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  1. I got mine back like 2 weeks later after I got my passport.
  2. I submitted the IRS transcripts from the past 3 years. Always all pages.
  3. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/get-fast.html Basically you can pay like 60$ extra for expedited service which still can take a couple of months (this is not taking into account that you need to book an appointment with USPS like a month in advance) or try to do the emergency one if it's 2 weeks before you need to travel.
  4. I second that. The first thing our USCIS officer told us was to first do SS and drivers license and passport last if only for the scenario where the post office loses the certificate and then you have to get a new one. SS doesn't even need 10 days to wait, I went and updated it a couple days later after the ceremony.
  5. He probably implies that there are ways to make her life difficult to remove conditions and such as a way to pressure her. But yeah as others said, she has the same rights as any citizen. Though trying to deport her as a way to avoid paying is kinda low and hopefully just a thought and not something that you shared with people.
  6. I was on CR1 but I think it's for everyone. The officer at my interview told me they are completely swamped with the I-751s . I am sure they will send you one, for me it came out of the blue since my previous notice already had a year left on it.
  7. The notice for interview was February 21st. So basically a couple weeks.
  8. Up until today when it was approved at the interview it just showed about the fingerprints in the "case history" tab. Even now that it has been approved only the case history shows "Interview Was Completed And My Case Must Be Reviewed" but the case status is still "unavailable at this time"
  9. Ok so went to the interview with the wife. They didn't let my wife past security so she waited outside in the car. After 30-40 mins past the appointment date I was called in for the interview. Turned out to be a combo interview and I saw that damn novel of a package I had sent on the table back 2 years ago. After a light chat about how I-751 is so swamped that basically people are ready for naturalization, the officer proceeded with the I-751 first, didn't call my wife in and just did a solo interview with me. Questions apart from verifying some stuff on the application was about how I met my wife originally, who proposed first, how well I get along with my stepdaughter and how I see my long term plans of my future with my wife. She was checking some paperwork in my package and I did a light joke "damn after this long I had forgotten how big it was" to which she was "Good thing it was big otherwise there would be a good chance for me to ask for more information". (I guess that's a good lesson in frontloading stuff) N400 went great, we did the civics tests first then went through verifying stuff from my application. In the end I was asked if I wanted to take my oath the same day and a couple hours later after managing to contact my in-laws so they could attend me with other 10 people gathered for the oath and got our papers and instructions on what to do next. So a happy ending overall and now onwards for the rest of the bureaucracy with SSN/ID/Passport updates (which still surprises me that to get a passport you need to send the original certificate and not like a certified copy or something)! Really happy also with all the help I got along the road and thank you!
  10. Nothing wrong with being overly safe. Each interview is unique anyway. I think most people just try to calm others in case they don't have a kitchen sink but just a bowl Good luck to your interview in a bit I am having mine!
  11. For sure. My initial I-751 was kinda thick since I front loaded stuff (3 bank accounts, credit cards, utilities, insurance, you name it). This time around I just trimmed it a bit for the N400 but still will be kinda thick, hell 15 months of our main bank account is already thick! But yeah I get what you're saying, don't want the IO to think to much on it just sing the papers and send me on my way!
  12. Good luck to you too! I am just bringing updated stuff for the last year like my bank accounts as far as updated proof of marriage goes. (Maybe I will print a couple utility bills too). It's not like anything has changed the past year haha.
  13. Well good thing there is nothing to lie about haha. My wife will drive there and I still going to ask about the i751, I mean it's kinda important. Maybe in the Omaha field offices they don't do emails!
  14. Oh definitely. Not even a hint, it will be a direct question/mention that my wife is with me and I have an i751. Though I wldo like to think they can actually see these th9ngs in their system
  15. Man this sucks, I have my interview tomorrow and never gotten any indication for a combo interview. Still going to bring the wife with me but dang.
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