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Found 24 results

  1. Hello helpful community! I'm about half-way through the CR1 visa application process at the US Embassy in Paris for my husband, who is French (I'm a US citizen). Everything was pretty clear and going smoothly until now, we're completely lost as to what the next step is. Did anyone file recently at this consulate, and if so, when/where/how did you submit your I-184, financial and civil docs after submitting the DS-260?? To recap our situation: Oct 17: We submitted our I-130 petition in person at the US Embassy (we had previously gotten approved for filing directly due to exceptional circumstance) Oct 31: We received an email from the embassy saying the petition had been approved and instructing us to: ""Complete you DS-260, gather the full documentation, and register your appointment." Nov 25: We submitted the DS-260 online via the CEAC portal. Unless we missed something major, there was NOT a tab for uploading the I-184, financial documents, nor civil documents. We received the Confirmation email that the DS-260 had been submitted. This email said we had to submit the financial and civil documents for the NVC to review and directed us to this website. Option one (CEAC) doesn't seem possible, do we EMAIL or MAIL the documents in to the NVC? Our case number does not begin with the letters they put as the ones that should be emailed in. Here's a bit of the letter: On the CEAC tracker, though, our status is marked as "Ready" and says to wait for appointment notification: So, are we supposed to: A) Do nothing just wait? B) Email documents to NVCelectronic@state.gov C) Mail them to National Visa Center Attn: DR31 Rochester Ave. Suite 100 Portsmouth, NH 03801-2914 D) Something else???? Anyone who has been through this process recently and can tell us what steps they had to take would be most appreciated! Thank you!!!
  2. Mrs Ali

    I'm confused

    Hi everyone I summit ds_260 20th October 2018 now tell me How long does it take to schedule interview after your documents are verified...I m applying from Pakistan so need to know how long will it take?
  3. Hello everyone, This is my first time posting so forgive any ignorance or redundant questions you surely have heard before ... I am the petitioner for my wife (beneficiary) in Peru. We have gone through everything so far and received an interview date and time at the U.S. Embassy in Lima, Peru in less than a week. After looking over all of our documents, I went back to print the DS-260 confirmation page from CEAC and I noticed a couple of errors I made on the actual DS-260 form. The errors were: 1) Wrong date for how long my wife has lived at her current address (ex. she lived there from 2007 and I had accidentally put in 2003) 2) Forgot to put my wife's employment history To explain a bit more regarding the employment history omission, I guess I either forgot altogether or didn't feel it was necessary to put down that my wife only helped out her friend at a local school (for less than 1 month) and helped children in her neighborhood with English homework (she barely got any money from this and it was more for friends and family). I did however put those two things down in her G-325A when I mailed out the I-130. Will this show up as a discrepancy to the consular officer? And would my wife be able to mention this at the time of the interview since it's too late to fix the DS-260? Would it be wise to fill out a DS-230 and bring it to the interview to note the changes? I don't want these two small errors be the cause for any delay in my wife obtaining a visa. She also recently updated her passport since it was going to expire in less than a month, but I didn't think it would be a problem as long as she brought both the old and new passport with her. THANKS!!!
  4. I was working on my wife's DS-260 when I had to stop and ask her to gather complete information on her 'education from secondary on + all of her employment.' The web site displayed those explicit requirements. Two days later, when I logged back on the enter the data, the web site had been changed and they asked for 'employment OR education' and for employment, they only asked for 'occupation' and 'any other occupation.' As my wife has been both a Lawyer and a Religious Worked, I filled in just two pieces of employment information and that was all I was asked for. I'm quite happy that the requirements had been simplified, but it's rather surprising to have it happen this way. Has anybody else noticed this change?
  5. Can anyone please tell me, how long after you have paid the fees and completed the DS-260 will it be before you can upload your documents to CEAC. (please note this is a PIVOT case)
  6. Our I-130 was approved and now filling out the DS-260 I found a couple mistakes with the original address history. Not sure how to proceed with the DS-260 long address history to avoid getting flagged for discrepancies. Here are the mistakes on the I-130: 1) We put her last address as 23rd Ave, when it should have been 25th. Because of the mistake there, I also put the postcode wrong (I copied it from entering the address with '23 Ave' on Google Maps) 2) We put the dates lived as Aug. 2011-May 2015. The correct dates were actually Aug. 2013- May 2015. She forgot about one place (2011-2013), but since 5 years is exactly Aug. 2013, I think we are in the clear there- it's just a 'typo' rather than an entire address missing on the I-130. SO, what is the best way to proceed for the DS-260? I tried searching this every way I could think and didn't find the answer. I've seen the responses that all of the correct info should go on the DS-260...but do we need to somehow explain the mistakes? Is there somewhere to do this on the DS-260, and if not, should I just submit an explanation letter w/ all of my other docs I'm submitting with my AOS? I've also seen some mentions of calling NVC- is this advised, or will it only draw attention to problems and draw this out? Thanks very much!! Waited all week for the site to be back up and ready to get this submitted!
  7. SpidersWeb

