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Found 5 results

  1. Hi fellow IR-1 petitioners, I am the US Citizen petitioner/sponsor for my French wife, finishing up the I-864 (Affidavit of Support) form. We are a family of 3, I am only applying the IR-1 VISA for my wife. Our biological child is a US Citizen. I am self-employed, been living in Hong Kong for almost 5 years. I am from California, we are planning to move to Colorado when this is all approved. The latest income — based on my 2019 US TAX filing — I am reporting on the I-864 form, Part 6, question 24.a. is 135.4% OVER the 2020 HHS Poverty Guidelines, and my personal combined asset is in the upper $160Ks. Since the reported income on the I-864 form is over the 2020 HHS Poverty Guidelines, do I need a co-sponsor? I am concerned NVC will flag that due to the percentage isn’t that much over the Guideline. Thanks for your wisdom and knowledge. Good luck in your applications. –Roger
  2. Hello everyone, I know I just recently posted a topic similar to this but I have a new question... Here's my situation: I'm at the NVC stage for a Cr1 spousal visa. I currently work as a full time RN, I have been working for a little more than 1 year (Started November 2018). My current income is about $80,000, yearly. I was a full time student before graduating in May 2018 and therefore, my income from my tax transcript is very minimal from 2018 because I only worked part time jobs as a student (My tax transcript from 2018 was less than $10,000). Here are my questions: Although I currently make more than enough for a household of 2 (my husband and I), but I didn't make enough according to my 2018 tax transcript, can I use assets that are from my checking accounts? I know it has to be 3x the difference I made and the poverty line and that would be equal to about $39,000 I would need in assets. I will have that much in assets by the end of this month. Do I have to have these assets for at least a year? I didn't see anything in the I-864 instructions that state how long you must have these assets in your possession for. Also, if I were to show 6 months of bank statements, you would see that my total savings increased gradually throughout the year (due to my job) but I won't have the total $39,000 until December bank statement comes out. My next question is, would adding these assets even help my situation? Or would they more likely just complicate my situation? Here are my concerns: I don't want to wait about 2 months to file my taxes for this year (2019) and then wait for my transcripts so that I can submit them to NVC. However, my husband and I are having a difficult time finding a joint sponsor, that is why I'm trying to see if it's possible to show that I have assets. I'm well aware that NVC can't make the decision to approve the visa and it is the CO that looks at all the circumstances but I'm just concerned about getting the note from NVC saying: "You don't meet the income requirements, it will be the CO at the interview who makes the final decision, you may want to add a joint sponsor to avoid delays." Because if I get this notice and I'm unable to find a joint sponsor, would bringing an updated I-864 and my 2019 tax transcript to the interview suffice? Or would they not even look at the new tax information and automatically ask for a joint sponsor? I'm sorry for so many questions! I'm so confused about what I should do and I overthink things way too much. Thanks for everyone's help!!
  3. Hello there. This is a question that has probably already been asked 100 of times, but I feel like the posts I found were not exactly our situation, so I wanted to ask for your help with this matter: We are currently preparing to apply for AOS (based on K1 visa). My husband is the US Citizen and also the Sponsor for I-864. He was in College from 2016 to 2018. So, the last 3 years of 1040s (and Tax Return Transcripts) are each around $10k, due to only summer internships. My husband graduated in May 2019 and started his full-time employment 2 months ago for $60k gross. The 125% Poverty Guideline for 2019 is $21.137 for a household size of 2. We were planning to send my husband’s job offer which states his annual income, as well as the last pay check from his company along with an employment history letter for his employment at this company. This is the closest we could get to a Letter from Employer, as his company does generally not provide ones with official stamp/signature. Our intent is for this new job to count as enough income to make sure USCIS is not worried that I (the intended immigrant) will become a public charge. Also, we will add a letter explaining that my husband was a student until May 2019, but will now be able to meet the poverty guidelines due to his new job. (Also we will send Tax Return Transcripts) 1) Is this standard practice? We are unsure if USCIS finds the current income or the income of 2018 more important. 2) We can meet the 5x difference through our combined assets: - Bank balance of me (is in €) - Bank balance of husband - Certificates Deposit of husband - Roth IRA of husband --> Are these allowed as assets (since they seem to be cashable within 1 year) ? 3) Do we need to get a translation of the German bank balance as proof of assets, or will they not need a translation? Thank you a lot for your help. Hopefully, you don’t get tired of giving advice, since it already helped us so much in our journey. This community is awesome!
  4. Hi, so my American fiancee is going to receive a sum of money from her parents as a wedding-gift. She took some time off for school this year, so her income for this year could be a little below the AoS income-requirement, & we might need to use assets, she already has her own savings which should cover 3x the income-shortfall but still, we'd like to show as much money in her account as possible just to be on the safe side, so when would be the best time for her parents to gift her the money? The legal marriage will take place next month in June & going by the stats on Visajourney, it looks like it would take 8-9 months for the AoS interview, so by that time, the money will not have been in her account for 12 months as recommended by many people on these forums, which is why I'm asking this question because we don't want USCIS to think that it's a loan or something, which it isn't. So, what can we do from our side, for USCIS to recognize that money as truly belonging to her & applicable towards any income-shortfall?
  5. Hello guys. Please someone who knows about this topic to help me. I’ve asked several groups, looked at USCIS website, and even visa journey website and each one says different than the other. i did not meet the minimum income to sponsor my Brazilian fiancé. We do not have a co sponsor and won’t have one. I have savings and I own a vehicle that I can use towards the income. But my question is: the amount of cash that I need to have must be x5 or x3? Example: the income required is 21k, I have 20k, therefore I need 1,000 times 5 in cash, so I need 5,000 to put in the affidavit of support and AOS. But im confused if it’s tines 5 or times 3. Has anyone been into this situation??
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