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  1. Yep. In my wife's area what little aid that they were giving is long gone. Some of my wife's friends have been out of work for some time. The have begun pawning their possessions. They are not "entertainment" workers.
  2. I am assuming Hanna is the beneficiary and is in Russia. Her fiance is a member of the US military stationed at Fort Drum, yes? I recognize written English from a Russian native. I was married to one. 😃
  3. You should do it yourself. Then you know the ulcers that you get during the process were either caused by you or USCIS and not some middleman)). Seriously, a lawyer would be needed if you had a difficult case i.e. a waiver case. You are going to be providing the information and documents for the process anyway. Just as easy to do it yourself. I personally wouldn't want to trust someone else doing it for me. Just one more fly in the ointment. Good luck.
  4. If you decide to get married and do a CR-1 you are going to have an even longer wait. That does not even consider the fact that you can't get into the country to get married now.
  5. Sound advice has been given but it is up to you if you want to request an expedite. I have seen some granted that I thought wouldn't be. All they can do is say no. Free to try.
  6. "In June, US Citizenship and Immigration Services reduced its capacity to print secure documents, such as green cards and employment authorization documents, when it ended a contract with an outside company, the alert said." https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/22/politics/backlog-green-cards-immigration/index.html
  7. boris64

    Point of Entry

    I agree with the three hour suggestion. A lot of it depends on how many international flights are arriving around the same time as yours does. We spent the night in LA before proceeding to St. Louis the next morning. A much more relaxed esperience.
  8. Yes. That is my understanding. He would be treated like anyone else entering the country passing through immigration and being released into the general public regardless of the fact that he has a connecting flight. In Manila there is no internal connection to flights without passing through immigration.
  9. That's the process. On my trips customs has just been a disinterested person sitting at a desk passing time. I have never seen them interact with anyone)))
  10. In Manila you have to go through customs upon arrival. All passengers.
  11. We used FB Messenger over wifi for all of our communications when travelling separately. We always seemed to get by.
  12. You mean the housing allowance for the GI Bill? Yes that income counts along with your disability payments. You should have an award letter that lists the monthly benefit.
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