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  1. Heya all. Anyone has encountered any problems when traveling to Europe and back? Planning my trip to go see my family after 2 years and there is still some stress on the back of my mind 😀
  2. I have included a few of my paystubs to show the address. I thought it adds up when someone views it holistically.
  3. Thank you. Yeah I assume that the pdf is basically a copy of that notice with the barcodes and everything so it shouldn't matter to them anyway as long as you have some form of paper. It's even more annoying because they never have updated the case status even and I only guessed what it was from other's people experiences. 😕
  4. Hey guys need some advice because I feel like I failed so much so I am not sure if things will be ok or if there's anything more to do. On Tuesday I got a notice from USPS that a letter from immigration arrived. When I went to pick up the letters it seems I somehow manage to lose the envelope with the letter (It's even more sad because I remember basically having my eyes on it and then left for a bit to got to the bathroom then bam gone and now I start to feel like I lost it during my walk back from the mailbox) in it before I had a chance to look at it. Talking with an agent in USCIS through Emma they told me that there is a biometrics appointment for 2/2/22 (Which the case status hasn't updated for) and after a short discussion they sent me a pdf file at my email which is the ASC notice. I wanted to ask if there's anything else I can do at this point, is it even worth trying to get them to resend the actual paper or just the printed pdf will do? Anyone else had a similar experience? Thank you all.
  5. They use the same language a lot of bureaucratic people use back in my country The "should" part is means some of the stuff they expect to see and they state some of the most common ones. For the affidavits I went with the advice from Jim Hacking lawyer. Good to have if lacking stronger evidence but not a must have. But since you already live with the parents these can serve as extra proof of cohabitation and they shouldn't be a hassle to get to prove point 2.
  6. Well after 2 days I got the text that they received the case and the case number shows MSC so now it's basically "Please wait while loading* screen heh.
  7. Package was sent on the 27th, it arrived on the 28th and I got an email from the bank on the 29th that they charged my debit. So hopefully I will get a notification that they received it at some point. They must have really wanted the money considering how fast they charged.
  8. Passport is only a problem if you need to travel outside the US. Driving license is not a problem though you can always send an ID. Affidavits are not required, they are additional supportive documents.
  9. I think that general rule refers to the last part of the petition with the additional information where if you print extra pages of it you need to said information.
  10. Out of interest because I wanted to ask if you printed both the front and the back of your credit cars as proof.
  11. I tried with adobe, basically it does what I described, if you omit the middle name it just doesn't output anything since it excepts the input of middle name too. Ok as an update and for anyone else that might encounter the same problem the only workaround I found so far that doesn't involve printing the pdf and handwriting it is that one can use Foxit reader and open the document. From there they can use a tool it has called "Typewriter", go to the obnoxious field that refuses to be autofilled and manually add the name there.
  12. Thank you, I will give it a few more tries maybe I am doing something wrong. Did you use adobe or something else?
  13. I tried to just press space and basically it shows like First letter Name. .Last name So it looks a little weird with the 2 dots in the middle. I can't put a dot in the middle name field with adobe and if I use firefox or chrome it doesn't autofill it still it seems.
  14. Basically what the title says. I am filling the form and since I have no middle name I leave it blank, but on part 7 the space is blank and only seems to be filled if a middle name is included. What should I do in this case? Put N/A for my middle name and print the form and hand write the name on part 7 alongside my signature? Or just leave the middle name blank completely? Thank you guys!
  15. Thanks I will look into it see if they can do something like this at a reasonable cost. Hopefully though USCIS will focus more on our bank accounts and credit cards 😄 Probably will add paystubs from my job too that shows the address, can't hurt.
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