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  1. Your parents overstayed on tourist (nonimmigrant) visas with the intention of AOSing (immigrating)?
  2. Is an ESTA for the squeaky clean though? The questions to me seem very specific to particular crimes (and degrees of crimes). For example, there's no mention of arrests for theft, driving offences, vandalism, etc. "Assault" in the UK is a broad conviction. It could be from anything from throwing a drink on someone to grievous bodily harm. In my opinion, the question that asks "Have you ever been arrested or convicted for a crime that resulted in ... serious harm to another person ... ?" suggests a level of offense that warrants more than a £50 slap on the wrist. OP, you will have to provide an ACRO police report for your B visa interview and seeing as you have spent convictions, you will also need a Subject Access Request (SAR) which will detail the spent conviction.
  3. Apologies if there's a thread already here somewhere, but I cannot quite seem to find anything that answers my particular query. I'm aware of TMVN and the fact that it's a monthly subscription which claims to provide you with a reasonably accurate estimates for key points along visa processes. I'm also aware that VJ users opinions on this service vary greatly. I find myself wondering, bar using the service to gauge dates that aren't even set in stone, what else does it provide? If I'm not really that concerned with knowing exact dates because I can be flexible with my plans, or if I'm happy to stick with the free VJ timeline estimate, is there anything else I'm missing of value that TMVN could provide for a subscription fee? Also, if you do recommend it (either for date estimates or something else), is there a certain point in the process that you'd advise signing up? For example, would it provide any benefit to sign up at the NOA1 stage (longer sub, more money) versus signing up later down the line at NOA2 and beyond (shorter sub, costing less overall)? FYI, I created an online account (for free) on USCIS website using my (beneficiary) email. This has case tracking and I believe it will notify me by email once the status of our application changes - something that TMVN also offers (at a price). Thanks in advance for any input.
  4. CSC = California Service Centre TSC = Texas Service Centre VSC = Vermont Service Centre From what I understand, the petitioner's (USC) location will determine what service centre the application is sent to. The chart indicates that applications which received an NOA1 on those dates, from those centres, are due to get an NOA2 shortly. TSC is notably slower at processing than CSC and VSC, which is why the dates differ. End of Oct 23 to end of April 24 = approx 6/7 months. That chart does not indicate processing from NOA2 to K1. Looking at VJ user timelines in a similar geographic situation to yourself can help you to understand what to expect there. This is a very useful link that I suggest you bookmark. It will give you a very clear overview on the process and what to expect: Processing times shared by @Crazy Cat are here: https://www.visajourney.com/times/
  5. Can't say for sure but your other thread makes me think you are from the UK. If you are UK, I'd suggest that you get comfortable with the idea of it being an approx. 12 month process from first filing to visa - some VJ users say it's more, some say it's less. For reference, we got our NOA1 in mid-April and my timeline is now estimating adjudication in mid-Oct (7 months). I'm told that once the consulate picks things up, then it will get quicker but you never know. It is not all bad though, as you are still free to visit your partner (and should as it will only benefit your application). Personally, I find that establishing the dates for my next trip (even if we can't buy the flights just yet) gives me a light at the end of the tunnel. I was there in March, but now have to wait until December. I just keep thinking that every day takes me a step closer to being with the person I love again. It's all a matter of perspective.
  6. Sorry to read about your difficult situation, OP. All of the advice here is incredibly valid and should be seriously considered. Especially with regards to finding a more consistent income, moving out of the family home and establishing a positive support network. My thoughts to you is that you won't achieve anything you want in life without taking a chance. Sometimes that means upsetting our friends and families, but it is your life to live - not theirs. The K1 wait is painful, but nothing worth having in life is ever easy to achieve. You can do it.
  7. If it means anything, my personal estimate for adjudication is around 7 months (mid-April to mid-Oct), but I am basing that on what my timeline estimates and am not using TMVN, but there does appear to be similarities. Ofc I am 100% understanding that this is an automatically generated estimate based on user timeline details and am fully of the mindset that if we do get NOA2 in Oct, we will be incredibly lucky!
  8. I'm also unsure what you mean when you say you're "almost there" as it sounds you have only just sent the I-129F. Do you understand that the I-129F is simply the petition to apply for the K1? You can view the full timeline of events here:
  9. I believe that you'll likely get a RFE. Both petitioner and beneficiary need to state that they are both willing and legally able to marry each other. You'll also need to evidence that you have met within the last 2 years. You can't show this with pictures alone as they could have been taken at any time - you need to show travel docs such as all the stuff you didn't send. I have read on here discussions about sending in evidence in advance of a RFE hoping that it will be linked to their application. I'm unsure on success rates of this. It might be safer to just wait for the request and take the hit of added time, rather than potentially confuse the situation. Sorry that you will experience a delay. It is generally a good idea to do as much research as possible before sending anything off. It will do a lot to prevent potential delays/rejection.
  10. Out of interest, how would one prove that they entered on an ESTA without the intent to marry, therefore allowing them to remain through the AOS application?
  11. Thanks for such an in-depth overview. My medical will be a long way off yet but I'm trying to get my head around what to expect as early as possible. With regards to you vaccination history, did you have any boosters for anything other than Covid? I got a copy of my vaccination history from my GP recently and I had most things they list from when I was a baby into my mid-teens. I haven't had anything since and I'm 33 now so I'm wondering if I should look into getting anything topped up and seeing what my GP can offer if so? On your Covid vaccination, was your booster the 2nd jab? Or did you have 2 doses previously and they instructed you to get a 3rd? I have read that you only need the 2 doses to be seen as "covered" so was thinking I didn't need to do any more for that (I had 2 jabs back in 2021/22). I didn't think they offered Covid boosters now unless you were vulnerable or within a certain age bracket.
  12. A similar thing happened with us (not using Macs). It would appear that the PDF is protected in a way that prevents you downloading, editing and then saving to come back to later. I don't know why this is the case, perhaps to prevent any alteration of the forms. We tried to circumvent this for a while but in the end decided it was just easier to print and manually complete.
  13. Just updating that we got our NOA1 on the 17th. Incase it matters to any future readers, they noted it was received on the 3rd, despite USPS tracking showing it delivered on the 4th. Thank you all once again for your advice and support!
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