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  1. Passport stamps too showing dates of admission into your partner's country will help, no amount of evidence is an overkill, just do not send 1000 pictures.
  2. My son was 2 and my daughter 5 at the time of my interview, where I interviewed allowed kids in especially if they are citizens, I asked a friend to go with Me and they waited for Me in the car, My reason was because My son demanded alot of attention then and would have needed Me to carry him even during my biometrics process etc. If your embassy states not to bring kids, simply obey as they may end up not letting you in.
  3. It is most likely the last stage, the embassy won't request for fresh medical and passport if they weren't ready to issue your visa, so My advice is, hurry up and schedule your medical then send in your passport, Good luck.
  4. I don't think she messed anything up. A note will just be put on her file stating that she was approved and chose to wait for the pandemic to slow down, maybe she will be asked for another medical exam and that's just all it will take.
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