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  1. the forms are used for multiple purposes. in our case, since we adjusted from a tourist visa, i filed the 130 with the 485 (and EAD and AP forms). It can be quite confusing which you need to do. The guides here on VJ help a LOT.
  2. Unless you are using assets to qualify, you do not need to send statements. I did not . The bank balance sections on the forms i filled out with my average daily balance. It is the tax transcripts and current paystubs that will be required and important.
  3. you can do all of this yourself and will give it far more care and attention and save a LOT of money (and less likely to receive an RFE for anything if you are detailed oriented). Very few cases require the need for a third party. No one will care more than you do. Read everything on here. Learn. ask questions (learn how to use the search function). All of the petitions I have filed I did myself, and not a single RFE or delay or issue. The forms are easy and the supporting documents you would have to provide to ANYONE acting as an agent, so its not like you are saving any time.
  4. transcripts are free - he can download them and email. dont even have to wait for snail mail. bigger issue would be him being on vacation for 3 months (what job is that - i want that job!). a letter from employer stating he is still employed and is returning on X date with the same salary would likely suffice for MOST consulates, but being pakistan, it may not. will be a judgement call on the officers discretion. Id wait until he returns, personally. Also, as others have mentioned, the way you typed the income does not make sense. Make sure on your paperwork it is written correctly.
  5. gotcha. did you send originals or copies? you should have sent copies (or emailed him a copy to print, would have been the best/fastest way) it should get there fine. if you sent copies, and they lose it or deny it (no reason for that to happen) just email them to him. if you sent originals, you will need to get new originals, then send him copies and keep the originals for yourself (you will need for your interview). make sure if you sent your fiance the originals, he knows to photocopy them and send those and will need to get the originals back to you (for your interview) i hope my rambling makes sense lol
  6. are you the petitioner or the beneficiary? the petitioner is the one who files and generally they are within the US when filing regardless, it should go through customs without issue.
  7. I did not think it was, but I have seen where people have done it, though it was likely before the AOS was approved. Was a case of trying to clarify, albeit maybe not in the best manner
  8. Did you pull/cancel the 864 for him? if not, even if you are divorced and even if he makes more money than you and is not dependent on you in any way, for the purpose of sponsoring another immigrant, you are.
  9. i dont know what it is here. cold. its cold. LOL just poured another cup of coffee. cause. cold. LOL
  10. ahhh gotcha. Unless the new statement would show a steep difference (and if it did that would be a concern in and of itself), I see no reason to wait. Just save the future statements so you can take them to an interview if it is required (and/or for ROC, later to show joint account history if it is a joint account)
  11. Unless you are self employed, you do not need to provide bank statements at all. We did not submit any, and had no problems
  12. I know you can do this if the immigrant is your spouse, already in the US and working (legally, of course). We did this with my husband and his AOS, but it wasnt for financial reasons (I made more than enough on my own), but rather to give more evidence to being a bonafide relationship/marriage (also not needed in our case but treated this much like ROC as far as info we provided and figured more was better) I dont think you can combine incomes with other persons, unless for some reason (maybe) you file joint taxes with them, or possibly are claimed as a dependent on their taxes (ie parent and adult age child.) And even then im thinking you can not, but could be wrong.
  13. no, there is no minimum time after divorce is finalized to file for a k1. you have to have met your fiance in person within 2 years, and have to have evidence of that - beyond photos. Boarding passes, hotel reservations, etc - items that can back up your photos and prove they were not photoshopped. I would wait until after your trip in april, if it were me, so you can gather and save more concrete evidence. you will also have to claim your ex as a household member on your i 134 and then i 864, since you have a current affidavit of support. This will increase the minimum income you have to earn to sponsor another immigrant.
  14. i would think claiming to be a USC and the use of a false social security number would fall under misrepresentation. It SEEMS you may have other background or convictions by some of your comments, as well. If so, what are they? more than traffic tickets? Moving to canada may be the best route. If my husband had (for some strange reason) not been able to move here, I would have moved there in a heartbeat. okay, maybe not a heartbeat cause I hate snow and cold and I didnt want to move my son, but the quality of life and healthcare and education systems are impressive and similar to or surpass the US. Its quite nice and I always enjoyed the time I was up there (several months in total, though he typically traveled here) Moving to canada would certainly not be the worst thing that ever happened to me.
  15. Yes you need a job offer in the majority of cases. My husband essentially transferred from his work union in canada here and the union, and a previous employer of his who also has offices here provided the job offer. from start to finish it took right about a month. We did not ask for AP but it was given as well.
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