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  1. Thank you! Amazing how well you were able to explain it. 1. Yes, I was born in Poland and I am a polish citizen. 2. Yes, my bonafide residence began when I was born and ended 2/20/2019. I didn't have any trips to the US between Jan 1 and Feb 20, 2019. I will do as advised. Thank you again!
  2. Thank you! I am very confused with the form 2555... Part II, Line 14 says: "If you were present in the United States or its possessions during the tax year, complete columns (a)–(d) below. Don’t include the income from column (d) in Part IV, but report it on Form 1040 or 1040-SR." It asks me about the date I arrived to the States and the date I left. I arrived on Feb 20th 2019 and left on Nov 14th only to visit my family back in Poland. I got back to the States on Dec 6th. I worked in US Aug 19th - Nov 11th. The form is also asking about: c) Number of days in U.S. on business - well, I wasn't in US "on business". I mean, I have lived here since Feb 2019 and hold a job for 3 months. After this period, I was offered another, a lot better job and I decided to visit my family prior to starting a new job so I visited for 3 weeks and then got back to US. (d) Income earned in U.S. on business (attach computation) - again, I have lived in US since Feb 2019, should I report my income as "on business"? It's a W2... Help 🙏
  3. Thank you Ayrton. One more question - I had worked in Poland before I moved to the States (quit my job prior to moving). Do I have to somehow include this income in my US taxes for 2019? Is it considered foreign income? Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, I have a quick question today. I moved to the States in Feb 2019 and got married to my US husband in April 2019. I became a resident alien in Feb 2020. With that being said, I had been a nonresident alien throughout the entire 2019, before I have been granted a green card. How does that affect my taxes for 2019? Is there a difference between a resident and non-resident person when filling taxes? Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, I have two questions today. I moved to the States in Feb 2019 and got married here. I filed AOS in May 2019 and got my green card in Feb this year. I have worked since August 2019 using my EAD. My husband has worked in several different places last year, I have worked in two, he's 1099 and I am W2, we got married and my residential status has been adjusted - that's why we have decided do pay an accountant to do our taxes this year. My question is: is payment for a green card considered by IRS while filing taxes? Should I include a copy of our payment for AOS? Also, this is going to be my first year of filing taxes in the States. Can I still get a stimulus check when I file now? We (me and my husband) are going to do "married jointly". Thank you!
  6. Had an interview in Dallas on Jan 30th, got approved on Jan 31st. The whole AOS process took 9 months for Dallas office.
  7. Hi guys, our interview is scheduled for Jan 30th and we're gathering all the documents we need. One of them is my (intending immigrant's) birth certificate. I have applied for an electronic version because I know that a hard copy will not make it here on time. The only hard copy I brought with myself from Poland was sent with all the other stuff when we were applying for AOS. The question is: did anyone here use an electronic bc for the interview? Is that sufficient (obviously we'd need to print it)? Thank you!
  8. I am here, in the States and I am employed by the US government agency in Austin. We're having a green card interview.
  9. Hi folks, The puzzle I've got for y'all today is: my husband (the petitioner) quit his job in November and is going back to college in the end of January. He will find himself some part time job that will work with his classes schedule, however, as of now, he doesn't hold any job and has no income. We've gotten a letter that our green card interview is scheduled for January 30th. On the other hand, I work for a government agency and my income greatly exceeds the poverty level for the household of two. I have started working in December. My question is: Is that sufficient to fulfil the requirements of the affidavit of support or does it have to be petitioner holding a job and exceeding poverty levels? Of course we'll include my income in the part 6. (Sponsor's employment and income), section: "Income you are using from any other person who was counted in your household size, including, in certain conditions, the intending applicant" of the affidavit. Also, the instruction says: "If you included the income of the intending immigrant who is your spouse (he or she would be counted in Part 5., Item Number 1.), you must provide evidence that his/her income will continue from the current source after obtaining lawful permanent resident status.". How do I prove that I will remain employed? Will employment letter saying that I have a full time job do? I really hope we won't have to be using a joint sponsor in this case.. Thank you!
  10. Hi folks, I'm currently in my home country (visiting my family for 3 weeks) and I'm going to get a ticket to go back to USA in December. My only concern is what last name should I use - my maiden one that is in my passport or my new one (after marriage) that is displayed on my EAD/AP? Thank you tons!
  11. Hi folks, I am about to start a new job in the beginning of December and decided to visit my family first. I have an ongoing application for AOS (got married in April 2019 on K1, filed AOS/EAD/AP in May 2019) and have been issued combo card EAD/AP in August. My question is: when I was moving to the States in February 2019, I had to get a round trip flight (because it was way cheaper). Back then I picked December 12th 2019 (it was hard to estimate when I would be visiting my country again) and have now rescheduled a flight to November 14th. Both on the ticket and in my passport, there's still my maiden name printed. Is it going to be an issue if I travel using EAD/AP that has my new last name (I have kept my maiden and just added a my husband's one after "-"). Also, any advice what other documents should I take with me (I'll definitely take a copy of my marriage certificate) to be paroled into the States again in early December? Do I have to file ESTA coming back to USA? Poland has just been enrolled in visa waiver program starting TODAY and ESTA is a completely new system to me.
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