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  1. clw654321

    Interview APPROVED!!

    Cool! That’s what I was thinking... Our whole process has went pretty quick compared to some Thank God! Even though it seems like years lol
  2. clw654321

    Interview APPROVED!!

    I saw someone get theirs today from a 14th interview so I would guess and hope Monday or Tuesday
  3. clw654321

    Interview APPROVED!!

    Ours went straight to Non-Immigrant AP today. Her interview was last night US time. Is that normal?
  4. Much thanks to @Greenbaum for all of his knowledgeable help that he does not even have to do!!! 😇
  5. Fiancée is in the embassy!!! I feel like my hair is falling off now!!!
  6. @Greenbaum our case updated on CEAC on the 20th (Apparently on Philippine time now) interview is on the 22nd. What do you think this is? The CO maybe looking at it already to see what questions to ask...
  7. I can tell you that when ours went to “ready” on a Thursday the next Wednesday-Friday all had open dates.. So my guess is you can probably schedule within a week after ready status. It is no longer just on Thursdays. It’s also Wednesday and Friday some weeks.
  8. I had the same thing two weeks before I went to the Philippines last time!!! It went away after a day there. It was from grinding my teeth at night and did not know. Stress!!! We all need to quit stressing so much lol. But yes tooth pain is no joke and is really painful...
  9. Good luck! Ours is Friday PH time!!!
  10. clw654321

    Interview APPROVED!!

    Thanks!!! Sounds like my fiancee should use the pickup at 2go office option.
  11. clw654321

    Interview APPROVED!!

    Thanks... I am assuming it would not be shipped on the same day it will say "issued".. Let us know when your fiancee's arrives. Congratulations!!!
  12. clw654321

    Interview APPROVED!!

    What if my fiancee is not home when the passport gets delivered? She will be back and forth visiting family for the next 2-3 weeks after her interview on Friday...