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  1. RFE letter will be in your mail either this week or next week. In the letter you will see exactly what they need and you will have to mail the stuffs they need usually within 30 days from the time you get the mail or so, it will be specified in the letter. No one here can tell you exactly what evidence they are requesting, just sit tight and wait for the mail and respond immediately, all instructions will be in the letter and most importantly do not forget to reply with an attachment of your info,petitioner & beneficiary dob,full name, case type and case number. This will help them to easily fish out your file from the huge pile of rfe files, good luck.
  2. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Happiness nor sadness never really last, we live in a world in which we have to struggle with new challenges everyday. Just put in your mind that there are people who are in worse situations than you are. You did not meet your late husband before his final crossing to the other world, but you will have the chance to go visit his resting place with some flowers very soon, just be strong and look at your beautiful kid and say to yourself that nothing good comes easily.
  3. All I can offer to you and your child now are my prayers and best wishes. Once everything is set and when you go in for your interview, have confidence in yourself and before you will realise it, you will be out of there with a recomendation for visa approval.
  4. No, if you don't know anyone,I advice you take her along. The embassy always has a section with toys for kids and I am sure your child won't be the only child in there so she will be able to make new "friends" . You may be lucky that during your interview, she falls asleep in your arms and everything will be smooth. I was fortunate to have someone who accepted to help me stay with my kids (6 & 2). I was thinking of asking you, have you thought about getting your police report from Saudi Arabia ready? Because you will definitely need one from there.
  5. I totally agree with you @Lil bear. On my interview day I was worried too about my US born son who is 2, I knew it would be a bad idea going in with him because he always wants my full attention, so I simply had a friend come with me and he sat in the car with my kids and I went to the interview holding just their birth certificates and passports. To OP trust me, the US embassy is aware about your child (they don't joke with their citizen kids) questions came up about them and I answered truthfully and when asked where they were, I said in the car outside with a friend looking after them. To OP, just like @Lil bear said they are relocating and will not be a problem if your kid stays out with someone you trust meanwhile you concentrate on your interview, because you never can guess the CO's mood especially if you stand infront of the booth and being asked questions and you are busy minding your kid. All the same good luck and remember most questions will be focused on you and your late husband, do not forget any bit of info which concerns him, how he passed away, who was there, how long did you stay together,does he have any kids,where is his family,how did he get to the states,who will support you while there,do you intend to remarry,where did you work before,how did you meet,when and where did you get married etc.
  6. Well every country has its own policies and ways. My wife and I got married in Ukraine and on our marriage certificate there is a line provided for her new name which is my last name. She simply went back to the states with an original copy of our wedding certificate and a notarized translated copy in english and all the name change on passport was done. Her ssn has not changed but they were notified about name change,including banks,insurance,licence etc. And like my message said earlier, she can change her name, meaning that in Ghana which I believe,there must be some sort of document to prove that she has accepted to take her husband's name and while in the states,such a document will prove that she now has her new name under marriage and she will be able to use that inorder to transition her status documentarily here in the states.
  7. Highjacked post, against TOS of this site. Will just help you answer your question. She can change her name without any problem after marriage, just make sure you have all paperwork to prove that.
  8. Did you send in the complete 1040 for 2018 or the complete irs tax transcript for 2018? If you did not send that then you run a chance of being denied a visa or better still your petitition will expire and they have bluntly told you that it "may" not be extended by the CO, I suggest you check all what you submitted and make sure they are complete.
  9. I think DCF has a conditional residency for the USC spouse, 6 months minimum (meaning the usc must have been living in Ghana for example for 6 months prior to petitioning a dcf).
  10. Basic training is about 10 weeks and AIT duration will vary with regards to her MOS, you will have time to communicate more once her BCT is over. You have no reason to be worried, goodluck.
  11. Tou can fill ds 260 without both passports in your hands but you need passport infos such as passport numbers,delivery and expiration dates.
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