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    Hiking, Translation, Gender Equality advocate.

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    We met in an online travelling community and we became friends. After a while, both of us felt the spark in the relationship so we began our Long Distance Relationship and started planning our first meeting in real life. When we met in real life it was clear for both of us that we were meant to be together, all our fears disappeared and after we went back to our countries we then decided to get married. He met my family in real life and we had our marriage and a very small wedding. We are now living the LDR again and waiting for the spouse visa or to immigrate to a new country if my visa was delayed because of the travel ban.

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  1. Hello Maan, 1. You don't need a waiver package, the officer that will interview you will apply for the waiver on your behalf and they will not ask for any extra paperwork. 2. I have interviewed at Amman Embassy on the 27th of February and have entered the US on the 4th of March 2020. It took them 2 business days to approve my waiver. 3. Your case defiantly isn't eligible for expedite. Expedite is only for extreme cases like medical extreme reasons. 4. I don't know. 5. I don't know. I don't think you need any special support for your case since nowadays almost everyone is being approved. So don't worry. My best wishes to you and your wife.
  2. No need, I took mine and didn't have the chance to show it to anyone. They only care about your sponsor(s). If they are making enough money or not.
  3. Hello everyone. I just want to update you that I finally received my visa and entered the USA. Thank you all for all the information and support. If anyone needs help don't hesitate to ask. Especially Syrians who will interview in Amman.
  4. I just want to update everyone that I recieved my visa and I am in the USA right now. The interview was very smooth.
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