    Previous Visas

    In the immigrant visa application (DS-260) you need to list previous 5 stays in the US and any visas. I've traveled 4 times on a visa waiver (an ESTA the 4th time) and I had an F-1 visa 10 years ago. I don't have any documentation related to the F-1. The passport with the student visa was taken by a police officer when I renewed my passport. I don't have any other documents either. The local US embassy doesn't have a record from that time. The college I studied at couldn't help me. Has anyone had a similar situation? Will this be an issue in itself?
  8. I am planning to move to a different place in 2 months. After submitting ds260 form, how can I change my present address? I know that for making changes on the form I have to write an email to KCC for unlock. Just want to be sure that is it true in my case. Any help will be much appreciated
  9. For visa application DS-260, for spouse parent's, they are asking for current address. His parents are currently in Canada on a visitor visa and going back to their home country India in August. Do we list Canada or india for their current address? Thank you in advance!
  10. Hello - From NVC website: "All documents not written in English, or in the official language of the country in which you are applying for a visa, must be accompanied by certified translations". Does this mean that, unlike USCIS, NVC is OK with me uploading documents in Ukrainian (embassy will be in Ukraine)? It's a bit hard to believe having worked with USCIS for so long... Additionally, one of the civil documents is in Russian which is not an official language of Ukraine, but is accepted at the embassy there per their official checklist page. Any advise there? Thank you
  11. Hello, I don't keep in contact with one of my adult children, so in my DS-260 I'll provide their name in "children" section as it appears on birth certificate. If they've changed it due to marriage, or legally changed the name, but I didn't know about it and didn't include their new name in the form, would DS-260 get denied? Would I get notified that they've changed their name, or what their current name is?
  12. I am filling the ds-260 and I have some questions with regards to the employment section. First this is my situation: I have been with the same company for about 3.5 years and had two positions. One was that of a software developer (2.5 years) and the other as DevOps (1.5 years current). I started out as a software developer, then got a promotion, my job title didn't change but duties did. it's a software developer but I do the duties of what would be those similar to a mix computer systems analysts/user support technician/system administrator (according to O'NET database). What do I fill in the form? Official title and the current duties I do? Because the title does not reflect the duties I actually do.
  13. Hi all !! I'm a little confused (as usual) about the so called "Appointment Letter" The last communication I have had was the letter from the Immigrant Visa Branch from the London Embassy stating that they have received an approved petition in my name, along with my Case number, Preference Category, and no Priority Date...... WAS THAT MY APPOINTMENT LETTER?? If not, then how do I receive one please? Basically, I have JUST now filled the DS-260 online, with the COMPLETED page (and email) (So far I haven't paid anything at all as I think it is done after the interview?) I guess all I have to do now is get: 1)- Obtain a police certificate (I came to the UK at age 18 (majority age) in 1988...will I need a French police check too?) 2)- Book a medical (do I need anything from my GP? My last vaccine was in France when I was a kid) 3)- Book the interview ( the Embassy says: "Please do not schedule an appointment unless you have received your appointment letter from the National Visa Center or, if your application is being processed by the IV Unit, you have been advised that your case file has been received in the Immigrant Visa Unit, London")<<<< My confusion IS THAT ALL CORRECT? THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!
  14. Just wondering how long it is taking people to get scheduled an interview from when they submit the DS-260 and I-864 forms. Not sure if that is NOA2 or something else. Tried to use the section of this website that explains but ended up a bit confused.
  15. Hello, My spouse has her interview scheduled quite soon and just a few days ago the London Embassy sent her an email asking to bring the DS-160 Confirmation page. This confused us since the DS-160 is for a Non-Immigrant Visa, and we have applied for a CR-1 Permanent Visa. We know that we need the DS-260 Confirmation and we have that and all of our other documents ready to go. However, nowhere in any of our checklist or even the LND Checklist PDF says that we need the DS-160. So this was a bit shocking to us and they sent the email out only a few days before the interview. We haven't filled out the DS-160 yet because we don't know if it will cause any issues with our current visa process. If anyone who has recently been through the interview process at the London Embassy for a CR-1 Visa, or if anyone has any knowledge on it, if you could help us, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you,
