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  1. Yup! We got the good news today in the mail as well! We're with you regarding waiving the Interview too! Let's hope USCIS resumes processing our cases soon so we can start the final journey to US Citizenship! Stay Safe everyone!
  2. Thanks for letting us know we are not alone! Especially since we are using the same USCIS ASC center! My wife has not received any email regarding rescheduling yet but the information on the USCIS says the same thing. It will be rescheduled and a new notification letter for a new appt date will be sent out. Let's hope this threat to our future is under control soon so we can all get back to our normal lives! Stay safe everyone!
  3. Hi Guys, I haven't posted much since starting this thread but have been following. We just got our letter for our Biometrics appointment scheduled for next Tues March 24 just 1 week after receiving the letter! It is at our local USCIS ASC office about 3 miles away but now that due to help stop COVID-19 spread, our USCIS Field Office in downtown San Diego has closed. That means our Local ASC office is closed as well. Plus the fact that California residents must all Stay at Home for the forseeable future will mean that we will not be able to make this appointment. USCIS website states that the San Diego Field office will be closed until at least April 1. It further states that USCIS will automatically reschedule Application Support Center appointments due to the office closure. You will receive a new appointment letter in the mail. My question is, anyone else just receive their Biometrics appt and does their scheduled appt fall during their field office closure? If you have, did you get any email, letter or any other form of communication from USCIS that addresses your appt for rescheduling? Hope everyone is doing well. Stay safe!
  4. If you send on a Friday then both Express and Priority deliver on the following Monday. So either $25.50 or $10.90 ($7.85 Priority + $3.05 for Signature Confirmation) for delivery on the same day. Your choice.
  5. Hello Everyone! Glad to see people are receiving NOA'a already! As for us, we sent via USPS Priority mail on Friday 8/2. The Postal clerk said we could save the extra $20 for Express Mail delivery because it would probably arrive on Monday 8/5 anyway. We agreed and paid $7.95 for Priority mail. USCIS received our packet at Phoenix Lockbox on Monday 8/5 at 8:25am (according to Tracking) . So USPS may be a cheaper alternative if you send on a Friday. Got the Text on Thurs 8/8 and today Mon 8/12, we got the I-797 in the mail. So it basically took 1 week from when USCIS received our packet to when we recieved our NOA. The NOA is an 18 month extension as is the case for everyone else who received one. Let's hope it doesn't take longer than that as it will affect her filing for N-400 (US Citizen) next year!
  6. Hi Everyone! Well, we are back! Now its time to file for Removal of Conditions for my wife's Green Card. It expires on October 30. Just sent the Packet out to the AZ office since we are in CA. Should arrive by Monday Aug. 3.
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