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  1. I think he's an a## but I do like the positive effect on my TSP. I have no problem separating the two things. President Trump's immigration policies are very similar to President Obama's but I don't remember the media uproar or ICE workers ducking protest blood back then....
  2. It's a terrible thing. The Kurds were getting persecuted and killed long before we went there. We couldn't stay forever. I think there was more to the timing of the withdrawal than has been made public. I am a vet and I have two sons serving in the Air Force. Both have done deployments in the Middle East. Honestly I would be more than happy if they never had to go back. Let someone else do the policing. If that makes us appear week I can live with that...
  3. In the summer my wife cuts my hair (Statham cut) in the backyard before I mow the yard. Fertilizes the grass. In the winter I am allowed an indoor cut))) I agree being a woman stinks for comparable aesthetic expectations))
  4. Wow...That is a little unnerving on one hand for you and your husband. On the other hand it is reassuring that they are following up on cases where someone may be using the K1 visa to enter the country for other purposes than what it is designed for. I don't think Uzbekistan is a high fraud country but I think it might be on another list. Good Luck)
  5. My wife had the same situation in the Philippines. We put National Highway, Town, Postal Code. Was not an issue. You might want to check on the regional forum in your country to see if things are mailed directly to the beneficiary by the embassy. In the Philippines everything is done by email/online.
  6. boris64


    What are you free of?.....Never mind. I found it. Good luck)
  7. boris64

    CFO Timing

    My wife did her CFO six months before her K-1 visa was issued. We were optimistic)))
  8. I know of some unfortunate gentleman who have been "dating" for years and have never met their "partner." Maybe it helps keep the loneliness at bay. Who knows...Sorry to hijack the thread. Good luck to the OP's friend. My wife has a friend who recently immigrated to the US on a K-1 and is on dialysis. She seems to be doing ok...
  9. You can be denied at the embassy for an "appearance" of the possibility of public charge. There have been people denied at the embassy stage even though they have met the minimum income requirement.
  10. It took a little persistence but I was able to add my fiance (now wife) to my FEHB plan without a SSN.
  11. Have you been to the Philippines? :-))))) Ever hear of Kano price? Also, your long nose is one of your more endearing features there... Nothing about FC is innocent. I don't know about JNJ)))))
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