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  1. Have you been able to work after your I751 was denied? Or you just decided not to work ? Please keep us posted about your interview for the citizenship. I am in the similar situation, I filled I751 joint but in the meantime I got divorced. I already submitted my divorce decree 2 months ago and still no answer. Good luck to you
  2. Yeah. They asked me how many certified copies do I need, so I got two.
  3. Just a quick update for Illinois. I went to the court yesterday to ask for a divorce certificate and I was told that the divorce certificate is the one that judge sent me on the email. There is nothing else that they can give me. Only thing they could do is to make a certified copy of the same document that the judge sent me. They literally just put the stamp on the last page.
  4. I think they are so backed up that’s why they are sending us the extension letters for 24 months
  5. Oh I see. Well thank you for your answer. Then I will probably go to the court office. Thank you
  6. I was thinking to email a judge and ask if there is an actual certificate I can get, but thank you for your answer.
  7. Hi everyone. I applied for I751 joint but me and my ex got divorced recently. I already sent a request letter to USCIS asking to convert my case into a divorce waiver. I also sent a copy of my NOA1 and a copy of a divorce. I didn’t get any divorce certificate, the judge emailed me and my ex only the judgement of dissolution of marriage. And on the email she says that we are divorced. Is that the divorce decree? Or do I have to request for a divorce decree? Thank you
  8. Hi. I had the same situation. Me and my ex got divorced after we filled joint I751. I sent a request letter to USCIS, saying that we got divorced and to request to change my case to a divorce waiver. I also sent a copy of my NOA1 and the divorce decree. They received my mail a month ago. Still no answer. My status on website is the same.
  9. I have almost the same situation. Me and my now ex husband applied for joint I751 back in april. We got divorced recently and I sent a request letter to USCIS notifying them that we got divorced. I did not apply for another I751. Just sent the letter and explained the whole situation. I haven’t get an answer yet. They received my letter a month ago. The status is still the same on the website. I would prepare a letter for your interview, so they can see that your intention was to report that you are divorcing.
  10. Hi Guys. I got my extension letter after I applied for I751. I am moving out very soon and I know I have to change my address online. Am I gonna need to get another extension letter with the new address ? Thank you
  11. Hi Guys. Here is my situation. My I 751 is pending and in the meantime me and my ex filed for a divorce. I sent the letter and the divorce decree yesterday. Today my mom passed away. And I booked a ticket for Europe for 3 weeks. Am I gonna be able to come back with the extension letter even if I am divorced? Thank you
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