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  1. affidavits are very poor evidence. yes, they are allowed, but if you are a 'normal'/ married couple, they are unnecessary jointly filed taxes credit cards bank accounts wills/poa's insurances bills/utilities home ownership/apartment rental loans all these things are are typically in both peoples names and accounts used by both is what they are truly looking for
  2. your CPA has nothing to do with the stimulus check so no, they will not get anything from it. the stimulus check is based on your most recent tax filing. So, if you filed this year for 2019, it will be based off that. If you have NOT filed this year, they will base it off 2018 taxes. Any adjustments (ie: marriage) can be filed with NEXT YEARS taxes for a credit/ refund if applicable. I had not filed for 2019 yet until I found out it would be based off 2019 taxes if filed. I sat down real quick and did them LOL
  3. This is a divorce issue not an affidavit of support issue. The 864 is meant for the petitioner to REPAY THE GOVERNMENT any public means used, not pay for your rent and support you financially. They are also rarely enforced, at least historically.
  4. youll need to renew the license when it is time. the social security card does not matter so much. you can if you want to, but with the greencard the words on it are a moot point.
  5. You can only send what you have. For anything they want that you do not have, provide a written explanation of why you do not have it/the explanation.
  6. dont put money down on anything. when they get here, do a small civil service at a courthouse or whatever. then plan for a larger wedding. we got married in our home on xmas eve 2018, and our party wedding was july 27 2019.
  7. i will say though, if they have bad credit, you will want to establish you OWN, AWAY from his. this will mean getting your own lines of credit. generally starting with a secured credit card is the best and easiest way.
  8. if there are any changes you need to bring it. otherwise, it is not REQUIRED, but is also always a good idea. better to have items you dont need, than need them and not have them
  9. as has been said, there is no sponsorship for a visa. NONE. It is unlikely it will be approved, to be honest. being young, having few ties, ph being a high fraud country, and in your case, having relatives here may actually work against you. but worse case scenario, you are just out the $160 and the concert tickets
  10. all i know is i really hope next seasons couples are better than this season.
  11. i cant tell you what policy is, but i can tell you my (now husband, then fiance) crossed with a few boxes of MY Stuff (i was not with him). They let him through but did not like it. He is the canadian, I am the USC.
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