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  1. no you do not have to change your name. no one (CBP, USCIS, etc) cares if you do or don't.
  2. even if you dont drive you should still have a valid state ID
  3. debbiedoo

    which type of visa do i need?

    it wouldnt be diplomat. im sure the organization you are going with provides instructions and details on what you need to do
  4. debbiedoo

    change to another center

    get used to being mad then. nothing you can do about it.
  5. its really rare to be denied re-entry with AP. really rare. unless you DID something to cause it.
  6. debbiedoo

    Divorce Paperwork Question...

    photo copies of the certified documents are fine. you will take originals to the interview.
  7. you take a highlighter and ... highlight them.?
  8. you need more in person visits.
  9. debbiedoo

    Arranged marriage

    thats not how any of this works. IF she can get a tourist visa, she can come here and marry you, stay the duration of her visa, and go back and wait out the process until approval. or when you can travel you can go over there and marry or meet to fulfill the meeting requirements for a K1 and then file. those are your options. there is no 'come and stay and get to know each other for 2-3 years' visa.
  10. debbiedoo

    Lost job

    you will fill out the i134 for the k1. the i864 is for AOS you fill out these forms regardless of whether or not you have a co sponsor
  11. debbiedoo

    DS-160 have you ever entered the U.S.

    your i 94 which you can pull online will have the past 5? years. probably all you need. US/CAN has a slightly different relationship. we documented all 40+ visits in the past 3 years on our paperwork
  12. debbiedoo

    Interview Cell Phone Check!

    all of that and more. While there are certainly legitimate relationships that are more heavily scrutinized than need be, the reason is due to many NON bonafide relationships trying to APPEAR to be real. these people at the consulate see these cases day in and day out. They know what seems legit and what doesnt, and sometimes its just a 'spidy-sense', if you will. so, that goes off, and they may start looking more closely than what may be considered 'normal', especially in typically low fraud countries.
  13. its the holidays. going to be slower. relax. They will let you know when they send it to the consulate. you can also check on ceac.
  14. debbiedoo

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    if her medical degree is all its played up to be, she could move on a work visa without an issue.