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  1. We received the same extension letter. It will act as GC validation until you receive a new card. We met with USCIS a couple of weeks ago because we're leaving the country and were a little concerned with using a letter to get back into the U.S. They do not stamp your foreign passport (or anything) until after the letter expires. However, they said, we should receive a new GC before the letter expires - or she becomes a U.S. citizen. They said to carry the GC and the letter when entering the country or doing anything that requires a GC. We made several copies and even mailed one to her parents in Vietnam - just in case.
  2. You're good to go. It will come by courier to the address listed. My wife was not home when her passport/visa was delivered - no problem. It wouldn't surprise me if you return before the delivery - depends where she lives. My wife is from very rural area outside Hanoi. I think she got it in about 10-12 days.
  3. You might have a fraud issue and could be in trouble. Warning! Professor lecture ahead! Your actions are the reason it is getting more and more difficult to get visas. If you come here on a student visa and quit school, you should go home. Overstaying is against the law. I wouldn't do that in your country because I respect your laws. I have met many Vietnamese college students that don't care about the degree - they just want to get married and stay in the U.S. Many students (and former students) work illegally in nail salons and restaurants, often exploited for labor and other things. I wish you the best, but it angers me that foreign students so nonchalantly toss their visas and overstay - never receiving the degree they claimed they wanted. It can't last.
  4. Hire a CPA. Relatively inexpensive. Smart. Shifts burden of liability (to some degree).
  5. Correct. My wife received hers in about a month or less. Be patient and don't plan anything beyond the GC expiration - until you get the I-751.
  6. His GC will definitely expire before he gets the new one, which are taking a year or more. He will receive a piece of paper (I-751) that he will carry along with his expired GC. The I-751 will be good for a period of time - my wife's is good for 18 months beyond her GC expiration. We just returned from a USCIS visit and they said we can travel overseas with the expired GC and the I-751. Contrary to what you may hear on this website, USCIS will not put a stamp in the foreigner's passport UNLESS the I-751 expires before you get the new GC. All of the paperwork is visible (in a computer) to all immigration/border officers. Overseas travel is safe with expired GC and the I-751, which you will be receiving. USCIS said we should make a copy of the I-751, keep a photo of it on our phones, and maybe even mail a copy to our overseas destination (relatives home). I'm not concerned.
  7. I don't know what size/dimensions you are talking about, but I would: Check with your airline. Doubtful they will ship anything very big, but for the $$$ they might. The problem may be getting it from airport to home. Check with UPS, FedEx, etc. There are a lot of companies flying cargo, but I'd go with a reputable one. We have shipped boxes, but nothing the size of an altar. FedEx and UPS are expensive, but reliable. EMS may have to handle it on the Vietnam side, or DHL. Ask an Importer/Exporter - tons of them in Saigon. They know how to ship things. Good luck!
  8. Although many courts hand out ex parte/TRO's like legal candy, it is required that you report your wife's past TRO. This is part of the new transparency regarding human trafficking, marriage brokerage, etc. When I was a law student I worked in a domestic litigation law firm, where it was routine to petition the court for ex parte orders - especially in contentious child-custody cases. As you probably know from experience, it's a racket and often nothing more than a legal chess game. When it's real, everyone knows it - and that's the exception. Because of this fact, I don't think checking the box exposes you to any major red flag or hurdle. Better to divulge than to get denied.
  9. From what I remember, you can only see what is available. Not sure how far out they go. My fiance kept checking the calendar and was able to grab a date close to the time we wanted. When we first looked, it was gray and not available. She kept checking and got it. If someone cancels - or something opens up - you can get it. Keep checking (several times a day) and see if something becomes available. Keep checking - that's my advice.
  10. No, you're wrong. If you bother to read the actual N-400 form, you will understand that it is not asking for infractions. Please read the form, or maybe you should ask an immigration official. Speeding tickets are almost always at the municipal level and count as infractions. If the fine was paid via the mail, it's an infraction. If a court appearance was warranted, then it might have risen to the level of a more serious "citation," such as a misdemeanor. You think the word "citation" means something beyond what it means. It doesn't. Which law school did you go to?
  11. You don't need to mention the speeding ticket. A speeding ticket is not a crime, it is an infraction. Not necessary to mention it in the N-400 form. They do not want you to list traffic tickets. Again, traffic tickets are not "offenses" or "crimes" concerning the N-400 form.
  12. You need to talk with an American CPA.
  13. From the USCIS website: Paying USCIS Fees How you pay your USCIS filing fees (including biometrics and other fees) will depend on whether you are inside or outside of the United States. If you live outside the United States or its territories If you live outside the United States or its territories and you want to file your application or petition where you live, go to the Forms section of our website to determine if you can file your form at an international office. We do not accept all forms of payment abroad. Check the appropriate International USCIS office webpage or contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulate for information on how to pay USCIS fees.
  14. I agree with JasonGG. Do the timeline and take it with you to the interview. Just note when/how you met, time together in Vietnam (where you went, who you met, family stuff), and definitely the date and place of engagement. We included a photo of me down on one knee asking her to marry me (in Saigon by the river, photo taken by a German tourist - very funny). The interviewing officer briefly discussed our timeline, but not much. As JasonGG said, it can help you prepare. Doesn't hurt to include it. Good luck! Enjoy the interview - it's a crazy experience!
  15. Why were you fined $700 for the DUI if you are allowed to drive while taking Seroquel? The charge would have been dropped upon proof of prescription. At least, that's the way it works in many countries - don't know about yours. That's a pretty serious charge - we call it DUI in the U.S. (driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol). It's not the Seroquel that gets you in trouble, it's the drowsiness/sleepiness it can cause. There must have been a reason to pull you over, maybe driving erratically, crossing the middle line, etc. You say that you have amended your irresponsible behavior, but the Seroquel event was in 2017. You sound like a reasonable person that understands the issues, but I'm not sure you will survive a moral and legal audit by U.S. immigration authorities. Be honest with everything and show some proof that you are responsible - maybe you'll get some relief. Good luck!
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