  16. If I cancelled a previous visa after being denied due to G212 (a)4 (likely to become a public charge), should I mark "yes" to "Have you ever been refused a U.S. Visa, been refused admission to the United States, or withdrawn your application for admission at the port of entry?" on my DS-260? The embassy gave us an opportunity to submit evidence that my spouse would not become a public charge but we decided to cancel our K1 visa application, marry, and apply for a CR-1 visa instead. My spouse said that she read somewhere that we can mark "no" since the visa was cancelled but I just want to make sure.
  17. "****NVC Notice of Missing Item: Please submit Form DS-260 ****Good day,The National Visa Center (NVC) received the documents you submitted in support of XXXXXX immigrant visa petition. This petition's NVC case number is XXXXXXXXXX. However, NVC will not review these documents until we receive an Immigrant Visa Application (Form DS-260) for each intending immigrant. Form DS-260 must be completed and submitted to NVC online at ceac.state.gov.Please follow the online instructions at nvc.state.gov/260 (English) or nvc.state.gov/260/espanol (Spanish). If you have any questions, please call 1-603-334-0700 or use NVC's online inquiry form at nvc.state.gov/ask (English) or nvc.state.gov/ask/espanol (Spanish).For current processing times, please visit our website at nvc.state.gov/submit (English) or nvc.state.gov/enviar/espanol (Spanish).Reminder: This is only a notice that we received documents from you. We will not review them until we have received both the financial documents from the petitioner and the applicant's civil documents. You must also have paid all required fees and submitted a DS-260 Immigrant Visa application online at ceac.state.gov._______________________________________________________________________________IMPORTANT:If your visa petition is currently processing at the National Visa Center, do not let more than one year pass without contacting NVC. If a period of one year passes from the last date of contact (by telephone, mail, or e-mail) with NVC, all submitted fees and documents expire. If this occurs, the fees must be paid again and documents must be resubmitted in order to continue the immigration process.Sincerely,National Visa CenterU.S. Department of StateMEANWHILE, I HAVE ALREADY SUBMITTED DS-260 BACK IN DEC 1ST 2017. ANYONE WITH SIMILAR ISSUE?
  18. Hi! Our NVC expedite request was approved before our DS-260 was unlocked. Does anyone know if we still need to submit our DS-260 online even if NVC says all correspondence will now be with the local embassy due to the expedite approval? Also, in the AOS (I-864 form), if I am already part of the number of people being sponsored (Part 5, #1), should I still be listed in Part 5, #3 where it says "if you are married, list your spouse"? That's going to make it redundant and will add 1 more person (the same person) to the total household. Would appreciate any response. Thanks in advance!
  20. I am a US Citizen currently living in the US. I am filling out the DS-260 form for my mother. She has 2 children currently living with her (both under 21, single). Once I add them in the "Children" section, there is a question asking "Is this child immigrating to the U.S. with you?". The current I-130 is only for my mother. However, we would like to bring them to the US ASAP. What should I answer here?
  21. Hi all, I'm filling out the DS-260 for my spouse. I, along with my two kids, have American citizenship. The whole family, including my husband, who I'm petitioning for the visa, live in abroad. The form asks if the spouse and children are immigrating with the applicant. I'm not sure what to mark, since we're waiting for his visa to move together, but we technically aren't immigrating. Thanks!
  22. I am filling out the DS-260 for my 2 step children in Vietnam. The father is not listed on either childs birth certificate... So, do I list him at all on the ds-260? Only name and country of birth is all my wife knows? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you
  23. Hello All, I am confused about filling out the education section in the DS-260 section "Previous Work/Education/Training Information" when a person has done online diplomas or certificates. My wife has done her bachelors online and a course from a college that is UK based. The study was self paced and the papers were online. She never physically left the country for any of it. My question is, what do i put in as the address for the institution and the time attended? Correct me if i am wrong, for the time attended it seems that the date of registration till the diploma/certificate was received makes sense.
  24. Hi all, We are preparing to file our NVC packet and my spouse is filling out his DS-260. There is a question, "In which occupation do you intend to work in the U.S.?" and he is not sure how to answer it as he doesn't know yet what he will be doing. He's looking to change careers when he moves here so he is more than likely going to return to school and be a student, but he has not yet decided on a career and so has not applied to any schools or programs. Should he select "other" and explain this? Not sure what the best route is, here. Thanks for any help you are able to offer!