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  1. You have nothing to worry about. You have a greencard you don't need ead. They went ahead and did biometrics because you already paid for it, same thing happened to someone I know but nothing bad happened.
  2. If the embassy resends the passport just make sure he goes back to the aramex company and talk to someone who can make calls to track the whereabouts of his passport. They should be able to provide him with a tracking number or something.
  3. Uscis is asking for anything that will convince them that your marriage is REAL, it's not a problem if you have never lived together in the USA (they are aware too) many of us have gone through this route you are taking. Simply gather all evidences you have that your relationship is real, such as pictures of you together, screenshots of your call logs, chats on any social media or whatsapp,viber,imo,yahoo messenger,facebook messenger, if you have any kids copy of birth certificated will be fine,receipts of gifts exchanged to each other,passport stamps to prove visitations,screenshots on your comments on each other's pictures and posts on social media,your wife's name as beneficiary in your life insurance in the usa or a proof of your wife's name as an ICE contact on your employment documents, infact gather anything which concerns yourself and wife, arrange them and make a letter head, and make a copy of your rfe doc before sending the original to them.
  4. Well I have no idea which one comes first in your case concerning ead and ssn rectification because I have not dealt with that situation. But imo if an ssn could be issued to you without ead, why should it be required for a name change?
  5. You take the old card and your proof of name change and go to ssa office to make a change,it's needless signing it because you will be getting another card with the rectified name but same ssn.
  6. After the printing status will change to "mailed" and a tracking number will be available on your case status on uscis website. Today being a public holiday, you will be getting your card by friday or monday next week.
  7. It is perfectly ok for you to visit the states and go back when you wish, you don't need to wait for your gc, once your passport will be stamped at POE it will serve as a proof of gc 1year from the date of entry. As for your gc if you have paid the $220 fees the card will be mailed to the address you provided and your wife can collect it and keep it for you. Just your passport if fine for reentry.
  8. Why do you need rapid visa when you are a member of this site? Imo most staffs of rapid visa come here to get info too, rapid visa is made up of persons like you and I and you will do most of the work and not them. You will spend more money and waste more time with them. 99% of people here will tell you to diy. Just forget about the $200 and file everything yourself, if you need any info, this site always has people online 24/7 to help with advice. Good luck.
  9. When I was paying for my gc my case number was IOE. Maybe your case is different because your wise once had a green card and maybe they will process her case in another manner (just my opinion). Have you received the letter they sent in the mail as they said? You may have more details about it on the hard copy of the letter.
  10. You have made the action needed by passing ths nvc level and are now at embassy level, even if it expires before your interview, nothing bad will happen since it is eligible to be renewed automatically by the embassy at this stage, but if you are too worried then feel free to call your embassy with name of beneficiary and applicant, case number and ask them about it just so you can ease some of the worry of your shoulders. For your second question IOs are different but it has never been a compulsory requirement for applicants to be present on the day of interview, in some rare cases when they doubt about the relationship, they may request the applicant to come for an interview.
  11. Every situation is different and IOs are different too. I was never handed a paper saying "your visa is approved" but was handed a piece of paper telling me congratulations on immigrating to USA etc and explaining how to pay $220 online for my gc. This was before I was even asked by co to hand over our other docs which were not collected on window 7 (Kyiv embassy). The day my passport arrived, I had another one in the package so reason why I strongly believe that they decide on the visas even before they sit to start the interview, maybe our appearance at the counters there is just to clear their doubts, in all, just get all docs ready and be calm, there's nothing to be scared of especially if the relationship was genuine and I know your husband will be there with you to watch over you.
  12. I don't remember smiling during my interview because my IO was frowning throughout giving me the impression that I was being intimidated, I just kept a straight face, answered all questions asked while keeping the "eyeball to eyeball" contact and even when he was done I was standing there waiting for a reply from him on the status of the interview, he just kept typing and it felt like an eternity. He got up, left without saying anything and I still stood there. He noticed I was standing there, came back and said "you are free to go". Btw I was handed the form on how to pay the gc fees even before he took my supporting documents and began asking me questions like I said earlier, 90% of the decisions are taken even before the interview begins officially. Just be calm, dress normally and decently, there is no dress code, wear a clean dress, nothing seductive or provocative and you will be fine.
  13. Hey finally your interview is around the corner. Regarding your question, I will say act normally and behave naturally. 90% of cases there have been adjudicated even before you reach the window for your interview. So be calm, no panicking, they're not gonna scream at you or intimidate you, stay focused, talk audibly and answer the questions in a straight forward manner, it's ok to cry if your emotions get high, but remember there would be other people waiting in line after you to get their own visa too. Walk in that embassy with the notion that you are going to get a pass in order to have a better life for yourself and your baby and do not forget to update us once you are done. Good luck.
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