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  1. Have you seen some of the idiots that go to the Philippines? Does it surprise you? The last one I read about was a Chinese national. I wonder what the breakdown is by country. Thousands of foreign visitors a year. 130 is just background noise...
  2. It took us about a month to get NOA2 after they received my response to the RFE. I have seen turnarounds as quick as a week and some people wait much longer. It looks like the average is 3-4 weeks...Waiting got so bad I had to exile myself from VJ for a while)))
  3. boris64

    Hong Kong - Layover to and from USA to PI

    Hong Kong airport is nice...Very big. As I remember I had a long walk to connect. Great free Wifi.....
  4. Deleted in favor of HP+IC's post following mine. They have more up to date info....
  5. Hello, I am very happy and relieved to be finally able to join this thread))) I hope this part goes smoother)))
  6. I am just speculating. But maybe it has something to do with security checks based on the country of the beneficiary. People have such a biased view of Turkey. I have vacationed there three times. Once in Izmir and twice in Anatolia. I loved it....
  7. I am really starting to doubt the competency of some of the adjudicators at USCIS)))))
  8. This is the best quote from that thread...))) "Your patience will be tested, your bank account depleted."
  9. The bottom line is that you knew about all of this ahead of time. You brought her rear anyway. Follow the advice above about reporting what you believe to be immigration fraud. But, I can tell you nothing will come of it. I understand your feelings and pride are hurt. But, you came to the wrong place for understanding in this forum. It is like throwing chum in the water to circling sharks)))) Good Luck...
  10. My fiance does this from time to time...A personal touch. I think it is a little cute))
  11. I just sent my RFE reply. I have been on the phone with tier 2 and my Senator's office. I have much to say but I am going to wait until I cool off. I will be taking a break from VJ for awhile...
  12. You were approved and didn't even know it))))) Congrats!