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  1. Hours have been changed from 9am to 9pm recently, that part of the post hasn't been updated.
  2. Yay and congrats to all of you who got to NVC and all of you who got your case sent to the embassy! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Nothing for us yet
  3. SanjaAlex

    How long at port of entry ?

    Agreed! I'm stuck on this topic now waiting for her to come out! 😁
  4. Error for me too. Thought of giving it a shot and see have they updated my case... Been almost a month and still says recived
  5. It's coming! Have you asked our embassy where's the hold up?
  6. I think you ask for an extension in your consulate if you won't be attending your interview in those 4 months. I would post a link but I'm on my phone so can't figure how. It is not late, yours is valid till June
  7. Your approved I129F is valid for 4 months, but it can be extended.
  8. Take a deep breath and try to relax. I know it's easier said than done but you got this! You can take your time before submitting for the interview, until you're ready to do so and it seems you're ready now. Send those papers tomorrow and ace your interview! Everything will be okay, just be calm and honest and there's no reason to worry. Fingers crossed and keep us posted. Wish you all the best. If you could update your timeline it would be greatly appreciated and visit NZ subforum for more information on your consulte
  9. We got ours 2 weeks before timeline prediction. Tho as everyone said, it's just an estimate with many variables that changes daily. I would take it as a time frame. Best of luck with your process 🀞
  10. Hey all, So my USC fiance is filling our I-134 Form, we came to the question of his current dependants and we're kinda stuck. He brought his father to US last year and filled affidavit of support for him, which we indicated in appropriate question but now we don't know should we list him as a dependent since he's not on my fiance's tax forms. Thanks
  11. That's great! It will get to NVC this week hopefully and be sent to the embassy in the batch after this one, or if you're lucky (fingers crossed) in this batch. I was prepared for that from the start so I'm just chillin lol Haven't filled DS-160 I-134 is somewhere in my fiance desk He got all other financial thingys ready tho Have to print out bunch of ss, sort everything out lol I'm chillin' πŸΉπŸ˜€
  12. I don't think so, but I'm not sure. People say you need to get your case number at least a week, week and a half before the shipment. Our NOA2 is March 22nd,NVC hasn't recived our case yet
  13. Our NOA2 is 22nd as well. Hey this is nothing compared to the wait in uscis, it will get there soon enough, keep yourself occupied with getting everything else ready and the time will fly by... Positive thoughts ❀️
  14. NVC ships our cases every two weeks on Tuesday and Wednesday. Next batch goes April 16-17th.Couple of days before embassy recive them.
  15. My USC fiance rented an apartment couple of days ago, both of our names are on the lease and I'm still in my home country. I will be coming there on k1 visa. They asked for copies of my ID and passport and I also signed the lease. Without any issues. Miami, FL