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  1. Thanks for that! Do you happen to know how Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are controlling who comes into the country?
  2. Apparently! We failed to factor in "pandemic" in our timeline 🤣 who would have thought. As devastating as it is to now be in this uncertain purgatory, we are "lucky" in that we have not had the interview (It was scheduled for Mar 30), so we are not facing any tight deadlines. Just the anxiety of not being able to see each other as planned this month and not know when it will happen next.
  3. I know the EU travel ban was originally meant to be 30 days, but... yesterday Trump indicated the CDC recommendations could be in place until July or August. What do you guys think? Do you think it's likely a travel ban will last until July or later? I don't think the airlines are operating under the expectation of that long of a ban.
  4. So it would appear that all our interviews are canceled for the time being.
  5. Yes, thanks. Would still prefer to move forward with current scheduling in any case.
  6. We are also booked for the 30th for our visa interview. I was meant to fly out on the 23rd and attend the interview with him, but alas, I had to change my tickets to June now. We are hoping the appointment still goes through as our NOA2expires April 11...
  7. I know mine does, but I like your idea about the servers! Not sure if they have to present ID yet though...
  8. Yes, I'm confident he can be added to my insurance straightaway after marriage and before filing AOS. Advantages of working in HR next to the benefits folks ❤️
  9. I am coming around to this idea, thank you for sharing! Did you have witnesses at your lunch? Were they able to keep your marriage quiet?
  10. Are you meaning health insurance lined up that covers the period *until* we get married?
  11. Thanks for the response! Yes, the certificate is available the same day the courthouse receives the filled out license. I called the clerk today to confirm. We plan to file the AOS the next business day after our wedding, barring any hiccups.
  12. So good to know everything worked out! Congratulations. We wanted to have a traditional ceremony and reception just as we would have had had we been citizens of the same country, so we chose a wedding date we thought would reasonably fall within the 6 month period of his medical exam. Have the venue, reception, and all the services booked for that date. So far, everything seems to be going as planned! It's comforting to know you also waited a similar amount of time and everything turned out well. Thanks!
  13. We are still working out the best date of arrival for the timeline, but we have some family events going on in July in the US we'd like to be together for, so ideally not later than end of June.
  14. It is a personal decision; what is of "benefit" is entirely dependent upon individual value systems. We are choosing to wait to have a legitimate ceremony in front of all of our friends and families wherein we lawfully and religiously commit our lives to one another. Having our families as part of our day means more to us than having a sterile legal proceeding in a courthouse just because it's quicker. We've waited this long... We can wait a couple more months to do it the way we want. Just looking to get information on considerations in the AOS process.
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