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  1. In case anyone uses the search function to find the Louisville field office. The address is 411 S 4th street, suite 200, Louisville KY. It is in the 4th street live area. Best way to go is to park in the '4th street live' parking garage on 5th st. We paid 6 dollars for 2 hours. Park on lvl 3. Then exit the building on the 4th street side. Make sure to exit on level 3. Once out of the building, you should come out on the 2nd story walkway above 4th street. Keep left, there is an airbridge across the street. This airbridge leads straight to the uscis office. If you come from street level, there is a red staircase that leads straight up to the office.
  2. Has anyone been to the new Louisville fieldoffice? Its supposedly on 4th street, but that looks like a mall with a lit of restaurants and bars. I cant find anything looking like a government office on street view. Anyone that's been there, where is the entrance?
  3. I got the letter today. My interview is rescheduled to September 1. Its only a 6 week setback. Not bad.
  4. I love the uscis civics test app. It's a 20 question multiple choice test with explanation if you get the answer wrong. The actual test is open (not multiple choice) but it has helped me a great deal to practice.
  5. Well, I had my interview scheduled for today, but hubby tested positive for covid. I'm still negative with no symptoms (knock on wood) but I called and they won't let me in. They are rescheduling my appointment.
  6. Oh bless, you're right. I'm confused with my last application 😆 Sorry 'bout that! Still haven't received the physical letter though.
  7. Checked my online status today and I have an interview scheduled!!!! Now I have to wait for the letter to arrive to know exactly when and where, but it's progress. LIN filing January 18, interview will probably be in Louisville KY It was updated May 29 to be exact, a Sunday on Memorial weekend. 😆
  8. You will get it soon, I'm sure of it. Just hang in there 😊
  9. I added a notification form G1145 to my application. That form is a request to send you a text message or email when the application was received with your receipt number. I received the paper notice yesterday along with the notice that my biometrics will be reused. Online it shows my case is actively being handled since 1/18
  10. Filed on paper on 1/11 and received a notice today taht they received it on 1/13. Paper receipt has not reached me yet.
  11. I hadn't monitored my status for a while since we were in the process of moving. But today I got my new card! LIN - filed December 7- NOA January 30 Just in time for me to file for citizenship this week 🤣
  12. Mine was updated too! I'm in LIN as well! Finally some movement!!!!!
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