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  1. Ok, I have a friend that filed for I-130 for her spouse. He is here in the US from Ireland, he has been here on a student visa for a while, they have the NOA for the I-130. Does he need to file AOS now or what should they do now? I’m assuming they are legal and everything is good?...
  2. 2019 if you filed direct deposit. 2018 if you didn’t file. If you did not do direct deposit it could take up to another month. Credit Unions are way faster.
  3. WILL get 2400 if claimed married filing jointly. My wife did not have her GC when we filed taxes and we got 2400 yesterday. It goes strictly off of how you filed taxes.
  4. Has anyone from Texas tried to update their state ID or DL yet? I was wondering if "limited term" would be off of there yet
  5. My wife just left the DPS. They told her they aren’t sure whether it will say “limited term” still or not. She just got her green card shouldn’t that go away now? It makes it hard in the bank and other places with it saying limited term. This is a Texas ID. Please let me know if anyone knows. It’s hard to find a straight answer any way I try. Thanks in advance!
  6. My wife got her green card in the mail today! So 6 business days after interview. Seems lots are having problems with their medical. Actually the interviewer didn’t seem to have all of ours but we did have the one that was in the sealed envelope and she accepted it.
  7. Did you get your green card? If so how long did it take?
  8. AOS approved! Very easy and nice lady that interviewed us! Just do everything as they say and have an honest relationship and there is nothing to worry about ☺️
  9. Not so concerned about the virus. My wife was wondering if she would have any problems leaving Manila or entering the US even though she does have AP
  10. Just to clear our worries... Who else has traveled to the Philippines with just AP? We want to just make sure there are no problems at MNL or at the airport in Houston when we get back. Especially with the virus going around and everything. We will be flying out Thursday, be back on the 9th, then we have the AOS interview on the 14th. So much at once!!! (She has her EAD/AP card)
  11. I found out on another thread that as long as you do everything on time and have your medical certificate from overseas (DS-3025) then you do not have to do it.
  12. Yes they were good there! I was thinking the same thing. You only have 90 days to marry and file.
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