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  1. I have not been able to find a full copy of the bill on line. Reading what I have found the proposed law just defines the categories of visas a little better and some internal reorganization as you mentioned. Opinion seems to be divided on whether the 30 day visa on arrival for some countries will be DOA. There has been little discussion on how this new law will affect the balikbayan privilege as it applies to foreign husbands travelling to the Philippines with their spouses. I guess I'll just have to wait and see how this plays out. I have a firm retirement date for next summer. We have bought some land and are itching to get going) My plan was to enter and then apply for the 13A visa. I was considering the SRRV but it seems almost worthless during any type of crisis. Like everything in the Philippines time will sort things out.
  2. Does anyone know if the balikbayan privilege is affected by the new immigration bill that Passed the PI House? I couldn't find mention of BB anywhere.
  3. Expats and "professional" tourists have always overestimated their impact and importance to the Philippines.
  4. boris64

    Lax POE

    That's why I travelled with my wife. It probably would have been too much for her. But, she has learned since being here that she is much stronger and more adaptable than she thought she was.
  5. boris64

    Lax POE

    I remember walking up the long ramp of destiny in 2019 with the boss. It was like being at the UN.
  6. My wife used a fixer in 2018. I think it was 1000php. Best 20 bucks I ever spent. Got tired of hitting refresh trying to find an appointment. Hate feeding the corruption bear but "when in Rome."
  7. boris64


    Congrats, Murph!
  8. Yes, the system started doing this some time ago. I just saw this thread now. We could have saved Murph some stress))))
  9. My wife actually got a reminder letter to apply for ROC. I was flummoxed))))
  10. Getting the 129F approved is not the hardest or most time consuming part of the K1 process anymore.
  11. After digging a little: Step 2 Send an email to travel-coordinator@ustraveldocs.com with your UID number in the subject line. This will grant you access to schedule applicants as a travel coordinator. Your UID number can be found on the right-hand side of the screen next to your user name. You do not need to put any text in the body of this email. Below is a screenshot showing where to find your UID after logging into your profile:
  12. Did you send a 260 or 160 to the embassy yet? As I recall the UID is on the confirmation page.
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