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  1. We have done the ROM and our marriage is recognized in the Philippines. When I arrive in the Philippines do I stand in the same line as my wife? What is the 1 year visa for me called? Also do I still fill out that piece of paper upon arrival? I have these questions because today the Consulate in Houston told my wife that I just stand in the same line as her which I’m assuming is the citizen line which seems odd to me. Thanks in advance!
  2. These sources are correct. It is just as your SS card says “ valid for work only with DHS authorization”. K1 is Not authorization. EAD or a greencard is.
  3. Best day of the week to buy international plane tickets?
  4. Ok thanks. I only put EAD/AP because it’s the combo card. I guess that’s normal now and I just made that confusing. Any recommendations on airlines? I used EVA each time I went but their return flight now has over a 7 hour layover.
  5. My wife and I will be going to the Philippines together for our first time since she has had her EAD/AP at the end of January for right over a week. Is there anything we need to know with my wife traveling on EAD/AP other than she obviously brings her EAD/AP and passport? Seems like our best flight that we can find involves 3 different airlines. We will be departing from Houston, any advice on this and airlines is greatly appreciated, thanks!!!
  6. Thankfully my wife got her EAD/AP combo card today! We were wondering about applications. There is one she was filling out today. It says... Work Status-None, US Citizen, Permanent Resident, H1 Visa, TN Visa, F1 Visa, or declined to self identity. Do any of these apply to her or would she have to select “none”. I’m sure “none” will have an employer not even want to look at her. She has plenty of skills. What should her selection be? Thanks!!!
  7. All you can do is change it with USPS, change it with USCIS, and call to verify. We have changed with both of them but they still can not verify it yet. It is annoying. Also they are trying to send it to our old physical address and not the PO Box we listed so it will not even forward to the new address (that we have already updated it to). It is frustrating, their system is messed up.
  8. We called yesterday to confirm an address change and they said it can take 30 days?? Is this correct? luckily I checked our old PO box yesterday and our AP approval was in there. We changed our address 3 weeks ago. We did change with USPS prior to this also. Btw normally call the 1800 # and ask for a Tier 2 agent.
  9. No.. you can not blackout the numbers. That is what they want to see and you are dealing with the US government, they already know the numbers anyway. Bring everything they say as they say and more if possible.
  10. Did she get hers? Our status now says "card was mailed to me" but no tracking information still.
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