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  1. We are trying to verify some information we found on VisaJourney. Upon entering the US with CR1, does one still get the I-515 stamp at the airport? Secondly, with the stamp, is the immigrant allowed to leave the states and come back _without_ the green card up to a year? The reason we ask is that we may need to head back to the origin country(Korea) before receiving the card to tie up some loose ends. Lastly, does the stamp still look like this? https://www.visajourney.com/static/images/uploads/monthly_02_2009/post-47657-1235761393.jpg Thank you.
  2. You're so right. "According to my careful research her birthday is allegedly April 7th, sir"
  3. For the CR1 interview, should we review answers from the I130 application? Does consulate officers normally bring up things from the application? We are studying up questions from I-864 and DS260. Thank you.
  4. Really sorry you are having to go through this OP
  5. We are going in for an interview in Korea. CR1 Case. Noticed today that the IRS transcript only has first few letters of the first name and just a initials for the middle and last name. For example, John Saint Johnson would show on the transcipt as: JOH S J Is that why they wanted to see the full returns on your case?
  6. The powers that be really need to come up with a global vaccination verification system. For people who've been vaccinated here, what are you using to prove it?
  7. Yes, and we find this thread to be extremely helpful even though meant for K1:
  8. Thank you. The pension documentation isn't option for us. Thus the need for stocks and other liquid asset proof... We petitioned around February and approved in early May.
  9. We are actually both vaccinated in the states. But wasn't sure about Korean doctors actually beliving the flimsy CDC card.
  10. We sent in stocks and bank statements as part of sponsor's I-864 back May to NVC. So the additional asset portion of the I-864 form matches May's financial statements. Our interview is in October this year, would bring most current(September's) or should we just bring the May's? Thank you.
  11. If no joint sponsor,, what did you end up showing to prove that your husband had enough income coming from self-employment alone?
  12. There are about six places approved for medical exam in Korea. And they are still waiting for an official word from the consulate. The clinics' concesus seems that if the medical examination is before October 1st, then no Vaccine but on/after it's required. Even if the interview date is after October 1st. Just so we can save headache and delay we are planning on getting examined in September.
  13. Here's our story: Our interview is in Korea. Interview date is after October 1st. But the medical examination is on September 20th .
  14. When you say Consular Appointment, you mean the medical appointment right? Not the actual CR1/IR1 interview where you need to show the result from the medical appointment.
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