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  1. Go ahead and file your n400 if the interview comes up with a pending ROC, they will do a combo interview if they have all your files ready. You do don’t need to request for a combo interview because they will handle your case accordingly.
  2. I submitted My passport application on jan 15th, on Jan 20th My status showed that they received it on Jan 20th and will process according to fcfs policy. I received My passport last Tuesday Feb 21, I did the routine option since I have no immediate travel plans. So it took 3 weeks because my passport says "issued on feb 14th" and on their website I got My tracking code on Feb 16th. My son renewed his passport with Me on that same day and we got our passports together. Hang in there and check your mail constantly. Till date when I track My status it gives Me update, but a friend of mine who omitted her husband’s dob got her application resent for fixing and she now gets the unavailable update too even though prior to that she could see her status when tracking her passport.
  3. Yes they will mail it to you after they have mailed your passport. This is the only way out, I got My passport last Tuesday and I am waiting for My original certificate. Also, you will be getting the new generation passport,it’s way cooler than the old version. side note, whether you tick the box to get extra pages on your passport, it’s gonna be same price as the regular 25 pages passport (because the new passports now are 25 pages for regular and 50 pages for the extra pages)
  4. Obviously go to a passport office at your location and apply, take your original naturalization certificate with you and your state id or driver’s license. You can pay an extra $60 for expedited. I did mine the routine way and it took Me 3 weeks. Congratulations on your naturalization.
  5. I submitted My application on Sunday Jan 15th and on the 20th it showed application received, routine processing will take 8-11weeks. I checked My status yesterday and it shows that My passport has been mailed alongside My card, I did it with My Son who is renewing and a friend who naturalized on the same day with Me and We are all getting our passports next week barely after 3 weeks and I did routine processing. I remember someone posted here a couple of months ago saying that there was no need for expedite at this moment as it is pretty fast now to get the routine passport done.
  6. There are 3 main things that could be the reason: 1) Your background check has not been completed. 2) Your file (if you did not file online) has not yet reached your local field office. 3)They don’t have enough staffs and still have a lot of cases before you. Many other reasons may follow but these imo are the main reasons. My interview was cancelled back in September 2022, 3 hours before My interview,it was rescheduled 3 weeks later and I had My interview 51days after new date,naturalized 9 days later. I was lucky to be called on My interview day to tell Me that they were still waiting on my file and I am grateful for some members in here who told Me what to do and I was able to email some uscis agents who were kind enough to tell Me where My files were. Hang in there and be patient, you shall be hearing from USCIS soon.
  7. I will advise you send an "e inquiry", when My status showed "ready to schedule an interview" since November of 2021, I sent an e request in July 2022 for update and within 3 days I got a reply from them approving My case without interview, yours may be different but it’s gonna nudge them so they can take action on your case.
  8. Chase is the person who received your file from the mail man. Your file was sent to the right place and received correctly…relax.
  9. Looks like Nigeria has dual nationality,so he can use his Nigerian passport for his trip,he may use his Nigerian passport to exit and not how he will get in without his US passport, I don’t know the procedure but it is doable, let him consult with his peers from Nigeria or contact the embassy in New York.
  10. I know of someone who submitted her application in August and had her interview in October,it took 8 weeks, 6 weeks is unlikely.
  11. If You have been a LPR for 5 years or more, just do as the others have advised and file your petition based on 5 years, it is easier and statistics have shown that you may be getting an interview faster.
  12. Go with the scanned copy, if after the interview they request the original, just let your sponsor mail it via dhl or ups or which ever means works best and faster in your country. It is just going to delay your visa issuance by a few days. Good luck at your interview.
  13. I must say you sound very right because I applied in march,bio in April, first appointment in sept of 2022 which was rescheduled 3 hrs bfr interview because My file was not with them. New interview on nov 23,2022. My friend filed in August 2022,reused bio,interview October 13,approved on spot,she had 2 months till interview and approval and they gave her the option on swearing in the same day (which is very rare here). She took the oath on the same day with Me in December 2022 due to the fact that she changed her name. It took Me 9 months till oath meanwhile it took her about 3 months only from start to finish,we have someone with a little more complexed situation who filed before us all and is still stuck with no dates for roc nor n400 interview for almost 2 years now. So yes! You maybe right with what you said about 5yr rule vs 3yr rule.
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