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  1. My wife (Chinese) is applying for an IR-1 visa, I'm sponsoring her. The I-130 was recently approved. I'm working on the I-864 and I have a few questions and things I'd like to confirm. 1. I live in China with her. When and how should I submit proof of domicile? 'Additional AOS Supporting Documentation' in CEAC? 2. Does the I-864 and/or supporting documents need to be notarized? The internet says no but I found a USCIS page that says yes. 3. My wife's mailing address should be in the States right? We used my mom's house for the I-130. 4. Do I have to use a US phone number on I-864? 5. My US income isn't enough (I work in China) so my mom is joint sponsoring. Her income is only from land sales and rent not a job, could this pose a problem? 6. In part 5 I should leave number 3 'spouse' as zero because she was already counted as the person I'm sponsoring right? That way the household is 2. For DS-260 1. Can there be gaps in the employment history? How long can a gap be? 2. Time periods covered by education don't have to be covered in employment history right? It would be a gap. Sorry if these have been answered previously.
  2. We already got DQ’d and are waiting for our interview letter. I now remembered my wife and I had previously leased an apartment in Turkey with a residence permit for tourism purpose, and stayed there for 5 months. I’m not sure if i should have added this address for the apartment in the previous addresses section of the DS-260 form. Does this 5 month stay at this apartment count as something I should add? We stayed in Turkey with a residence permit that was applied under tourism. I made a letter for now to have my wife bring it to her interview to show the CO in case we need to update it.
  3. Hello, I am immigrating on IR1 visa and my interview is next month. I was an international student in the US and left to my home country after university. Prior to leaving I had 2 speeding tickets that I forgot to pay. After few years I came across them and called the courts to find out that I had 2 arrest warrants for not paying. I immediately stood before judges via Zoom, Judges dismissed both cases after paying the fines. Thus, both the arrest warrants dismissed. My immigration attorney answered the following question with ’NO’ since I didn’t get arrested.. Again, I was NEVER ARRESTED, but was issued an arrest warrant after leaving the US. Cases and warrants were dismissed after paying the fines. Should I have answered ‘Yes’? Is this going to trigger an administrative processing? I can’t change DS-260, Should I disclose it in advance prior to the interview or only if I was asked about it? Many thanks.
  4. Hey all! I have petitioned for my Russian parents to obtain IR-5 visas as I am a US citizen. Now we are required to submit police reports for them from everywhere they lived starting at 16 y.o. and my parents used to live in Kazakhstan when it was part of USSR and some time after USSR fell apart. It seems that the online platform for obtaining the police report (http://Egov.kz) requires an ID that only is assigned to Kazakh citizens, which my parents are not. How can they obtain the police reports without those IDs? Many thanks!!🙏
  5. Hello all, My spouse is scheduled to attend her IR1/CR1 interview appointment on July 31, 2023. Since the I-130 approval and subsequent NVC delay, we have a new child that was born on March of this year. Our child has since acquired a US passport. Prior to the interview, do I need to update the DS-260 with the child's details? Or do I just carry the CRBA record and the US passport to the interview for confirmation? Please advise. TIA.
  6. There is this question in the DS-260 asking if my father-in-law will be travelling with his spouse. They both have been petitioned but each had an individual I-130 form, so I'm not sure if I should put reply like this Is your spouse immigrating to the U.S. with you? no Is your spouse immigrating to the U.S. at a later date to join you? yes
  7. Hi All, Good Day! I just want to ask if anyone experience the same thing I did about the Online application of DS-260. In the "Present and Previous Address Information" where you got to mention in chronological order the places or addresses you've been from the day you turned 16 up to present. I wonder why, I always got Application Error every time I press save or press Next. Please advise. Thanks in advance
  8. I work as a freelancer in a freelance platform named Upwork, they don't hire me, they only provide an online worspace, am applying for dv visa. So in my country there is no law about freelance statue, and we don't pay taxes as freelancers. should i fill out the occupation as a freelancer independent contractor? or i should not mention that am a freelancer at all?
