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  1. My husband and I recently had our interview. The officer did ask additional evidences even if she was very nice to us. Does the petitioner have a personal bank account that is currently used? You can let the benefeciary become joint owner of the bank account. My husband and I provided joint utiliy bill as our evidence and Costco joint account. Hope this helps!
  2. we arrange our documents in a way that it would be easier for the immigration officer to chek each of them. so i suggest you print them one sided
  3. omgg that means a lot to me! it's good to know i am not alone going through new things!
  4. When we sent our I130 and I485 packets to USCIS, we were able to send these as our evidence of bonafide marriage: our joint lease agreement, our photos, our text mesages, our video calls, engagement photos, wedding photos, our honemoon photos with our airfare ticket and itinerary travel package, our wedding reciepts, our letters and gifts for each other, joint health insurance, wedding expense reciepts, photos with friends and family. So my husband and I's green card interview is coming up the first week of next month. I read that it is best to bring additional new evidences. We were planning to have joint bank account but the bank requires a bill with my address and name on it in which it would be hard for us to get since all of our bills is under my husband's name. Comcast won't allow us to have joint accounts and our utility bills allowed us to have my name under his account, yet they will be sending our bill statement next month (it would probably be after the interview date). We only have our Costco joint account and some new photos, gifts and letters to each other. Would these suffice as additional new evidences? Thanks for your repsonse.
  5. Thank you so much for this! I will definitely bring the same packets I sent to them and bring other updated evidences. Thanks!
  6. i was wondering if i have to still include our i485, i130, i1864, i765, and i131 copies that we sumbitted including the evidences and the entire packet? Cause I have to print all of these forms again and it would make the package very very thick. my interview would be this February 5. thanks for your response! thank you!
  7. Hi! We just got our interview date for my AOS. The mail indicates to bring evidences and so I was wondering if I should also bring the similar copy of the packet I sent for my AOS application? Also, I wasn't able to do my medical examination and so if I have it within this week, would it arrive before my interview? Thank you for your response!
  8. I believe you have to have her trasncripts evaluated to be at par with the education standard in California. Then I think she also has to pass the NCLEX test, too!
  9. Are there Filipino teachers here who teacher in America as a public school teacher? I know that recently a lot of Filipino teacher are hired to come and teach. Can anybody share their experiences? I got my bachelor's degree in the Philippines and I had it evaluated to be at par with the American education standards. I also passed some tests such as CBEST, etc. I was wondering how hard was the adjustment to teach in a new culture and new environment? Even if we do speak English, Filipino English can be different than American English, so did this affect you to communicate and interact with your colleagues and students? Was the paperwork such as lesson planning or IEP making difficult and different? I hope someone could share some tips because even if I know I am qualified, I still sell my self short just because I don't have enough experience in teaching and I don't want my students and my colleagues to see that I am not capable to teach. I am also small and short (typical Filipino who looks like a teenager but is 27 years old already), so most people whom I met would think that I am very young like a highschool student. My voice is very soft that it's hard to know if I am taking a command. Definitely need to develop my confidence. Thank you for those who respond!
  10. awesome! that's good to know. i will definitely bring my i94 and marriage certificate to have my SS change from F1 status to AOS. Thank you! thank you for your comment! yes, my new EAD has my new married name. will definitely start working on with this! thank you again!
  11. I recently got married to a US citizen. When we filed my AOS, my Filipino last name became my middle name already and I used my husband's last name as mine. In regards to Social Security, I haven't gone there yet. They told me to wait for the employment authorization in order to get SS number. I have few questions about this matter so I am hoping other peope in Visa Journey could give us an info about this. I haven't changed my PH passport using my husband's last name so I also need to do that. I am not sure how long does it take for it to be done. Joint bank account is a proof of bonafide marriage so I don't think there is a specific amount you need to show. Although I know you need to show your ITR and your annual income as a requirement for the application. I am not sure about your question #4, however, you need a proof that you two are living in the same house as to show that it is a bonafide marriage. Eventually she will need a state ID. I think that can be processed once you get her driver's license. I mean those 2 can be processed in the same office if you live in California. She doesn't need SS card, however her passport is important for AOS.
  12. Hi everyone! I recently got my employment authorization and I know that before I can get a job, I need to get my Social Security number. Since I came to the United States with F1 visa and I was given the opportunity to work, I already have my Social Security number. What should I do when I go to the Social Security office to change my last name? Should I bring my EAD card to show that my last name has changed since I recently got married? Would they change my status (since being under OPT, I used to have a job that is related to the field of the degree that I took)? Should I bring my marriage certificate? My passport (it still has my maiden name as my last name)?
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