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  1. Su_123

    Expedite oci?

    Is there a way to expedite OCI? And what is the current processing times for OCI card?
  2. Thank you. Considering our situation, they allowed my sister to home-quarantine for 14 days.
  3. Hello All, My sister is traveling to India in one of the upcoming evacuation flights. The flight is booked from US TO Delhi. But the final destination is Bangalore- for which we have booked a separate flight through another airlines. Question 1: On reaching Delhi, will she be allowed to take the Delhi - bangalore flight on the same day? Or does she have to undergo 14 day quarantine in Delhi ? Quarantine in Delhi or Bangalore ? Question 2: should this be institutional or self? Appreciate your inputs
  4. Su_123

    Just venting out

    Thanks for checking! Nope things are still the same or got worse. Just waiting for one of us to get the repatriation flight to go home and be with mom
  5. Su_123

    Just venting out

    Thank you very much! 🙏
  6. Su_123

    Just venting out

    Thank you! So sorry about your coworker. Yeah been having these low days sometimes. But I’ll try to stay positive... And Thank you!
  7. So many people are suffering in so many ways since past few months due to coronavirus. I’m 5 months pregnant now and in March my mom suffered a bad stroke which has left her completely paralyzed on the left side. It’s 3 months now and she is still in hospital, still unable to talk or swallow. My family warned me not to see her on video as I am very close to my mom and will not be able to see her in that condition. But today I missed her a lot and insisted on seeing her on video. I was shocked to see her with tubes running through her nose, mouth. I started trembling, yet I gathered some courage and tried to talk to her. I could see her eyes move rapidly as though trying to say something. I showed her my bump. I could see a little tear in her eye. That’s it. I can’t stop thinking about her. I don’t even know if she coukd recognize me or understand whatever I told her. She can’t even say something is painful or she needs something as she can’t talk. She used to believe in god so much! I don’t know where that god is right now. I’ve been sleeping on a comfortable bed, eating all 3 meals and my mom is on hospital bed. Worst part is we are unable to travel to India to see her/ be with her in these rough times. And the hospital bills are just shooting and somehow we are trying to pool in some money. I know there are people who are suffering even more, losing lives and what not! Hope all this will settle soon and people can live their normal life. I’m only hoping my mom will be fine by the time my baby is born. I don’t expect anything.. I just want her back normal and I have so many things to share with her, ask sorry and tell her how much she means to us. Just one more chance! Sending lots of good vibes to all!
  8. You can go ahead and schedule your interview now! You need not wait for packet 4. It might take 2-3 weeks for that letter to come and it only tells you what you need to do. Like schedule bio metric and actual visa interview, medical, obtain police clearance cert, Fill out DS-160 etc. Also please update your timeline!
  9. Its your views and you are free to express them. They will not look into the number of followers and make a decision You should stop worrying.
  10. So this is my AOS interview experience in Tampa office. My appointment was at 9:30 and we reached exactly at 9. My husband wore a coat and a tie and I wore a formal shirt, We showed our interview letter at the reception and were given a ticket with number and went and sat inside in the waiting area. I just about 30 seconds our number was called and the guy at the counter took my picture and both index fingers finger-print and asked us to wait for our number to be called. At around 10:10 the IO came out and called our number. She was very professional with a straight face(Like a strict teacher ). We wished her and she walked us down the hallway and showed us to the room. Asked us to keep our documents on the desk and too the oath by raising our right hands. We sat down and she first asked for our birth certificates, passports, DL's, I-94 and marriage certificate (I saw her touching the certified marriage certificate, trying to feel the seal ) Here are the questions we were asked. Surprisingly most of the questions were directed at my husband (US Citizen) and I was just voluntarily jumping in add few details. I was secretly happy he was doing the answering part 😅 1) How did you meet? (This is a sure shot question) 2) When and where did you propose? My Husband was telling her he proposed to me in my house and all my family was waiting outside and then I jumped in and said "it was in my room and I never expected he would propose and that I instantly said yes." IO just smiled. 3) She just asked my husband- So you proposed and came back to the US and started taking care of the fiance visa application for her? My husband answered yes. 4) She asked my husband - I see you got your citizenship in September and immediately you went to India and came back and applied for K1-visa. She wasn't sounding rude or anything. She was just calm and just asking a question. 5) She now wanted to see all our shared/joint documents and gave her IRS, Joint Bank statements, health insurance card plus monthly summary, Gas/Utility Bill, Mobile Bill, Car Insurance, My husband's payroll copy which had my name and number listed as Emergency Contact, Our hotel booking for our honeymoon, travel itinerary etc. 6) She now turned towards me and asked me if I had applied for an immigrant visa before and I answered no. 7) She asked me if I was ever rejected a visa ? I said yes and she asked me if I remember when and why? I had my denial notices with me and she specifically asked me why was it denied and I answered her. She took both my Denial letters and noted down the numbers on them. (Here is where I was wondering if that would be an issue but it wasn't) 8 ) Asked me a list of security questions to be answered yes or no She asked us if this was second marriage and I said yes it is for both of us. 9) We had printed about 70 pictures and had an album with writing -When, where, who etc. But surprisingly the IO wasn't interested to see even one of our picture together. She did not even ask for our wedding photo (We aren't that bad looking ). We also had greeting cards we exchanged, card addressed to both of us congratulating on our marriage by our friends. But none of these mattered. All she wanted is the documents. That's all. 10) Asked if we had any children and I told her we are expecting soon and handed over my sonogram. She smiled and asked me when I was due and gave it back and congratulated us. That's it she said she has everything and she is going to approve our case. My GC will be valid for 2 years and then I'll have to apply for removal of conditions. She asked me if I had any questions and we said no. We thanked her and she showed us out. We are out by 10: 35. My case got updated to "New card is being Produced" in about 2 hours. 😎 Overall it was a good experience. Even-though the IO did not seem friendly she was definitely professional and remained calm and no where she put us under pressure. Overall Tampa office is great from the security guard at the entrance until the interview. Everything went well. I wish everybody Good luck and please please one request is stick to the facts and be honest and confident.
  11. Hello Fr8dog, Thank you Will make sure we keep collecting enough evidence. The interview was actually a breeze. Except for how did you meet which is a sure shot question, the IO did not ask for much. The officer was a little straight faced (Atleast that is what I thought ) but once inside the room, she was calmer. Yes she wanted every bit of evidence we had. From lease agreement, DL, Phone Bills, utility Bill, Health insurance, Car insurance. We had an album with about 60 pictures. But she did not even care anything about pictures and we did not show her either. All she was focused was on documents. I never felt I was interrogated, she was directing questions to my husband and I was voluntarily jumping in to add my comments. Was a good experience.
  12. An update: I just got my GC approved. The IO asked if we had any children and thats when I told her I was pregnant and showed our sonogram to her and she was smiling and asked me about the due date and gave the sonogram back to me Yeah I did mention about my pregnancy and all went well
  13. Just an Update: Just out of my interview and the IO did not seem interested about when the traditional wedding happened. Just asked us about the wedding date thats all. Yes got approved
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