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  1. Are there Filipino teachers here who teacher in America as a public school teacher? I know that recently a lot of Filipino teacher are hired to come and teach. Can anybody share their experiences? I got my bachelor's degree in the Philippines and I had it evaluated to be at par with the American education standards. I also passed some tests such as CBEST, etc. I was wondering how hard was the adjustment to teach in a new culture and new environment? Even if we do speak English, Filipino English can be different than American English, so did this affect you to communicate and interact with your colleagues and students? Was the paperwork such as lesson planning or IEP making difficult and different? I hope someone could share some tips because even if I know I am qualified, I still sell my self short just because I don't have enough experience in teaching and I don't want my students and my colleagues to see that I am not capable to teach. I am also small and short (typical Filipino who looks like a teenager but is 27 years old already), so most people whom I met would think that I am very young like a highschool student. My voice is very soft that it's hard to know if I am taking a command. Definitely need to develop my confidence. Thank you for those who respond!
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