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  1. Yea, I'm bringing new bank statements, 2022 tax transcripts, some pictures and trips receipts, and some other stuff that we got in the meantime,or that I forgot to include in the initial package (401k, car insurance, cellphone plan...) I mean my first package was loaded and only so many things can happen in a year. I'm not taking year worth of bank statements for sure, I would need a backpack for all of our accounts lol can't make up evidence either, I feel like what we have shows very well our marriage is legit.
  2. We're in the same boat here. Interview is tomorrow, never got anything about it being a combo but still hoping and taking all the I751 papers, and hubby will be going with me. Fingers crossed and good luck! FO is Kendall, FL
  3. I submitted my application on 01/10 and I think the same day it went to case is being actively reviewed. Got my interview scheduled on 02/01. So 21 day I think 🤔 I didn't have my bio appointment, it was waived and biometrics reused.
  4. For me it was the case and it would make most sense but maybe there's someone here woth different experience
  5. Try to check here: https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/mycasestatus.do I hope I put that in correctly. My status also doesn't appear on the other website so I've been checking here. I think you're good with what you have to bring, I don't think they will focus too much on that updated evidence but you never know with USCIS. Best of luck on the interview!
  6. It's been going good, I think I know most of the questions by heart at this point so I feel ready. And yes, my FO has been super fast, I definitely wasn't expecting it to happen so soon but I'm glad it did. Now just hoping for the combo interview🤞 As for what to bring, I really think that there is only so much we can gather for the time frame given so anything to update what we already sent would suffice. I'll let you know was what I'm bringing enough.
  7. 8 days untill my interview and my I751 never updated. I'm still hoping for the combo interview so my husband will be going with me and I will be bringing some more evidence to cover the time period from submitting I751 to interview. ( couple of statements from 2 joint bank accounts, 401k showing me as beneficiary, car insurance with both of our names, cell phone plan with both of us on it, some recipts for the trips and some photos from the trips and with friends and family, and also our 2022 taxes). Also I will be bringing everything stated on the N400 interview letter. Am I missing something? I've been thinking and I think that's all I can provide for the period of submitting I751 to now.
  8. I think some people here are still waiting for the bio appointment. I found that it varies a lot, some of us got the reuse notice right away and I think it's because of the fifield office. Search the forum for experiences in your FO. As for visiting, I have no idea.
  9. Hmm interesting... I got my interview scheduled on Feb 1st and yet my I751 never changed to anything since the original "Fingerprints were taken..." in January of 2022. USCIS works in mysterious ways as usual. @Sarge2155been studying, husband has been jumping me with random questions constantly, I swear he learned the questions just so he could jump me at most random times lol it's been working though.
  10. I know @Sarge2155 , I know. I just meant in terms of January fillers actually getting interview dates 😊 gosh i remember you from I think K1 thread and here we are again in the same group
  11. Mine is legit tho so there's still hope 😂 but I hope this means things will start moving along for the January bunch
  12. Another interview scheduled for January fillers! Yay! We're starting to move along. Congratulations!
  13. Can all of you see your case status now? I still can't see anything other than the N400.
  14. @OldUser @Sarge2155 thanks for the input. I'm definitely leaning towards not taking her as I want to minimize the stress on all of us that day and I remember how it was in the office the day I went for AOS. Gonna talk to inlaws to see can she stay with them.
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