  9. My civil document was delivered on March 8,2023 via USPS. If there is anyone who submitted the documents around the same time please mention your docs submission date and dq date. At first, I completed DS-260 form and submitted the docs in December but in February NVC emailed us saying DS-260 form is missing. I tried sending inquiries to NVC with Screenshots of completed form but the NVC replied us with same generic email every time saying form is missing. We have sent our docs again on march 8 but the people who submitted the docs online on March 15 are getting DQ. I still haven’t heard anything from NVC. Is the review time same for people who submitted online and via mail? Please mention your timeline below. It would be a great help for me!!!
  10. When filling out the DS-260, the principal applicant’s given names don’t fit in the text box. It’s short by one character because i have 3 long middle names. It says that the name we enter must match the name on his passport. What should we do?
  11. Hello, Please advice where to post if this is not the correct section. We are trying to fill out the DS-260 but the section for "City of Birth" needs 3 more characters to match the city on my applicants documents. Our options seem to be to shorten "San" to "S." or leave the last few letters of the city off?
  12. Hi! I really need your help here. I am in the process of completing the DS 260 online form, however I cannot continue because the street address is invalid in line 1. The address is Poblacion Weste, Catigbian, Bohol, that's it. I tried everything like putting the special characters etc, but im not successful. Any assistance is HIGHLY appreciated. Thanks you and God bless
  13. Hello, I'm currently completing my DS-260 submission for a CR1 to immigrate from the UK to live with my spouse. I am currently completing a PHD in the UK but am unsure of my career plans after I have graduated. I have some general ideas but nothing certain. On the DS-260 form, it asks what career you are intended to go into on arrival. For a CR1 visa, how important is this section likely to be? And how specific would my plans have to be? Thanks in advance
  14. Hello everyone, I am seeking some advice for my spouse and I. My spouse is a Japanese citizen holding a permanent residency card. We completed our i-130 and my spouse was granted her residency here in the United States 2-years ago. It is now time for us to submit a i-751 to remove conditions on her residency. Previously when we went through the i-130 process, while I was stationed in Japan, we answered "yes" on her i-130 in reference to "have you ever committed a crime...etc." This was also documented in her ds-260 that we were required to submit. My spouse was able to get her criminal record pulled from the local police office where we filed, but it was sealed, so we do not know if there is in fact any record of her crime. When she was 14 years old she was caught shoplifting, taken to the police station and questioned, then later released to her mother. To her knowledge, she never needed to pay a fine, nor was she charged for the crime. When we spoke to the counselor at her interview for her i-130, they accepted the documents of her criminal history and she was accepted. From my interpretation, in the directions (i-751) it states that she is required to provide documentation (again) on the incident. The document would require either my spouse traveling back to Japan and hand receiving the record, or requesting the record through the local embassy, which we were quoted at potentially taking up to 3 months to receive. I have called USCIS three separate times requesting more information, but it seems they are not allowed to answer whether or not she has to submit the criminal record again or not. Today I spoke with another USCIS representative and he suggested it possible that I provide a written statement of the situation and that we have already previously disclosed this and provided the criminal record for her i-130. She has not committed any crimes since gaining her residency (in her 2-year conditional period). As it stands I have written the letter that was recommended, and included it with her filing documents signed by both of us. My questions are; Does she in fact need to submit the same criminal record for the i-751, or is this stored in the USCIS database for reference? Does the question on form i-751 refer to the conditional 2-year period, or is it in fact "have you ever"?
  15. Hi all! My recruiter submitted my DS-260 a couple of days ago. Any idea of how long it will take to become DQ'd? Thanks! (feel free to remove in the wrong place!)
  16. Hi everyone, I'm sorry if this question has been answered but I did a search on Visajourney and couldn't find a thread regarding this topic. I'd appreciate guidance from anyone who may have knowledge on this. I filed a DS-260 for my mom, and it was conditionally approved in May 2021. Next step was to wait for the US Embassy in India (possibly the one in Mumbai) to schedule an appointment for interview, but that has understandably been delayed due to COVID. That being said, I can't find any information anywhere online whether the embassies have started scheduling appointments for the visa interview, what the wait times are, what dates they are currently processing, etc. It's been such a long time waiting for the interview to be scheduled, especially when there is zero guidance from the embassy when services will restart. Plus, it's been 2 years of COVID, most things are opening back up and things getting back to normal, the fact the embassy still isn't opening up their interview services (that I know of), it's very frustrating. So if anyone knows of any information regarding this, please let me know. Thank you!
