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  1. 2020 is going to be a lost year....Stay safe everyone...
  2. He was with a group of young Youtubers that I recognized. Went over and chatted with them for a bit. All polite. Just around the corner from where the boss had her CFO. We stopped in for dinner and beers to celebrate)
  3. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Snow in 2018 at Marshal's Irish Pub in Cebu)))
  4. My wife is getting a little stir crazy, too)))
  5. boris64


    We did ours six months in advance of the interview...No problems..
  6. California is the Mecca for Filipino emigres. It will take her no time before she latches on to a group of Filipinas who will rescue her from his dumb butt. I have seen it happen here in St. Louis twice already. The are like a self supporting social service network.
  7. This should be in GOLD BOLD PRINT. I know that Payxibka and I have both dealt with the Russian/Ukrainian and Filipino grapevine. Sometimes it is hard to break through the spell)))
  8. I think any "problems" they encounter will be minimal.
  9. My wife and I were discussing the same thing. It is pretty obvious that she has had it rough.
  10. Prioritizing....right ;-). If it is already in an Amazon warehouse they ship it. Even if it is that singing fish plaque you always wanted. Got a new pair of shoes delivered yesterday. Medical priority))) I do feel sorry for their warehouse workers...
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