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    We met in an online travelling community and we became friends. After a while, both of us felt the spark in the relationship so we began our Long Distance Relationship and started planning our first meeting in real life. When we met in real life it was clear for both of us that we were meant to be together, all our fears disappeared and after we went back to our countries we then decided to get married. He met my family in real life and we had our marriage and a very small wedding. We are now living the LDR again and waiting for the spouse visa or to immigrate to a new country if my visa was delayed because of the travel ban.

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  1. They also released the stats from March to June (The Quarterly Report). I saw them this morning on the website. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/presidential-proclamation-archive/june_26_supreme_court_decision_on_presidential_proclamation9645.html
  2. Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to tell you that August Stats are out!! https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics/immigrant-visa-statistics/monthly-immigrant-visa-issuances.html Syria: CR-1 10 IR-1 19 Iran: CR-1 22 IR-1 37 Yemen: CR-1 19 IR-1 228 The numbers are beautiful!
  3. I am not saying that Trump's intentions were not to ban Muslims. But in practice, it is not a Muslim ban. So you can't really defend your case based on intentions that are not being practiced. I am clearly not with the ban. But to solve a problem you need to first identify it for what it really is. And this is the only reason why I am talking about this. The congress reps, with all the good intentions they have and all the hard work they are doing, are just not addressing the issue right. You can't ignore that Christians and other religious minorities from these countries are affected, and this fact by itself is enough to say that this IS NOT a Muslim ban. We can't say, "well, yes.. but.. THE INTENTION FOR IT WAS TO BE a Muslim ban".
  4. I watched the whole thing too, it was very interesting. I think the ban supporters have a strong point. They probably won't issue the no-ban-act. Because it is clear that it is NOT a Muslim ban, all the citizens of the countries are being affected regardless of their religion. So, I really do think that treating it as a Muslim ban is not going to solve our problem. They should focus on having an effective short waiver system instead. and grant exceptions on a case to case basis, like children and older people. That is just my opinion. And I am saying this because I imagine the Syrian government for example will not cooperate with the US government. What are your opinions? And please correct me if I am wrong.
  5. Great to know, thank you! We are still less than 2 years, we still haven't done our first interview. But it's good to know this info, because I am predicting we will be more than 2 years at the time of the visa issuance. Congratulations by the way!
  6. Are you sure about this? I thought they would give you CR1 and then you have to request an adjustment at the POE.
  7. Congratulations, great news to hear about your pregnancy. ❤❤🎉🎉💃💃 Wishing you reunite with your husband soon.
  8. Congratulations!!!!! I am so happy for you. Don't forget to update us when your wife receives her visa. My best wishes to you. And sleep well!
  9. I am very excited for you, keep us updated. Keeping you in my thoughts
  10. Yes, I have read this too from multiple sources too. That the POE is the one to change your CR1 to IR1 if you show them your marriage certificate. But the embassy would approve for CR1 even if you were married for more than 2 years (assuming you applied for CR1).
  11. Thank you for letting me know. I am aware of this. There is a facebook group for CR-1/IR-1 and K1 visas for filers in Jordan. If you want the link, I can send it to you. (If you are not already a member). Best of luck.
  12. My thoughts exactly, if the estimates I have are right. I will probably have my interview during December. And another 2 months AP that would be February. If that's the case I will wait till May to enter the US so I would get IR-1 instead of the CR-1.
  13. Hello all, I got CC during August, Amman embassy and seeing you all wait for so long is so depressing because I know I will be waiting for a few months too. But for all of you who are already waiting for a few months, stay strong, most likely you are almost there. Good luck all!
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