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  1. Thank you very much. This article really helped 😁
  2. I got offered a job very shortly after getting my greencard. Been working there for 6 weeks through a temp agency now and was offered a permanent position just yesterday. Pretty pleased with that. The only problem I have is, I dont think they offered me enough. I dont want to insult them by asking too much, but I dont want to be taken advantage of either. I have too little experience in America's job market to make an educated decision on that. Asking my coworkers what they make is considered rude, and tentatively prodding them didnt work. I dont know anyone else who works in the insurance business to ask. How did you all manage this?
  3. It's in my signature: August 30. But note that we were RFE'd 08.27.2018 filed AOS, AP and EAD 08.30.2018 NOA-1 on all 3 9.21.2018 RFE on AOS 9.28.2018 replied to RFE 10.04.2018 biometrics appointment Louisville 11.29.2018 AOS interview Indianapolis 01.28.2019 AOS approved
  4. My case was approved and card is being produced. 😁 Finally! I was beginning to think this shutdown was going to be the end of me 🤣 Hopefully I get my card in the mail soon.
  5. These are the average timelines. https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/aosstats.php?history=90 But they dont say much. My interview was on November 29 and I was recommended for approval. My case status went to being in review and I am still waiting. Could be my case is waiting on some shut down government agency's approval, so who knows... Many people get approved on the spot and receive their greencard within two weeks in the mail.
  6. I did not get a stamp at the interview. The IO said ours was a straight forward case and he was happy to close his day off with such a simple matter. He said he would recommend us for approval and that it could take anywhere from 1 to 3 months. Meanwhile in the waiting room my husband heard every other couple say they'd have the greencard within 2 to 3 weeks. (He was never called in and sat through my 45 minute interview talking to other couples. ) On the letter I got it says to allow no more than 120 days before making a status enquiry. It is the same letter all the other couples got according to my husband. Making an info pass appointment is not something I'm wanting to do quite yet since the nearest office is a two hour drive from us. I'm not anxious to go home. I dont need to travel. My husband makes enough to enjoy a life of luxury at home if I wish. But I come from a working life, working 40 hours a week as a civil servant. It's hard to stay at home and be idle. I'm getting a bit of cabin fever.
  7. My status is the same as yours and had been since the interview. Case must be reviewed.
  8. Still waiting on the results from my interview on November 29... We were recommended for approval but haven't heard since.
  9. No I didnt. I havent had an update on my status either. It's still on case must be reviewed. Interview was on November 29
  10. From what I understand, the process of your AP and EAD will be put on hold and eventually closed after the AOS application gets into the final stages. No need for EAD or AP when you got your greencard.
  11. I wonder why everyone is so anxious to get 'back home'. I have been at home in my new country since day one and never felt homesick for one day and I have been here for almost 4 months now. Yes I'd love to go out to lunch with my mom but we message and video chat regularly. Even if my EAD or greencard came in today I wouldn't be going back for at least another 6 months. Is it me? Has my homesickness just not hit yet?
  12. And even if they say you are eligible, dont count on it. I was told by my local bmv that I was eligible, I passed all the tests on October 23rd and I am still waiting for my licence to come in. Calling down there again tomorrow cause my 2nd temporary licence is about to expire next week.
  13. No, my EAD and AP haven't been approved yet. I think I'll have my greencard before them. I'm pretty sure I read here somewhere that an officer said that EAD and AP application will be put on hold and then terminated once you get your interview/greencard.
  14. Keep your heads up everyone. It's just temporary. You're all with your loved ones now so the worst wait is over. Together you can do anything. I had my AOS interview today in Indianapolis. It went pretty good. They didnt ask my husband to go back, just me. He went through the form with me, every single question, which took almost half an hour in itself. Then asked for my passport, a copy of the marriage liscence, and both our divorce papers. And all the papers proving our marriage,bank statement, shared insurance ect. That's it. He told me all seemed in order and he'd recommend us for approval. He said it could take up to 3 months to get my greencard, but other people were told 2 to 3 weeks. So we'll see.
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