, and the production of the Card all through the https://my.uscis.gov website. Not separately w/ two IOE #s. Thank you. Here is a related thread from the past:
  12. Could you elaborate little bit what's meant by " It is not 3 weeks after requesting one when paying the immigration fee. "? We paid our immigration fee in October 2021. Thank you.
  13. "Exactly what you should do" as in it is advisable to file file Jointly for 2021 tax year? Thank you.
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