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  1. Let's face it, what USCIS really should be doing is sending us actual conditional gcs with a new expiry date for 48 months from now. It's stupid to have to carry a letter around with you.
  2. Without having to trawl back through this thread, were those approved without interview do you know?
  3. I think its safe to assume the USCIS officers have come across these type of documents before and know what theyre looking for without guidance.
  4. Received receipt and extension letter today 1/14 with YSC prefix
  5. Pretty sure USCIS prefer the "tax transcript" rather than the return you have filled in yourself. It's essentially a tax receipt from the IRS with your taxes broken down into 4-5 pages rather than 200+ you can get it from IRS.gov
  6. This. I assume OP passed scrutiny enough for i485, unless there's something glaringly obvious to misrepresentation somewhere then they'll likely be successful in ROC. That said I'd strongly recommend the OP used an immigration attorney to file and attend any interviews with.
  7. Any reason why LIN is preferred? Is it better chance of no interview? If so, any link for that information?
  8. USCIS charged my card tonight, so that's a good sign. Hopefully receipt within the next few days!
  9. I know it's all settled now for you, but for anyone else reading, yes the officer may grill you, they may even personally suspect that your marriage wasn't valid for whatever personal reason they have. However, in the end if you have evidence to show everything was valid they're going to have a hard time dismissing the case whether they believe or not. I think most of the the time they act stern as it's probably past the time that doing these interviews is "fun". For what is a big deal interview for you personally it's just another interview for them.
  10. Hi all! We mailed our packet USPS priority last Monday (1/2/23) cost about $13 with insured delivery, delivered Friday, forgot to put the text request form in but will keep you updated!
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