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  1. Depends on your service center. For example, California Service Center is looking at at least 6+ months to get any updates in regards to bio… hang in there!
  2. WOW CONGRATS!!!! And now I just wanna move to Texas right away lmao.
  3. Agreed @Lucky Cat Go ahead submit your N-400 when the 90-day window comes. You might get a combo interview. Good luck!
  4. Congratulations!!! May I know which service center you’re with? Thx
  5. CA filer here. Sent my package out on 2/11/21 by USPS, delivered on 2/12 to the Arizona PO Box, USCIS received my case on 2/16, didn't hear anything until 4/5 I received my NOA in mail, my NOA date marked as 3/31 on the paperwork. I didn't even know when did they process my fees lol. I was told by my attorney to be patient since California Service Center is blah, swamped. She originally told me that it might take 60-90 days to get the NOA in mail, if it doesn't arrive after 90 days, then it's an abnormal situation which needs to look into. So when I got it on 4/5, I was overly thrilled lol, cuz I was not even expecting it al all. I know it sucks, but sigh, all we can say to ourselves is, hang in there!
  6. The case number should be on your extension letter, those 2 are the same letter. I-797 Receipt number is your case number.
  7. Hello Fam, I'm asking for one of my best friends who is looking for reputable and experienced Asylum attorney to assist her complicated case. Does anyone here have any ideas? Not sure if I posted at the right page. Thank you so much!
  8. Depends on your service center. Mine is at CA, normally it takes at least 6 months to get the bio notice at this point.
  9. The Certificate of Naturalization number is generally an 8-digit alpha numeric number located in the top right section of the document. https://citizenpath.com/faq/certificate-of-naturalization-number/
  10. Yes you can! Go ahead to notify the USCIS of your new address with respect to her pending I-751 Petition. The I-751 application process is generally 18 months or more. A move early in the process will not substantially delay adjudication. Your job prospects/career should come first.
  11. Same WAC here! The wait is real...looks like we will have to wait for 6 months minimum to get the biometric updates. Cry me a river...
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