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  1. My wife’s green card was finally shipped today. poe 12/26. Near 6 months not sure why the delay, I called after 120 days got the email that card was being produced last week. Finally our visa journey is officially over. Good luck to all!
  2. My wife is from a banned country and interviewed in November and was refused under 212f. She was automatically considered for a waiver and we got an email exactly 10 days later asking for the passport to issue the visa. She is here with me now. So there is definitely light at the end but might add up to a month more processing overall now that the new automated screening system is in place. Good luck!
  3. My wife was in a similar situation Syrian interviewed in Ankara. We were refused under the travel ban and contacted 3 weeks later to send the passport for visa processing. She’s now with me in the states.
  4. I’m happy to say my wife received her visa today! We interviewed in Ankara last month, refused under the PP. contacted 2 weeks later to submit the passport only and now visa in hand! Here’s to hope for anyone not interviewing yet and praying for those who were unfairly put in AP hell that it will end soon. God bless you all in this wonderful group.
  5. It would’ve been the case I think if they kept her passport. But I’m guessing it might take a month or so. Hoping for the best
  6. 😔 So we were refused under the PP and being considered for a waiver. No 5535 request as of now besides the email I got the other day. My wife says out of all the Syrians and Iranians in the embassy only an old couple was issued.
  7. My wife actually just went. I’ll let u know what happens. Praying for good news 🙏🏻
  8. Hi all, in my interview checklist letter from the embassy I saw this. Should I send the form now or wait to see what they ask for at the embassy. Thoughts? After the interview, your file may be subject to additional administrative processing. In that case, you will be requested to complete the form DS-5535. If you would like to prepare the form in advance, you may complete the form in Microsoft Word format and email this information to ankaraivAP@state.govand provide your case number in your email message.
  9. When you get the IL it’ll change to In transit. When it’s received by the embassy it will say Ready.
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