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  1. Same here, I can't reload the app, check my status online, or login to my account.. they must be having some tech issues. Or maybe we'll all wake up tomorrow with a status update haha wouldn't that be nice
  2. I believe it is because you can file for ROC without your spouse (ie if you've since divorced) along with a divorce waiver. I don't think there's a different timeline even if you are filing with a waiver but regardless if you file within the 90 days you will be good to go! Good luck
  3. I'd say the wait is pretty normal. That's correct, that it means that your case is still at the NBC. Some cases change to "ready to be scheduled" a week after biometrics, some wait months. Some cases never even update to "fingerprint review completed." Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do to speed the process up and have them transfer it to your LFO. I feel you that one of the worst aspects of this process is the lack of transparency or logic in timelines but not much you can do about it. Your AP will likely never change status, that's how it is for most people. Since you filed EAD/AP concurrently, once your EAD gets approved, so will your AP (and you will receive a combo card) but the status will not change online. My AP still says "case received" even though I have my combo card. In terms of your A-Number, mine was also changed when I filed for AOS compared to the one I previously had (although not through K1). I don't think that has anything to do with it or that it has any bearing on the process.
  4. As someone said, you can no longer schedule InfoPass appointments online. You have to call them, plead your case as to why you need an appointment and ask them to schedule one. Even with that though, I'm sorry to say though that there would be no way for you to get your EAD by Monday. Just having the card delivered to you takes about a week from when the case is approved. And I'm not sure that scheduling an appointment would necessarily help you get your case approved. If I were you, I would try to get another job offer that can wait at least a couple of weeks and try to expedite on that basis. Good luck!!
  5. Also, maybe I'm wrong but aren't scholarships awarded on a yearly basis? So if they awarded her X amount for an athletic scholarship, that would be X amount every year so she wouldn't need a sponsor for the following year? At least that's how it was for my college. Is that not the case here? For the visa though, you are correct that you only need to show proof of funds for the first year.
  6. Yup, it sounds like you gave them the best advice. I'd say that the proof of the company the dad owns and land titles have the best shot of being helpful. It depends on the circumstances obviously, but maybe if she's been employed or has received some sort of certification in Ecuador, she can provide those as evidence that she has began working on a career there.. It's hard to prove ties when you're young (possible straight out of high school?) so I think the next best thing is to prove your parent's strong ties to the country? I'm just thinking back to when I applied and I honestly did not have anything to prove except for my dad's business and tax records.
  7. also wanted to add that especially if she has family in the US sponsoring her, she needs to prove strong ties to her home country and that she does not intend to use her visa to stay in the US. Unclear if such evidence was provided?
  8. It's been a hot sec since I applied for my student visa so I don't remember the process 100% and apologies if the information is outdated. However, you are correct that she needs to provide evidence of the assets in the bank account. I remember that my family asked the bank to provide a written letter stating the balance in the account and indicating that that is enough to cover whatever costs my scholarship did not. A bank account statement would likely do the same. I assume that she would need a statement for every bank account that she would use to pay for her costs (her dad's, mom's and her own). Given how tight cash seems to be, I would also suggest providing land titles for whatever property the dad has that also states how much the property is worth. Was all of this financial information not provided at the first interview? That is a major part of the interview process.. On another note, I would definitely caution against family members adding their own cash "just for show," both because that is legally dubious and because the last thing you want is to have her come to the US only to realize that she does not have enough cash to cover everything here. Speaking from experience, even if all your costs are covered, life in the US can be expensive and unexpected costs do come up so it's in her best interest to really consider whether her and her family are financially prepared to make that commitment. Working on an F1 can be done but it's hard. On campus jobs usually first go to USC students who have been awarded federal work study programs and then to everyone else. Adding any potential language barriers, international students tend to fall low on the priority list for on campus hiring. Off campus jobs have to be very specific to meet the appropriate work authorization requirements and can require some paperwork on the part of the employer. Although the paperwork is admittedly minimal many employers are not familiar with it / don't want to deal with it. Just my 2 cents, good luck!
  9. Sorry to hear about your granddad! Typically, when you file for EAD and AP concurrently, they both get approved at the same time but often only one of the statuses gets updated. However, it's typically the EAD status that updates to new card is being produced, while the AP one remains on case received. Maybe because you applied for the emergency AP, they went ahead and approved the regular one? Unfortunately, I don't think you'll be able to tell if both applications have been approved until you get the hard copy approval notice in the mail (you'll get two separate envelopes, one for EAD and one for AP if that's the case). Mine came 4 business days after the online status change. I hope they were both approved and you get your combo card soon!!
  10. You can certainly try to expedite by calling USCIS and requesting an expedite over the phone based on financial loss (presumably) and / or contacting your cognressperson and/or senator. I would suggest going through this thread which has a lot of experiences and information on how to go about it, what evidence to provide, and timelines: edit to add: it does seem though that recently processing times for expedites have increased (in February USCIS was telling people 45 days, in April I was told 60 days, and in May/June I was told that there was no timeline). Also today I saw the first poster (after following expedite threads for some months) saying that they flat out rejected their expedite request without asking for supporting evidence because there has been an increase in expedite requests and although their situation appeared to qualify, they just wouldn't process it. My expedite case took 67 days. All this to say, like with anything USCIS-related lately, it's taking longer and becoming more difficult.
  11. From what I've seen on here, USCIS background checks tend to be very thorough and uncover all past offenses so I would bet on them knowing about it and definitely disclosing it. As far as I know, only some offenses against minors disqualify you from petitioning your fiancé: https://www.boundless.com/immigration-resources/green-card-sponsors-with-criminal-records/ Anyone who has more experience in this field though, feel free to correct me
  12. I'm also a March filer, here's our thread: Current EAD processing times are 6.5-8.5 months and based on that thread, most March filers haven't really started getting theirs yet. Like someone else said, our DC office is pretty slow. They've also recently increased processing times to 10.5-24.5 months, when it used to be ~8 when we filed. All the people that I've seen on here or know irl that have had interviews at our office recently, filed around fall 2018 so I don't expect us to get interviews for another few months..
  13. I am so sorry to hear that. Honestly, yours is the first expedite case I've seen that has been rejected. I would suggest contacting your congressperson and senator if you haven't already done so because those are indeed pretty sever circumstances. Especially, if USCIS messed up (in terms of your SSN) your representatives have even more "ammunition" to submit expedites for you
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