  17. My wife (Chinese) and I (US Citizen) live in Shanghai, we're about ready to submit the I-130 form online to eventually get a green card. I have a couple questions, I would appreciate it a lot if someone can help. 1. Do translations of supporting documents for the I-130 and the original documents have to be uploaded as one file, or can they be uploaded as two separate files? 2. After the I-130 is approved how much time would we have to gather documents and submit DS-260 before the application is cancelled? We may have to go back to her hometown for some documents, so we're not sure if the I-130 processing time would be enough, we might have to wait for the next step after I-130 is finished.
  18. Hi, We just got our NOA2 for the I-130 and I am starting to gather information and documents for the NVC stage. I encountered this question: "Have you ever been refused a U.S. Visa, or been refused admission to the United States, or withdrawn your application for admission at the port of entry?" Long story short, my husband and I got married through Utah virtual ceremony this January. The next week I was trying to fly into the US and I had all the required documents. However, at the airport in Amsterdam, the woman at the gate looked at me and my papers and said they were not valid/legal and said she could not let me on the plane. She picked up the phone and called someone (I do not know who), and then she said she had spoken to someone in the US and that I was not allowed to board the flight. I turned around, hopped on a flight to Aruba, stayed there for 14 days and entered the US without any problems. In May this year, I again tried to fly to the US,, with the same documents and had no issues whatsoever. So I assume I have to click yes on this question on the form. But how do I explain it? Writing "They did not think my marriage certificate was real" seems like a huge red flag. Any input would be highly appreciated!
  19. Hello VJ members, I have been asked to change my address on DS-260 after already getting approved for my spouse's petition. How do I do that since DS-260 is locked on NVC portal. My spouse did get her visa but embassy mentioned that it must be done prior to her landing there. Could anyone advise how to update address after visa has already been approved and will it impact my wife's arrival at the port of entry?
  20. I am in the process of filling out the DS-260 form. In the "crimal information" section of the "security and background" section. There is a question that asks: "Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offence or crime, even though subject of a pardon, amnesty or other similar action?" I was caught shoplifting in my 20's and receieved a diversion in court, through writing a letter of apology and making a charitable donation. I was never arrested, but the police came to the store and gave my friend and I a talking to. Do i need to answer yes to this question? I was not convicted or arrested, but i would like to make sure i'm interpreting this question correctly. Thanks!
  21. I'm in the process of filling out the DS-260 form. There is a question in the section "security and background" under "miscellaneous 1" that asks: " Do you seek to enter the US for the purpose of performing skilled or unskilled labor but have not yet been certified by the secretary of labour?" I am an licensed electrician in Canada. I do intend to get certified in the US for electical but have NOT been certified by the secritary of labour yet. So the answer to this would be yes?? Any input would be great! Thanks!
  22. hello , we have f4 case application and scheduled Interview at 22june , but consulate asked from us again to upload new Police certificate , our lawyer tolding me its to early to upload new additional Documents "NVC will fast trasnfer Doc to our embassy , but im little scared NVC sometims Delays to review Reuploaded Doc , it will be to late then , bcs 22 june is for 11 days and i dont think NVC have time to Tranfer moddified Documents To our local embassy , what should i do?
  23. HI. I am DV-2022 winner. Me and husband are presently living in Morocco and India respectively and due to Covid-19 situation it is not possible for him to visit Morocco and vice versa. In this situation, Is it possible that I (principal applicant) can select US Consulate (Morocco) and my husband (Indian nationality) will choose US Consulate Mumbai (India) on our individual DS-260 form?
  24. Hello, I'm having an issue when I do fill DS-260 form because the "Given Name" text field is not enough to fill my name as listed in the passport. How can I overcome this space issue ? any other way to enter my name ? Thanks.
  25. Hello to everyone! I had just submitted my DS-260 in it I described all my social media account but after that, I realized I have missed a social media account (Pinterest). I never posted anything on it. I just used It to download some wallpaper some time ago, for this reason I forgot it🤦🏼‍♂️ .. In your opinion it will be a problem? Thank you very much
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