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  1. Yes you are out of status, being married grants no direct immigration benefits, you need to apply to adjust status (which i see you have) which will give you temporary right to remain in the US while the AOS application is pending.
  2. Yes, you dont need to be afraid of getting deported, just be aware its a very real potential outcome while you remain in the US out of status no matter if some other people have managed to get away it before. Personally I wouldnt want that hanging over my head.
  3. I got one through capitalone without even having a job, the limit was $500 but its a start.
  4. keep in mind you can only file to lift conditions 90 days or less before the 2 years is up on the conditional green card.
  5. It took over a month before they processed mine after the interview, a lot of IO dont have authority to give a decision, they have to put it in a pile for a supervisor to approve. If there were no problems at the interview then i expect you`ll be approved before too long.
  6. a couple of months, hard to be precise with COVID still affecting things. You`ll likely get a letter 1 month prior to interview with the interview date.
  7. yeah it seems some officers are qualified to approve straight away, whilst others arent and have to get the file checked over from a superior.
  8. I feel for you guys, if all the pandemic stuff wasnt enough to get your interview cancelled because of weather is a real kick in the teeth ! Ive had to go through a cancellation too, they firstly tend to send you a letter about how they cancelled your interview (even though its in the past) then theyll send you a new date for interview (received within a month)
  9. Congrats ! yeah ive found my dealing with USCIS very pleasant - slow (as an organization) but pleasant !! Its likely that you`ll be interviewed at ROC but thats no big deal, best wishes to your wife.
  10. I agree, everyone ive came into contact with USCIS has been the same way, maybe it works in their interest too, the more relaxed the person getting interviewed is the more likely they may slip up if they have something to hide, if the agents were more fearsome it will cause people to clam up.
  11. sounds potentially like you might be getting an interview waiver, or it could just be a glitch in the system. All you can do is continue to wait.
  12. I doubt those suspended will get a waiver, especially as the offices are planning to be closed just 2 days and not potentially for months. I think its more likely they will be rescheduled for about a month - 6 weeks from now. Good luck.
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