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  1. everybody wants to be with their fiancee faster. I hate to sound insensitive, but you two are not special. You have to wait. Just like everyone else had to wait for theirs, or has to wait if theirs is currently pending. Get used to it. EVERYTHING with USCIS is a waiting game.
  2. oh my lord what a ..... ummmm interesting person and posts.
  3. thats not extreme hardship. he has now caused you an extreme problem.
  4. just wait when it occurs to jasmine that its likely that gino and his ex picked out that house TOGETHER. shell have to burn it to the ground, obviously. the level of immaturity and insecurity to me is mind boggling.
  5. They still send a notice that they are waiving biometrics when they do that. OP- I would reach out to them to check and see whats going on.
  6. So.... a metrosexual (is that still a thing?) is going to speak on being masculine. Cause when I think of masculine.... Jesse is not what I think of.... Got it. Imma go explain to my dogs the best way to chase their tails now....
  7. good morning yall. april 2020 we filed a CR1 for my husbands (at the time) 20 year old son. Other than receiving the NOA1, we have had no notifications/communication regarding it. Which was fine as he was finishing University and we didn't expect it to go through until around when he was to graduate (obviously we wanted him to finish school before coming) and to get the application in before he turned 21. He turns 22 in April of this year. I wouldnt really put much thought into the length of time it has been, other than I notice the date on the case history says 'invalid date'. We have received no notifications or communications regarding the petition, so I am just wondering if that is normal, or if I (or hubby since he filed the petition for his son), need to make a call to see what is going on. pics to show exactly what I am looking at.
  8. many people (both in the US and abroad) keep their married name after a divorce. As long as you have a divorce decree, you can go by whatever name is on everything. Make sure you list your maiden name in previously used names i was SO happy to lose my (ex husbands) last name LOLOLOL
  9. Looks like you'll be waiting or finding a doctor here. I would vote for option 'B'.
  10. i remember that I know sometimes you cant help who you fall in love with but i couldnt do that (the permanent long distance). maybe if you had the money to fly back and forth for extended trips but to my knowledge, they dont. i wondered how that would affect their process. If they kept real quiet about it and didnt MENTION it, they could get away with it I guess.
  11. paul and i used to say how very boring it would be if we were on. we actually saw each other all the time while dating, KNEW each other, our family and friends all liked each other, we dont fight, we both had good jobs and made good money... THE HORROR! lolol
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