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  1. Mine was updated too! I'm in LIN as well! Finally some movement!!!!!
  2. I'm with you. Hold tight. Stay strong. We'll get there.
  3. Received NOA1 today. Application received by USCIS: dec 28 NOA1 date: jan 30 Not sure why I got it this fast, I dont think I've seen applications beyond november being processed? I didn't receive a phone call or email from the tier 2 as I was promised. But maybe contacting them sped things up? We are from the south of Indiana. Closest fieldoffice is Louisville KY. Closest office is Indianapolis. Application being handled in the LIN Nebraska office.
  4. Believe what you want to believe. I will follow what the person on the actual USCIS website told me to do (or not do in this case). I will revert back to reading only as its clear my experience is not appreciated.
  5. And as for most simple google searches, they are often superficial or simply inaccurate. This article was written for an expired unconditional 10 year greencard. As you know, I have a conditional greencard, and am applying for removal of conditions. If anything this following article is more accurate. But this one will not go into detail on working on an expired conditional greencard either. https://citizenpath.com/faq/conditional-green-card-expired/ Again, I appreciate your help. Ill let you know when I speak with a tier 2 and get more reliable answers.
  6. I understand, thats why I asked for tier 2. I appreciate all the help and expertise I find on visa journey. It has helped me navigate this journey many many times over the past years. But I cannot in good conscience go against a direct answer from a government employee like that. Be it an Indian callcenter or not. Like I said, better safe that sorry. Fortunately I am in the position where I can afford to stay home and wait it out. I will keep you posted once I hear from tier 2
  7. I chatted with a tier 1 on Thursday. He told me I am not allowed to work on an expired greencard until I get my letter. I requested to be connected with a tier 2, since that was different from the information I have. He set me up to be called back withing 7 days. My greencard expires 1.28, so I arranged to be off work. Better safe than sorry.
  8. So, just to be sure. I am allowed to work with my expired co dictionary greencard even though I have not received my NOA1 yet. Is my insurance license still valid? BMV refuses to renew my drivers license, so I won't be able to drive with my expired license.
  9. Our local BMV was an absolute nightmare to get my first DL to begin with. And that was with all the paperwork in order and the printed page from IN BMV website stating that these were the documents needed. I'm not holding my breath. I will check the IN BMV to check on the extended expiration. Thank you!
  10. Jumping in this thread as I'm probly a Nov or Dec filer. Filed mid Nov, package finally got delivered on Dec 28. Havent received my NOA1 yet, but I hear that's a common issue apparently... So... hi everyone 👋
  11. I filed my ROC mid November. It took the mail about a month to deliver it despite the 2-day delivery I paid for. It finally got delivered on December 28. I still haven't received my NOA1? My greencard (and drivers license) expires on January 28. I'm working and driving and I don't know what to do if I don't get the notification that they received and are working on my application. I will have no proof of having taken the necessary steps to be and stay legal. Without the extension letter and proof of application I will not be able to extend my driver's license. Am I even allowed to work once it expires? Can this count against me if I continue to work? What do I do? I cant fo online to check status, without the NOA1 I have no application number to look for. I will start calling the USCIS on Monday. But my past experiences are 3 hour hold times. Any advise would be welcome.
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