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  1. I assumed that you and Roxyneu were talking about visiting someplace else first and then proceeding to the home of record. Of course if you move permanently you have to inform USCIS...
  2. Once you clear POE it doesn't matter. You just have to marry in 90 days and then do AOS. Nobody is going to be following you around)))
  3. A lot of it depends on the individuals who are working your case...Like any job some are faster and better at it than others...
  4. Just saw a 162 day approval for late May...We are getting close. i can feel it))))
  5. Actually if it went to Vermont it might get processes faster))))
  6. It's good that you were up front about your past offenses. Also, make sure your fiance is aware of them so she won't be surprised at the interview if it comes up. Good Luck)
  7. Ahhh...I understand. I think they are making it a little difficult for you. Thank you for explaining. Good luck)
  8. boris64

    Happy Days!!!

    I am always amazed what sites my agency blocks and the ones they allow...No logic at all...
  9. boris64

    USPS question

    I have confirmed delivery or whatever it's called. It is the service where I get photos of all my arriving mail. This happens to all certified mail that is due to be delivered to me. I get the "will arrive later than expected" message when I check the tracking that is on the letter pictured in my pending deliveries. I think all certified mail is just sitting out there in some third dimension or something)) It is crazy. I have absolutely no confidence in the US Postal system. It is a mess.
  10. Hi...Wedding ceremony proof? Are you a K1 applicant?
  11. Passport stamps that correlate to your boarding passes and visits makes things much easier.
  12. I last visited in September...Third trip this year. I will be very, very happy not to take that 13-16 hour flight again))) I won't be going back until the interview. This will be the longest we have been apart. But we are strong...as she likes to say we are as strong as Lapu-Lapu)))
  13. I thought you had a stroke there for a minute)))) Yes, we are getting close)