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  1. My card was combo EAD/AP but please refer to the timeline below the post to see all the statuses I had.
  2. Good to know! My status has been this was since July 11th. Ps. Have you ever been to Poland? 😉
  3. Ahahahaha you might be the first person on this forum praying to have his EAD delayed 😂 Ps. Honestly, I would expect your card to be shipped within 2 days. You can also follow a group “EAD expedite after fax request” or sth like that (just type it in the VisaJourney search box and you will find this group). Most of the people who get approved receive their card within a couple of days.
  4. They have mailed me a NOA letter after my EAD was approved. It was delivered two days after the status changed to "New Card is Being Produced" and then "Case Was Approved". Yesterday the status changed to "Card Was Picked Up By The United States Postal Service" (CaseTracker). There is also a tracking number provided. Download this app if you don't have one and add your case number. I can see that my card has been mailed yesterday and it has almost made it to its final destination (just left the distribution center that is 2hrs away from my post office).
  5. Damn... I got an email within 3 days and was told it would take up to 5. Call USCIS and tell them you want to speak to Tier 2 officer! Tier 2 officers start working at 8:30am. That’s what Tier 1 told me one time. Call them as soon as they start, choose 1-1-2-2 (don’t wait for the automated voice to give you the options), paste your AP number and once they pick up, insist to talk to Tier 2. They will probably call you back within a couple of hours (they do not re-direct you immediately because there’s always a big queue).
  6. I'm not sure if there's any guideline for that. I'm pretty sure there's as many advices / different cases as people on this forum. 😁 I was just getting really anxious because one person told me his wife got approved 2 days after she faxed all the evidences. So I was basically checking the status every hour for the first 3 days. On the 4th day I've freaked out 😜 Funeral is quite a time sensitive thing and it cannot wait. I called USCIS and ask for a Tier 2 officer, explained the situation and he submitted that service request on my behalf. I've been talking to some other people on this forum who followed "my" guidelines and Tier 2 just told them to wait. I guess I spoke to an officer whose heart was not made out of ice...
  7. Mine was for funeral. A doctor needs to provide medical documentation. Have it translated to English (certified translation). You can either submit an expedite request via phone (but it will take around a month for you to receive an AP, if issued) or schedule an info pass appointment/do a walk-in. No guarantee you'd get a chance to talk to an officer but if succeeded, you should get your AP onsite. Good luck.
  8. Hi B-B! Please refer to my timeline below. Please be aware that I have called Tier 2 officer 4 days after I have faxed all documentation and he submitted a service request for me and told me NBC would contact me back before August 10th. They have sent me an email on August 1st confirming that my application has been approved. Good luck and let me know how it went!
  9. Well, I have ordered a certified English translation of my Grandpa's death certificate. In this case, I'd say His medical death certificate issued by a doctor was just additional proof that was not required to provide. That's why I translated this one by myself. Now I am waiting for a combo card to be delivered.
  10. An update: On August 1st, I have received an email confirming that my application was approved and "I should receive my authorization card very soon". A day after that, the status on EAD changed to "New Card is Being Produced" and then to "Case Was Approved" on both EAD and AP. 🎉
  11. Hi there! Do you have any update on your case? I have submitted expedite request on July 19th, then I spoke to Tier 2 officer and he submitted a search request on my behalf. He confirmed I should receive a response by August 10th. On August 1st, I received an email confirming that my application was approved and "I should receive my authorization card very soon". A day after that, the status on EAD changed to "New Card is Being Produced" and then to "Case Was Approved" on both EAD and AP.
  12. My status on an EAD in case tracker app has just changed to “New Card is Being Produced”! I have expedited AP process and seems like it worked for both. Thank you Lord. ♥️
  13. You are so lucky! my NOA1 is May 9th and biometrics June 5th but my local office is Dallas and as far as I know they are very crowded. ☹️
  14. I am so happy for you, congratulations!! When did you file and completed biometrics appointment? Keep us posted! ☺️
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