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  1. Hi guy! WAC filer here. Thanks for all your spread sheet contributions! I found out I'm getting the card today from USPS informed delivery. I moved and filled an AR11 form online and I guess they had no problem finding me at my new place. I wish you all luck!
  2. Hi all! Thanks for all your contributions to the google sheet! VisaJourney is such a helpful community! Once everyone has gotten their NOA1, I will reduce "sheet maintenance work" to once a week. Remember to update when you get your biometrics letter! (Don't stress, not the time yet 😂)
  3. At most, the actual letter comes a week after check is cashed. In some cases, (location, weather, unforeseen stuff etc) it could take longer. Isn’t the NOA 1 letter THE extension letter?
  4. question about the addresses, I'm moving out of my rental place and will permanently move to another state during the summer, and I'm worried that even if I change my address on the USCIS website, they're still going to send letters to my old address. Apart from telling USPS to forward my stuff to my new address, anything else I can do to prevent that?
  5. Big thanks for the all the contributions to the google sheet, keep the updates coming! I will continue to update the list daily.
  6. Whoops~ sorry @Huckleberry&Koala my bad, was on phone so lost track of who said what 😂 @Rob&Pan lawyer fees for my AOS alone was 2000 USD, such a waste of money, didn't reimburse us for their MASSIVE mistakes on our forms. Please save money and don't use a lawyer. Yes it is a hassle but the time to assemble an ROC package is less than 2 hours (for me). Think of it as making 2000 USD in 2 hours! 😏
  7. I think Huckleberry had a negative experience with lawyers (like I did). I use lawyer for my AOS, and the lawyer totally f up my application. Whole packet got returned with receipt saying that the forms were outdated and incorrect. Lawyer fees costed a lot! Ended up having to file again by ourselves. Agree with not needing lawyer for file ROC.
  8. Need this to be streamed live, let us know when and which link will you? 😄
  9. A spread and sheet loving parrot try to keep it as organize as possible! For me, no checked cashed no text/email yet. Maybe banks are a bit slower in Hawaii 🤣 its currently 8am so banks haven't started working yet. I did however see that I have something coming in the mail (USPS informed delivery), it says image of envelope can't be shown. When I was doing my AOS all the USCIS letters was shown as "image can't be shown", so am hopeful! According to the January sheet, a lot of people got their NOAs the a few days after their check was cashed. Fingers crossed!
  10. Gosh thanks for letting us know! Much appreciated! Give it at least 30 days (40 maybe?) for the check to be cashed
  11. Most of my stuff is after marriage but there was some that was after AOS (like my own credit card bills showing proof of buying groceries and paying the card from joint checking account). This is almost 2 inches thick. I guess we can only wait and see.
  12. Um guys.... I saw this in the November discussion, OP posted their RFE letter and the reasons for RFE is a load of carp. Their submitted evidence looks a lot like mine! @ROC-AL sharing it here so people more people can see it
  13. Agree with Beverlyr's comment on the worthless-ness of G-1145. Some people never get any messages. Check your bank accounts (to see if check is cashed) for a better estimation of when your NOA will arrive. Updates about the February sheet: have added the newcomers into existing entries
  14. The only thing to do is wait... It will probably take them at least 30 days to cash the check and then at least another 10 days to send out the extension letter. Filing ROC with 30 days left is cutting it too close to the expiration date, that’s why a lot of people choose to file when they still have 80 days left. Don’t worry, you’ll get yours soon ☺️ next time you file for something just remember to do it a bit earlier because delays can happen (US gov right? 😏)
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