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  1. Weird update on my case. I did biometrics last Friday, March 15. I765 status changed to: Biometrics Review complete I485 status still stuck on Biometrics fee received. Hopefully it's just a glitch. I specifically asked the lady at the biometrics office if it's going to apply to both applications.
  2. I wish I could give you a better answer, but this is a grey area. Technically, the official instructions ask for annual income for the current year (2019), so his new contract or employment verification letter should suffice. Technically, it shouldn't matter what he made last year. But in reality, they may ask for more evidence that he will make this amount in 2019. If willing to take a chance, you can file it like this and see if they send a RFIE, then you can send in a joint-sponsor form if need be. But I don't think anyone can predict how they are going to look at your initial application.
  3. I would not risk it. Get new photos at Walgreens, it will cost you less than $70 (they have coupons too). I believe last year there was a change for all government agencies regarding federally issued IDs - no glasses, no smiling with teeth showing (that has been the rule in the EU for quite a while). I could be wrong, but the person at Walgreens also reminded me not to smile and to take my glasses off. I know the whole process is expensive, but let's put it this way - are you willing to save $70 but risk getting an RFE and delaying the process by weeks, if not months?
  4. From what I've seen, the letter arrives 1.5 to 3 weeks before the actual appointment. My plan is to try a walk-in if it happens to be scheduled on a day that I am out of town, if that doesn't work...maybe I can reschedule my trip. My last resort is to mail the notice back and officially reschedule, but that will push the entire process (EAD and AP as well) by at least a month.
  5. You will hear conflicting views on this. Their instructions say don't leave anything blank, but some questions clearly say "skip." What I did, and what many others have also suggested, is put N/A in the first field of every block of questions that doesn't apply to you (for example, for Interpreter I put an N/A in the name field and left the following - address, phone, etc - blank; another N/A for Preparer)
  6. It doesn't hurt to try a walk-in. Rescheduling - there are some horror stories out there, but at best I think you are looking at 1 month off (which delays your EAD and the entire processing)
  7. Not an expert, but after looking into it a lot, I think this is the situation: - simply registering for an online account does not create a USCIS online account number for you (which makes sense, technically any Internet user can create an account there) - you get an USCIS online account number if/when you e-file an application (not all applications have a digital form), so you will most likely have one and use it if/when you apply for naturalization.
  8. I just realized I'm kind of in the wrong thread since I'm adjusting from F1, but considering this thread gets way more updates, I'll keep checking in here. Chicago lockbox received our package Tuesday, Feb 12, but we still haven't received any text messages from them, and the checks haven't been cashed yet. Starting to get anxious.
  9. 854Turbo


    Have you heard back yet? Mine was delivered last Tuesday and I have no texts yet.
  10. That would be my only reason. I guess I just didn't want to mess with it now, I wanted to get the process rolling as we were already falling behind schedule (EAD is a priority). And from what I understood, even with an AP, you can't simply exit/enter whenever you want, you still need a qualifying event, and you have to do an InfoPass, etc...
  11. I didn't do 131 now since I don't have any travels planned. I can always submit it later, if I need to.
  12. Yes. I-130, I-485 (with the supporting I-864), and I-765 all in the same package to the same address. Each application/petition had separate binder clips, separate cover letters. I hope I did it all right. The whole package was 5lbs as I included all kinds of extra documents.
  13. Mailed our AOS package on Friday, February 8 via UPS to the Chicago Dearborn St address. Scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Will keep everyone updated. As for the recent discussion on ITR and affidavit of support documents, it is indeed a very grey area. They are asking for your sponsor's income for the current year, meaning 2019. They ask for previous year tax returns because...I really don't know why. If your sponsor has an employment verification letter that lists the annual salary for the current year (2019), previous years really shouldn't matter, and yet they do.
  14. Thanks! I will hope they let me do it early. Your timeline is helpful, I know that AOS in Minnesota can take a long time. Did you not apply for EAD? I don't see that in your signature.
  15. I'm getting ready to file any day now, however I am trying to time my application right. I will be out of town from March 5 to March 13, so I'm trying to plan mailing the AOS package in a way that doesn't schedule the biometrics during that period. I'm curious to see those of you who filed in the first day of February - what appointment dates did you get (or will you get) for your biometrics. Will be following this thread with great attention.